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New Music: Teenear feat. Fetty Wap – Love Me or Leave Me


Slip-N-Slide songstress Teenear delivers an ultimatum on her summery new single, “Love Me or Leave Me” featuring Fetty Wap.

The Miami native gives her lover two straight forward options on the smooth, melodic track produced by Louis Bell.

“I don’t want to fall so hard / But if you want, I’ll let you hold my heart,” sings Teenear. “Do what you wanna do / It’s all up to you / So, just love me or leave me now.”

Meanwhile, Fetty Wap lends his own catchy melodic sound. “We can do whatever you like now, baby,” he sings.

The song’s overall message was important for Teenear, who tells Rap-Up that she meant every word. “I recorded this song with the mindset of ‘I have too much going on for me to waste time or play games. I promise that there’s someone waiting by to take your place,’” she explained. “So when I say love me or leave me, I mean it!”

Listen to “Love Me or Leave Me” below.

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New Video: Teenear – Something Else

Teenear Something Else Vid

Slip-N-Slide records songstress Teenear kicks off summer finding an unexpected love.

The singer/songwriter has debuted the music video for her latest single, “Something Else.” Filmed in her hometown of Miami, Teenear and her love interest spend a day together enjoying his neighborhood lifestyle.

“Love how you move me / Feels like a taste of paradise / It’s like you always knew me,” she sings. “Can’t do a thing, no strings but my hands are tied / And the more that I hide the more that it shows / And the more that I fight the stronger it grows.”

The playful single–produced by Velous–describes meeting someone unexpectedly and discovering new things in life and love.

“It’s about that one person who came into your life, made such an unexpected impact, that now you can’t let them go,” explains Teenear. “Their presence made you do and feel things you haven’t felt before.”

Check out the video below.

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New Music: Teenear – Something Else

Welcome back Teenear!

The Miami singer’s new single “Something Else” is the 2017 version of T-Pain’s “I’m Sprung,” and it will make you immediately think of your boo thing as soon as you hear it. Produced by fellow South Florida production trio WriteSounds, the track screams summer anthem and feels just as good as the love that Teenear is singing about.

“Baby you’re something else, no one can deny / It’s only you, you’re my crown jewel, I tell you all the time,” the Slip-N-Slide Records songstress sings.

Teenear told VIBE that the idea for the song came from the fear of falling in love. “When a girl is focused, the last thing she wants is to have a guy come in and distract her in all the right ways,” she says. “No matter how hard you try to stop thinking about them, you can’t! No matter how hard you try to find a flaw in them, you can’t! They will have you doing things you never thought you’d do, saying things you never thought you’d say and all you can do is sit back and think, ‘ he’s really Something,'”

Check out the infectious track below.

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Video: Teenear – Last Night

This is Teenear‘s girl power anthem 💪

The rising Miami singer is back with a catchy new single reclaiming her power after a relationship gone bad. “Last Night,” produced by emerging Miami producer Sipping Sake, tells the story of becoming fed up with a relationship that was built on broken promises. The video stars Teenear and fellow South Florida singer, Jordan Grizzle, as she celebrates her break-up with a girl’s night on the town.

“Last night, I told myself this would be the last time,” she sings. “My heart, it tell me to stay, but this ain’t right / We can’t get along, all we do is fight / Last night…”

Edited with plenty of flashbacks of Grizzle’s infidelity and the Slip ‘N Slide recording artist’s struggles with her emotions, the video showcases how strong Teenear’s cut off game actually is. With dance moves and a smile that makes you want to join in on the fun, this visual perfectly gets across the singer’s message that “you can still be a queen without a king.” 

Check it out below.

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Watch: Teenear Covers Drake’s “Fake Love”

You can miss Teenear with your “Fake Love.”  She doesn’t want any parts of it.

Joining the slew of artists who have given Drake’s infectious hit their own spin, the young Miami based singer takes on those “fake people showing fake love” with tons of attitude and the subtleness of her sweet voice.

As she’s walking through the woods wearing a stylish hoodie dress and a pair of thigh high boots, Teenear performs the song while the camera follows her, catching every emotion she puts into her vocals.

The young singer’s next major releases include “Last Night,” and “Love Me/Leave Me” which featuring rapper Fetty Wap. Both singles will be released in 2017.

Check out her “Fake Love” cover below.

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New Music: Teenear feat. Trina – Streetlights (Remix)


Teenear is reppin’ for Miami with her new remix.

The rising singer has teamed up with Da Baddest of Miami, Trina, to revamp her single “Streetlights.” The track was previously released earlier this year and now it joins together the future of Slip N’ Slide Records and a Slip N’ Slide legend.

With added help from Trina, the sweet love song gets a little edgier but it still maintains the innocence of falling in love.

Teenear sings about wanting to spend more time with her boo under the streetlights. “So just take my hand before you tell me goodnight / We should dance under the streetlights / Tell me that you love me, tell, tell me that you love me.”

Da Baddest spits a verse asking her love if he believes what people say about her. “You know what it is and what it ain’t and what it could be / I’m just tryna figure out if this is where I should be / Yeah I know you heard that I’m all about the fast life / Tell them if they told you I’m the realest, I’m the wife type.”

Listen to the new remix below.

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New Music: Teenear – Love Yourself (Acoustic Cover)

Teenear Love Yourself

Slip-N-Slide Records rising new artist Teenear follows-up the release of her single “Streetlights,” with a personal, stripped-down cover of Justin Bieber’s hit single “Love Yourself.”

Backed by just a single acoustic guitar, the young singer offers a soft and sweet female rendition of the heartfelt break-up song.

“If you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself / And if you think that I’m still holding on, oh baby you should go and love yourself,” she coos passionately.

Take a listen to Teenear’s cover below.

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New Music: Teenear – Streetlights

Teenear Streetlights

Miami based singer on the rise, Teenear, returns with the brand new single, “Streetlights.”

Fans will love the fun, positive vibe of the track from the up-and-coming teen singer, who has been performing since she was five years old and has been compared to superstars like Brandy, Jordin Sparks, and Zendaya.

“The song is about how I’m in a relationship and with us being so young, we don’t always have all the time in the world to be with each other, so when we do get the time, let’s just give it our all. Let’s dance, have fun, and enjoy the moment,” says Teenear.

Check out the single below.

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