New Music: JYDN – Who Do You Love?



Who’s going to love you better than JYDN?

The up-and-coming Stxryteller affiliate releases his new single “Who Do You Love?,” co-written and produced by rising star Maurice Moore, to remind his girl that no one can replace him or love her like he does. This smooth new banger showcases the Ontario native’s amazing writing skills and his silky vocals in the best light possible. Nothing about this track comes off as JYDN trying to show off, but rather him trying to reassure his lady that his love is something she’ll find hard to forget.

When the beat drops at the first verse, he asks, “Who do you love when I ain’t there babe?/ Who do you call when you need anything?/ On them late nights, who be home with you?/ I’m just thinking girl, I wanna know the truth/ Who says I love you when I can’t say it babe?”

But do you think he really wants an answer to his questions? We think JYDN just wants to know that she still loves him.

Check out the track below.

Words by Jamila Wright


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