Chris Brown Talks Karrueche, Drake Beef, and Tyga Drama On Hot 97



The drama train just keeps on running in the celebrity world.

Most recently rapper and “Between the Sheets” tour mate Tyga has found himself on the receiving end of many of the negative blog talks. From his interesting relationship with the young Kylie Jenner to his business woes with tentative label Cash Money, the Cali born rapper has heard it all. Although he’s remained steadfast in his denial of the relationship with Kylie Jenner, no one has really bought into it. However, ifthere’s one person who’s had his back, it’s the guy who’s no stranger to drama – Chris Brown.

While the two are prepping for the release of their joint album, Fan of a Fan, they are also currently touring with Trey Songz. Stopping off at Hot 97 to discuss the recent Kanye interview on Power 105, the Kardashian drama, Drake – with whom both Breezy and Tyga have issues with – Chris being faithful, and more, the candid interview shows has both artists giving their take on the situations that have been swirling around the media outlets.

Breezy, who took the floor when talking about Drake, stated: “I can’t keep making these motherfuckers famous. I’m responsible for a lot of reviving of careers. When I keep talking about somebody, I’m just making them hot.” The singer also joked about an excerpt of Kanye’s Power 105 interview that allegedly was removed from the aired version saying, “Kayne, hold us down playa. Hold us down homie – you black, bruh!” He then went on to whisper, “Shut the f*ck up, shut the f*ck up,” before laughing it off.

Apparently letting the Henn do the talking, both Tyga and Breezy seemed to have a good time while at the interview.

Take a look below:

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