Brandy Sings ‘The Wiz’ Song on NYC Subway, But No One Notices



Brandy has been getting her taste of the New York lifestyle, while living in the city for her role on Broadway’s ‘CHICAGO.’  Taking the subway to 50th and Broadway, the R&B star — in disguise — sang “Home” from The Wiz, but no one noticed who she was, and like most, no one paid her much attention.

“What y’all thought of that?” she asked jokingly to those close to her. “Y’all thought that was cool? Hello? Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares?”

Subway riders, still unaware it’s Brandy, didn’t respond. “People in New York are very rude. I just sang from the heart… and nobody on the train responded,” she continued to joke.

She then asked a guy what he thought specifically. His response was pretty on the mark and genuine: “You’re supposed to go out there and say ‘hey’ to the people. You’re too into yourself.” Brandy agreed, seeing that she was in a corner of the subway car, and singing to herself and the cameraman.

“This is an important city ready to embrace you. Go for it. We’ve seen this a million times. You have to do something different,” he continued.

Watch her secret moment below!

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  1. John 3 years ago

    She should have taken off the hoodie and glasses and started singing brandy songs. Then the people would have paid attention.

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