Watch: Andra Day Performs “Gin & Juice” Acoustic



With her debut album Cheers to the Fall a little over a week way from its August 28th release, San Diego native Andra Day releases an acoustic performance visual for her song “Gin & Juice.” Speaking with Hello Beautiful, the retro-soul singer reveals the inspiration behind the swooning song. “It’s about habits or vices you want to get rid of but you can’t, whether in a relationship or that thing/issue you can’t let go of.”

Andra collaborated with the legendary Raphael Saadiq to craft “Gin & Juice.” Speaking about working with Saadiq she explained, “He was very nurturing with the songs I had created and became so close to with a fresh ear. He came up with the ‘Let go my hand, boy, let go my hand’ and I was like ‘let’s make this thing a person’ because sometimes it is a person. So it’s about telling that thing ‘let go of me,’ ‘you don’t have a hold of me anymore.'”

Check out her performance below:

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