Watch: Yuna and Jhene Aiko Perform New Duet “Used To Love You”


Yung & Jhene

After teaming up with Usher on “Crush,” Malaysian songstress Yuna calls on Jhené Aiko for the sultry smooth “Used To Love You,” off her brand new album Chapters.

Harmonizing with their soothing vocals, Yuna and Jhené sing about an affection that’s now dissolved. “I used to love you / Used to care, but no more,” they sing.

The pair performed the song last night at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Backed by a band and colorful backdrop, they delivered stirring vocals much to the L.A. crowd’s delight.

Check it out below!

In related Jhené news, the singer recently connected with one of her absolute favorite artists John Mayer, and the two filmed a short message for social media, telling fans that they are starting a new group called “John 3:16,” because obviously his name is John and her birthday is March 16. Would be interesting since she just came off her collaborative album Twenty88 with Big Sean.

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