Jamie Foxx Talks Fame, Marriage, Sex Life with Oprah



Actor, Comedian and Singer, Jamie Foxx is the latest star to spend time with Oprah for her in-depth interview series, “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” on the OWN network. In the first of a two-part interview, the multi-talented man opened up about fame, his love life, why he hasn’t gotten married and much more in his most personal and revealing interview yet.

During their candid conversation at Soho House in New York City, Jamie revealed the advise he was given by Sidney Poitier, and how Any Given Sunday director Oliver Stone’s harsh criticism helped him become a better actor. His 18-year-old daughter Corinne Bishop also joined Oprah to chat about her relationship with her famous father.

Watch the full episode below…

UPDATE: *Video stream removed by request*


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