New Music: V Bozeman – In The Zone


V. Bozeman V Photo

Soulful singer/songwriter V Bozeman continues to deliver musical gifts to those who are still awaiting a full project.  Following her powerful socially conscious single and video “Race Jones,” the songstress takes it to the sheets on the blistering sensual “In The Zone.”

The ’90s R&B inspired jam borrows from the classic song “Tell Me If You Still Care” by The S.O.S. Band, and finds V catering to her lovers every desire as they keep it goin until the crack of dawn.

“Lets do it slow and heavy, deep and steady / Till the crack of dawn, keep it goin on / I’ll do anything you want, when I’m in the zone,” she sings.

In need of a new holiday bedroom jam? Let V Bozeman put you in the zone below!

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