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Pretty Ricky Talk Comeback, New Music, Rumors, & More on “The Breakfast Club”

Pretty Ricky Breakfast Club

Pretty Ricky is ready to officially make their comeback!  The R&B group–consisting of Baby Blue, Spectacular, Slick’Em, and Pleasure P — paid a visit to “The Breakfast Club” for a new interview.

In addition to discussing their new music and forthcoming album, the Florida natives talked about how and why they re-formed the group, the first song they ever wrote, going on tour, “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” rumors, and how they responded when Pleasure P left the group.

Speaking about their decision to reunite now, Pleasure explained: “I don’t think it’s about this era to be honest. I think it’s just about our fans and the people that love us. We sold out a lot of shows recently. We just put it up and within a week or two they were sold out. We playin the same venues that any artists that are out right now, playing and selling it out.”

Additionally, they addressed more rumors over the years including Baby Blue’s sexual allegations, Slick’Em’s sex tape and STD rumors, Pleasure P’s false child molestation allegations, and Spectacular’s viral underwear tape. One of the most surprising moments was when Spec discussed his highly successful social media company, which helps grow and monetize celebrities social accounts.

Earlier this week, Pleasure P shared a new solo song, “For A Long Time,” and today they all returned with the brand new single “Good Girlz.”

Check out the full interview below.

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The-Dream Speaks On His Uncredited Hits, VH1’s New Series ‘Signed’ & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’


The-Dream has been one of our biggest hit makers for a decade already. He has become known for his innate abilities to write and produce catchy, infectious records for himself and many of your favorite artists. Now, the gifted artist is looking for the next big talent to work with. Joining Rick Ross and Roc Nation’s Lenny S., the trio have launched their new reality series, “Signed,” on VH1.

With the show premiering this week, the singer-songwriter stopped by Power 105 for a new interview with “The Breakfast Club.” In addition to talking about the show, Dream spoke about his therapy style when it comes to writing for other artists. It has always been his way of being truthful to the artist that he’s working with, while finding the right inspiration for the topics or words to create with.

In relation to his own material, Terius admitted that becoming an artist was a means to an end in getting his art heard. For example, he explained that if he loved his song, “Fancy,” but someone like Beyoncé didn’t use it, how would he get it out unless he sang it himself.

Speaking about his own growing family, his wife is pregnant with his eighth child, The-Dream said he wants to get to 20 kids! Lightly touching on the reason he mentioned growing up as an only child made him want his children to have multiple siblings.

“Signed” premiered Wednesday night on VH1. Check out the interview below.

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Watch: SZA Talks Debut Album ‘Ctrl,’ Ex-Boyfriends, Sidechicks & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’

SZA Breakfast Club

This Friday (June 9), SZA will release her much-anticipated debut album Ctrl. The leading lady of Top Dawg Ent. gave fans some early insight into what to expect on the project during a lengthy interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday morning.

Sitting down with Angela, Charlamagne and Envy the singer shared a lot of personal feelings and emotions from her past relationships, which carry the content of the album.

“This album is like a release, it’s like a release from…over the last 4 years I haven’t been just doing music,” explains SZA. “I’ve been burying friends, burying family members, baring weight. The way I feel about myself, the way I feel about the world, the way I feel about God, the way I process information. I’ve just been growing as a human being.”

While talking about the album she explained the title choice and what it means to her. She addressed her comments on social media last year when she surprised fans by saying she was going to quit music, and they could release her album if they wanted or not. She talks about working with Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott.

On a personal level, SZA spoke about sidechicks, being hurt in the past and looking for approval. She told a story about catching her boyfriend having an orgy. Why she stopped wearing a hijab after 9/11, and much more.

Watch the full interview below.

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Ne-Yo Talks New Album, Working with Mary J. Blige, “World Of Dance” & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’

On Thursday morning (June 1), Ne-Yo appeared on ‘The Breakfast Club’ for a new interview.

With his seventh studio album on the way, a judge position on NBC’s new dance competition “World of Dance,” and a busy family life, the R&B star had a lot to talk about. The first single from his new album, “Another Love Song” was released on Tuesday and Ne-Yo shared some details about what sound and feeling fans can expect on the album.

