With June 28th quickly approaching, the final tracklisting with full credits has been made available. The 2 Disc Deluxe version of 4 will be sold exclusively at Target and The Deluxe Edition includes 3 bonus tracks, 3 remixes of “Run the World (Girls),” and an exclusive new version of the “Run the World (Girls)” music video.

Head over to to pre-order, or pick up the album on June 28th! Click on the photo above to view the Deluxe album art in a larger size, and continue reading to get the full tracklisting with credits!


01. 1+1 (The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, Beyonce, Corey Jackson Carter) (Prod. by The-Dream & Beyonce)
02. I Care (Chad Hugo, Jeff Bhasker, Beyonce) (Prod. by Jeff Bhasker & Beyonce)
03. I Miss You (Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Shea Taylor) (Prod. by Shea Taylor & Beyonce)
04. Best Thing I Never Had (Babyface, J. Que, Beyonce, Antonio Dixon, Shea Taylor, Larry Griffin, Jr., Caleb McCampbell (Prod. by Symbolyc One, Babyface, Antonio Dixon, Shea Taylor & Beyonce)
05. Party (featuring André 3000) (Kanye West, Bhasker, Beyonce, Dexter R. Mills, Douglas Davis, Ricky Walters) (Prod. by Kanye West, Consequence & Beyonce)
06. Rather Die Young (Jeff Bhasker, Luke Steele, Beyonce) (Prod. by Luke Steele & Beyonce)
07. Start Over (Ester Dean, Shea Taylor, Beyonce) (Prod. by Shea Taylor & Beyonce)
08. Love on Top (The-Dream, Shea Taylor, Beyonce) (Prod. by Shea Taylor & Beyonce)
09. Countdown (The-Dream, Shea Taylor, Beyonce, Ester Dean, Cainon Lamb, Julie Frost) (Prod. by Shea Taylor & Beyonce)
10. End of Time (The-Dream, Shea Taylor, David Taylor, Switch) (Prod. by The-Dream, Switch & Beyonce)
11. I Was Here (Diane Warren) (Prod. by Ryan Tedder & Brent Kutzle)
12. Run the World (Girls) (The-Dream, Beyonce) (Prod. by Switch, Beyonce & Shea Taylor)

Japanese Bonus Track
13. Dreaming (Japanese Bonus Track) (Babyface, A. Dixon, Beyonce, J. Que) (Prod. by Babyface, A. Dixon & Beyonce)

Target Deluxe Edition
01. Lay Up Under Me (Sean Garrett, Beyonce) (Prod. by Shea Taylor & Beyonce)
02. Schoolin’ Life (The-Dream, Beyonce) (Prod. by The-Dream, Los Da Mystro & Beyonce)
03. Dance for You (The-Dream, Tricky Steward, Beyonce) (Prod. by The-Dream & Beyonce)
04. Run the World (Girls) (Kaskade Club Remix)
05. Run the World (Girls) (Red Top Club Remix)
06. Run the World (Girls) (Jochen Simms Club Remix)

  1. Plaii Martin 7 years ago

    Did Beyonce Really REALLY Write and Produce On Every Track???? I DONT BELIEVE YOU…

  2. […] For all you die heard Beyonce fans who will be getting the Deluxe Edition of her latest album check out the tracklisting after the jump. June 28th is just next week and this special edition will have 3 bonus tracks as well as 3 remixes of “Run the World (Girls)”. Check out the list after the jump! Shouts to ThisIsRnB […]

  3. obamarocks 7 years ago

    Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls together. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!! Both of their fans love it

  4. jacson mccoy 7 years ago

    Shea Taylor u r incredible. Producer of the Year for Beyonces 4 album

  5. tmthompson 7 years ago

    This is Beyonce best album of the decade. I have never heard an album of this magnitude. My favs are Countdown, Start Over, Love On Top. Shea Taylor and Dream really help Beyonce to create a masterpiece. This album is Epic…..

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