Behind the Scenes of Beyoncé’s H&M Summer Commercial



Beyoncé has us feening for summer with her hot new H&M commercial. The visual for her collaboration with the retail clothing brand was released last week, featuring the Pop icon donning various new beachwear and swimwear from their 2013 summer collection. Now H&M delivers a closer look at the making of the commercial with some official behind-the-scenes footage from the set.

Beyoncé took over the beach in Nassau, Bahamas, modeling a black bikini and bodycon dress as she dances in the sand to her new song “Standing On The Sun.” While she made it look easy, she didn’t get to rehearse until she was on set.

“Now I have to learn choreography in five minutes,” said the singer.

H&M creative director Donald Schneider and choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. also provide commentary. Peep the on-set video below:

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