Usher Offers Fans Mentorship Opportunity Through Online Classes



Professor Raymond? Not quite, but it sounds kinda nice!

Just announced today, OG crooner Usher took to his Facebook to announce that in partnership with MasterClass, he will offer fans the opportunity to learn from one of the best to ever do it.

Teaching the “Art of Performance,” Usher gives an elusive guide to making it in the industry. Through 16 video lessons, the multi-talented artist will give those who are interested tips on how to become topnotch performer. From his personal technique to captivate audiences, to lessons on how to own the stage, he will offer up advice on how to become a superstar.

Each lesson focuses on a different aspect of being a performer including “Fueling Your Creativity” (Week 3), “Singing” (Week 5), “Dancing” (Week 6), “Acting” (Week 7), “Mental Toughness” (Week 14), and much more.

At a small price of $90, this 16 video course will hopefully give you everything you need to know in order to make your spotlight for superstardom shine much brighter.

Take a look at the announcement video below and sign up for the class here!

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  1. John 3 years ago

    This is dope, I hope those wanting to get into music take this class. Usher is definetly a legend

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