Poll: What Should Ne-Yo’s Next Single Be?


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Ne-Yo released his fifth studio album R.E.D. (Realizing Every Dream) last November. The album has seemed to live in the shadow of its most successful song, “Let Me Love You,” with the majority of the promotion centered around the Pop hit. The project received mixed reviews from critics, for the most part it fared well, but many fans favored the album and praised it as a solid piece of work from the singer-songwriter.

The album has spawned a top 5 single on the Hot 100, but the other single releases have not connected or built much chart momentum. Although, Ne-Yo is busy touring overseas and always writing for other artists, the album deserves to keep moving in the New Year. So, we want to hear from you. What do you think the next R&B/Urban single off the album should be??

We have created a poll for you to vote below… Let us know your opinion.


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  1. ZZX 5 years ago

    Stress Reliever. Need more slow jams on the radio

  2. RCW 5 years ago

    Garbage…is he still trying to promote that album no one is buying? Sit down and come out already!

  3. Cari Chance 5 years ago

    Jealous. But sex – or acts – sells so Stress Reliever would be just fine lol. Wouldn’t mind either. But we’ve heard the uber-female-compliment-concept-Ne-Yo a million times…so I recant and say Stress Reliever. Look up at me mami lol.  And I would like to hear She Is on pop stations.

  4. eriqofficiel 5 years ago

    @RCW wow u know nothing about music. this album is one of the best rnb pop balanced out albums in yrs. garbage ??? dont even answer i already know u know nothing about music….and btw she is should be the next single but anything on there is fire

  5. RCW 5 years ago

    @eriqofficiel I don’t attend every argument I’m invited to, but please don’t push me…it’s my opinion and I guess you can’t take it…I’m clearly not the only one who feels that way…just just out the sales…if that’s anything to go by smh. On that note have several seats sweets

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