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Goapele returns to our screens today with the music video for the title track off her latest album, Strong As Glass.  The heartfelt song speaks directly to the struggle of woman in our current culture. The soulful songstress explains that the song’s message is that despite being strong and resilient, women are also fragile and should not be taken advantage of just because we [women] are so willing to take things into our own hands and fill every role in our professional and personal lives.

“The images in my new video for “Strong As Glass” will take you on a powerful journey,” shares Goapele. “It was filmed in one of the lowest places on earth, Salton Sea, California. I found the vast expanses of this place both desolate and beautiful…a fitting location for a song that I hope will become an urgent anthem for women and girls who, like me, often feel alone or fragile.”

She continues, “This song is for those times when we feel taken for granted. It’s for those moments when we feel voiceless. It’s for every female out there who fears she’ll become a statistic. I want this song to remind us that we can break the silence that keeps us isolated. We must be our own champions. Especially now during women’s history month, this song is for the 1 out of every 4, females in this nation who have been abused, or live daily under the threat of abuse. I thank Estelle for lyrics that spoke to my heart. I hope this song speaks to the hearts of every person who understands exactly what it means to be ‘Strong As Glass.’”

Watch the stunning visual below:

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  1. John 3 years ago

    Happy that she actually put this video out

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