Watch: The Internet Talks ‘Ego Death,’ Kehlani, Drake, Grammy Experience & More with 106KMEL


The Internet KMEL

Fresh off their international tour, soul band The Internet recently made their way up to San Francisco for a private show as part of Jack Daniel’s Firehouse Concert Series. Before the show, The Internet stopped by 106 KMEL for a hilarious interview with Shay Diddy as they talked about their Grammy-nominated album Ego Death, Kehlani, Drake, Steph Curry, and their experience attending the Grammy’s.

With their single “Girl” starting to gain more traction, the group has been studying artists like Erykah Badu and D’Angelo to better their performance skills, as they embrace all their mistakes. Syd even noted that she can now laugh whenever her voice cracks during a performance and not be too hard on herself. Having went through her own phase of depression and dealing with cyber-bullying, Syd offered some insight as to what Kehlani could have been possibly going through in the past week.

The group also detailed their experience at the Grammy’s earlier this year, and their reaction to not winning. Keeping things light and entertaining, they played the tweets game as Syd recalled her experience getting violated by a stripper, and Matt described Russell Westbrook’s fashion style as a GTA character.

Syd also reminisced back to a time when Drake used to follow her on Twitter, and has a special shout-out to the Canadian rapper.

Watch the full interview below:

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