Listen: Elle Varner Releases Inspiring New Song “One Love”


Elle Varner One Love

As much of the nation has been saddened and angered by the senseless killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, soulful songstress Elle Varner hopes to do her part by spreading the message of “One Love.”

The singer has released the uplifting new call-to-action song, produced by DJ Dahi, in wake of the shooting and continued rise in gun violence and unmerited killings.

“Imagine no one needing guns all at once, impossible maybe / But we’ve never tried it / The whole world in silence, respecting each other, our gods and our brothers killing with kindness,” she sings with her raspy tone.

“Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, and whatever pain you may be suffering….this song is for you,” said Elle. “This song is for #MikeBrown and the people of #Ferguson. It is for #HadiyaPendleton and the people of #Chicago. It is for the lives being destroyed in #Gaza. It is for people all over the world who need help and healing. This song is a wakeup call! We are all in this together believe it or not…..we all cry the same tears and bleed the same blood. Life is an incredible gift that everyone deserves! Please help spread the message and post this song hashtagging anything happening in the world that matters to you. Thank you.”

Elle has currently been working on and prepping for the release of her sophomore album 4 Letter Word, which is due out this fall.

Take a listen to her inspiring new song below:

She also recently shared her views on the situation via her Instagram page:

“Over the past few tumultuous days I have prayed long and hard for Mike Brown’s family, the people of Ferguson, and the families of many others we have lost due this horrific death pattern. In addition I have been gathering research, speaking with activists, and developing a plan as to how we can stop this from continuing! I know one thing is certain. Absolutely nothing positive can ever come from fighting for justice with anger and violence. MLK and Mandela are just two great leaders who have taught us this. We are all rightfully outraged….but I strongly feel we can’t let that take us over. I don’t think Mike Brown or any of our innocent black men who were so villainously murdered would want more people to be hurt on their behalf….With persistence, strategy, and intellect, we can not only obtain justice for Mike Brown but we can effectuate changes that will prevent these things from happening again! This is a deep rooted situation that we have to get to the core of. Let us have faith and strength at this difficult time. Let’s show eachother some love and support as a community at this difficult time…I have posted this address from the Attorney General to shed some light not on what isn’t but what IS being done…. Love and light.”

– Elle

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