Frank Ocean Address Police Stop & Smoking Pot


Frank Ocean cassie t (Nabil)

By now, you might have heard of Frank Ocean’s run-in with police on New Years Eve day. The absurd false reports of inappropriate sexual activity were quickly laid to rest when the official police report was released. The write-up revealed that the “Thinking About You” singer was pulled over for speeding, reportedly driving around 90 in a 65, with a suspended license of course, (because what artist doesn’t have a suspended license on them at all times), and later TMZ reported, police found a small amount of marijuana in his possession after claiming to smell the odor of mary jane.  The extra dark tint of the windows on his BMW M3 were also cited as cause for the stop.

Pretty normal stuff, but in perfect fashion Ocean took to his Twitter to briefly address the news Thursday night…

Frank was let go on the scene, allowing his passenger to drive him home since his license confiscated. The singer-songwriter is nominated for multiple awards at the upcoming Grammys, including Album of The Year, Record of The Year, Best New Artist, Best Urban Contemporary Album and more.

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