Indie: Newcomer Jay LaVita Releases Debut Single “Put You On” feat. Fred The Godson


Jay Lavita - Put You On

Indie artist Jay LaVita is here to put his home state of Delaware on the map as he hits a home run with his debut single “Put You On” featuring NYC rapper Fred The Godson.

The catchy, melodic track hits your speakers with its RnBass style as LaVita sings out to a pretty young thing, wooing her to be his main chick.

“Baby Girl that body’s too legit / She brought it to me like a stewardess / I’m gonna give her what she came here for / She said the feelings so right, well I know it ain’t wrong / So go ahead and lay your head down, and let me put you on,” he sings.

Born Jeffrey Lynn Tabron, the emerging singer-songwriter grew up in a musical home that emphasized hard work. According to Jay, every Christmas morning his parents insisted that he and his siblings perform before they were allowed to open their presents. This early love of performing helped mold him into the vibrant performer he is today. Honing his talents independently since adolescence, Jay has already shared stages with legends like Earth, Wind & Fire, and hitmakers like Flo Rida.

Now signed with Starr Media Group, Jay Lavita has found a home where he can solely concentrate on what he fell in love with as a child…. the magic of music.

Take a listen to his new single below, and stay tuned for more.

For more info follow Jay on Twitter and Instagram @JayLavita.

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  1. GTFOH! 2 years ago

    This reads like “pay to play”… a copy & paste press release you guys were paid to put up as promotion.


    This song is unassuming, uneventful, indistinguishable and unoriginal.

    Put this crap in the heap of the hundred or so quasi “R&B singers” that’s have released songs this month that I have forgotten about.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that it featured Fred The God Son, I wouldn’t have bothered to click on it.

    I thought it would bang harder with more of a street vibe to it reminiscent of early Bad Boy remixes.

    It didn’t and it’s not.


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