Tinashe Blazes the Pages of ‘Interview Magazine’


Tinashe has been one of the 2014’s biggest young stars across all of music. Ending the year on a high note the singer/songwriter has graced the pages of Interview Magazine with a stunning black and white photo spread and accompanying Q&A.

For her shoot, the 21-year-old beauty shows off her high fashion potential in a form fitting black dress, Versace belt and leather jacket, while getting casual sexy in a Calvin Klein sports bra in another shot. The previous child actor and dancer, who released her debut album Aquarius this past fall, spoke about the early grind pursuing her dreams and learning it’s okay to be different than her peers.

Check out more photos and excerpts from her interview below!

ENTRY INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: My dad was a theater actor so he had an agent and he brought me into his agency when I was maybe four years old. That was how I started. I started modeling and it progressed from there. My parents always took me to my auditions and all the places I needed to go to—they drove me around everywhere. They’re extremely supportive, my biggest fans, so I’m really thankful for that.

FIRST FILM: I was in my first movie when I was five. I just loved to entertain and put on a show. I really fell in love with acting at an early age. I always had a great time on set. I knew I was doing something professional, I think. It taught me about professionalism at a really early age and how to conduct myself in the entertainment industry and those types of environments.

SWITCHING MEDIUMS: I have videos of me singing songs at age one, age two. I think music was always my biggest passion; I was just looking for when I could pursue that full time. I took a step back, when I was about 16, from acting to focus on music. I wanted people to know I was taking it really seriously and to think of me as a music artist first and foremost.

STYLE OF MUSIC: It’s rooted in a place of R&B, but I like to avoid categories because I want to be able to evolve as an artist and for people not to expect the same thing from me all the time. I suppose it’s some grey area in R&B land.

AQUARIUS: This year has been a crazy year for me and my life has totally changed. People look at me differently. I can’t really go places anymore without getting noticed. I’m playing shows, multiple times a week. I’m touring. I’m going overseas. It’s a big difference. It’s awesome.

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(Photos by Astrid Sterner)

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