Sevyn Streeter Talks “Prolly,” New Album ‘Girl Interrupted,’ & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’



No stranger to The Breakfast Club, Sevyn Streeter sat down with one of our favorite morning shows on Tuesday, and didn’t shy away from any of the questions the crew threw at her.

In case you’ve been wondering if Sevyn is ever going to drop her album, you can stop worrying today. On the morning show, she announced that her debut, which is now titled Girl Interrupted, is set to drop sometime at the top of 2017. While the Street Team waits for her full-length project, she’ll be dropping a new song and/or visual every month leading up until the album’s release.

Sevyn’s new single, “Prolly” featuring Gucci Mane, is the first track in her series of songs that will be dropped each month in anticipation for her album debut. In speaking of how the collaboration between Guwop and her came to be, she stated, “I’m from Florida. I’m from the south. We just always loved him. I was excited. I had the record done and I wanted some energy brought to song.”

Taking a moment to brag a little bit about raking in that coin, Sevyn talked about how important songwriting is for her. She spoke on how difficult it is to choose between keeping songs for herself and selling them to other singers in order to help her bring in regular revenue and survive. Though she’s known for writing hits, she admits that she can’t write a good song without living and genuinely experiencing life. She says, “You can have a gun to my head and I’m not going to rush and put out a song.”

Somehow we’re sure her album will be well worth the wait. Check out the full interview below.

Words by Jamila Wright

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