New Music: Prince – “Breakfast Can Wait”


Prince Breakfast Can Wait

It’s crazy, but Prince is really back! The music icon returns to his sexy ways on the quirky, falsetto driven “Breakfast Can Wait.” Who doesn’t like a little early activity to start the day off with a bang (pun intended). The cuts sound falls inline, and almost mimics some of his past cuts, but it’s a nice addition to his continuing catalog. The song is available for digital download here.

Take a listen below…

  1. […] PRINCE IS BACK. PRINCE IS BACK. PRINCE IS BACK. Check out his new single here: “Breakfast Can Wait.” […]

  2. […] wonder. I couldn’t find a video for “Breakfast Can Wait” but you can listen to it at Bright side: there is a lyric video of “Screwdriver”. Listen to it and get your screw […]

  3. […] Have you heard it? “Breakfast in Bed“? It’s….I can even…it’s so…*shake head*….you need to sit down, you hear me? I first heard it on Q on CBC. Even Jian was fanning himself after it ended. Daaaaamn, Prince. I defy anyone who does not feel this jam. Hotcakes smothered in honey never sounded so unappetizing. Listen HERE. […]

  4. […] roll with releasing flawless new music from his Twitter account like, “Fixurlifeup” and “Breakfast Can Wait.” Today, he’s at it again, with a new song called “Da Bourgeoisie.” The […]

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