Alicia Keys Covers Complex, Talks New Self


Alicia Keys has evolved and she is enlightened and honestly happier than ever. The R&B superstar graces the cover of Complex’s December 2012 issue for a descriptive feature titled “Unlocking Alicia.” The multi-Grammy winner also ignited the camera for a stunning photoshoot. Check out an excerpt from the piece where she reflects on her life and career…

“Because I started so young, so much of my life has been like catching up to myself—or trying to run underneath myself so I’m not falling. I finally stepped back and was able to look at it all and say ‘Wow.’ No complaints. I’m glad to be where I am and have this life. But it could be different. I don’t want to have the type of life where I’m not living or I’m always working or always fitting into whatever perfect box. I don’t want that type of hectic life. I don’t want people in my life that encourage that in any way. I’m not my old self anymore.

Becoming my new self, some people didn’t understand me anymore. Some people who I knew for years—we couldn’t be on the same page anymore. That’s OK because that’s part of growing, too. The hardest thing is to trust yourself, to know that what you’re feeling is valid. A lot of times we dismiss our feelings. I realized that I can trust myself and say, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with that.’ That was the toughest part. When I finally had the bravery to do that, that’s when I started to feel on fire.”

See more of AK’s photo shoot below, and read the lengthy article here.


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  1. Carla 6 years ago

    She looks beautiful!

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