“All the music on this album isn’t going to be happy, because I didn’t write just completely about myself,” said Ne-Yo. “I feel if I write it just about me, how can it be relatable to anybody else. I’m definitely happy, I’m in a great place but I know everybody isn’t… Every song isn’t going to be happy, but every song will be real and relatable.”

Revealing the name of the album, Ne-Yo explained: “The name of the album is ‘Good Man,’ I’m calling it that because it’s what every woman wants and what every man should strive to be. The thing about it is, you’re not born a good man, you have to go through some stuff and let some things happen in order to become a good man.”

Throughout the rest of the conversation, the singer/songwriter spoke about working with Mary J. Blige on her emotional new album, Strength of a Woman. “I love writing for Mary,” he said. “Every time I write for Mary it winds up being a therapy session for both of us. We’ll sit and talk about some stuff, cry if we need to, eat some food and write a song.”

Ne-Yo also shared his views on R&B music today, why he decided to drop a rap remix to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” his new show “World of Dance,” and more.

Check out the full interview below.

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John Legend Speaks On Family Values, Colin Kaepernick, Bill O’Reilly & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’

While in New York for the Time 100 gala, John Legend paid a visit to ‘The Breakfast Club’ for a new interview about all his latest happenings and thoughts on current social issues.

Getting ready to head out on his North American “Darkness and Light Tour,” the R&B crooner spoke about bringing his 1-year-old daughter Luna on the road with him. He also touched on dealing with his wife Chrissy Teigen’s postpartum depression.

With all of his success in film and television, John talked about being apart of La La Land, and the whole situation at the Oscar’s when they changed the winner of the award for Best Picture.

Legend has always shared his voice on the issues in our society and politics, and he has been very vocal about his dislike for President Trump. Along with politics, Legend spoke about Colin Kaepernick’s protest, how it was portrayed by the media, and why he’s not signed yet. He also shared his thoughts on Fox News and the Bill O’Reilly scandal.

Check out the full interview below.

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Faith Evans Talks Biggie’s Legacy, Her Relationship with Lil’ Kim, Stevie J & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’

On Thursday morning (Mar. 9), Faith Evans stopped by “The Breakfast Club” for a fitting new interview on the 20th anniversary of her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G’s passing.

During the conversation, the First Lady of Bad Boy spoke about his unsolved murder case, her anticipated new duets album with Biggie, The King & I, and performing on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.

Switching topics from Big, Faith also addressed her recent romantic relationship with producer and reality star Stevie J, which they ended on TV. Sharing some more history, the R&B diva talked about how she mended her relationship with Lil Kim, and what Biggie’s reaction was when she hung out with Tupac.

Additionally today, Faith has unveiled the cover art for The King & I, which is set to be released on June 9. She is also working on a TV documentary about BIG’s life to air on A&E.

Watch her interview and see the cover below.

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Ro James Talks R&B Culture, Meeting Prince, Touring With Erykah Badu & More on ‘The Breakfast Club’

This week, Ro James returned to his hometown of New York City while on his headlining “XIX” tour. The buzzing R&B star sold out his show at Highline Ballroom, and he also made his first appearance on “The Breakfast Club” for a new interview about his career.

Speaking with Angela, Envy and Charlamagne, the singer/songwriter gave new listeners some background on his upbringing and introduction to music, including his families inspiration.  From there they spoke about R&B culture today, and his feelings on staying true to your artistry and not conforming to trends because it may get you a record deal.

Ro also opened up about his relationship with the mother of his daughter and choosing to be single at his point in his career. He spoke about touring with Erykah Badu, what he learned from her, and how he has applied the experiences to his own stage performances.

Watch the full interview below.

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Omarion Talks New Music, The Grammys, Dating, & More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Omarion is on the way with his new album Reasons.  Following the release of the songs “BDY On Me” and “Distance,” the R&B star stopped by “The Breakast Club” for a new interview, which they aired on Thursday (Feb. 23).

During their conversation, the Maybach Music Group signee spoke about his current dating life and relationship with the mother of his two children, being a father, and their very public breakup.

He also talked about his new music, the Grammys, his 2015 hit “Post To Be,” the New Edition biopic, acting, filming two music video is South Africa, and more.

Watch the 30-minute interview below:

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