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Exclusive: Get To Know Rising Singer-Songwriter TeaMarrr


Let us officially introduce you to TeaMarrr!

The rising singer-songwriter is currently based out of Boston and is making waves all over the internet with her soulful and jazzy sound that’s unlike anything we’ve heard in a while. We first discovered Tea in 2016 with her first singles, “In My Mind” and “I Do…But,” and in just a short amount of time she has become one of our favorite artists to watch.

Earlier this year, Tea released her debut EP, Thanks for the Chapstick which features 7 original tracks all inspired by her last relationship and how she used that experience to help mold her into a better version of herself. Full of live instrumentation and raw emotion, each song on the project stands out as a great introduction to the kind of artist she is and what fans can expect to hear from her next.

During a recent performance promoting ‘Thanks for the Chapstick‘ in New York, ThisisRnB had a chance to sit down with Tea and really get to know more about who she is as an artist and what she plans to do next. In the interview the songstress reveals how her Haitian parents passed down her artistic genes, how traveling to Toronto and New York helped her become a better artist, and why tea is such an important symbol to her.

Get to know TeaMarrr below!

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Listen: Emerging Artist TeaMarrr Releases Debut EP ‘Thanks for the Chapstick’

It’s finally here!

Emerging artist TeaMarrr has dropped her debut EP, Thanks for the Chapstick, and it’s everything we could have wanted and more. Equal parts therapeutic, honest, and ethereal, the 7-track project tells the story of the Boston based singer surviving some of the coldest parts of her life and coming out even stronger.

The EP features “I Do… But” and “In My Mind,” two songs that we loved last year, and is executive produced by Tea and her partner Keith Bell. Each song is laced with her soothing voice and real instruments that makes you feel like she’s singing just for you.

Some of the other stand out tracks on ‘Thanks for the Chapstick’ are “100 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards” and “The One.”

On “100 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards,” Tea sings about wanting the guy she’s interested in to be all the way 100 with her as she opens up about her own truth. “Keep it 100 baby, keep it 100 bae / Why you always fronting’ babe,” she sings. “He likes to fuck with bitches that like Barbie dolls / I like to fuck with niggas that play Yu-Gi-Oh.”

“The One” is a track pleading for her lover to realize she’s not his forever person, but rather just his right now. “In the meantime, you can call me when you need someone to share your weed with / Call me if you need someone to waste a seed with, please believe it,” TeaMarrr sings out. “My priorities are fine, I know that you’re not mine / I swear, I promise, no I’m not the one / So please tuck your heart in, ’cause I’m not the one.”

This is only just the beginning for Tea, and we’re excited to see what’s next!

Check out her debut EP below.

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Watch: Emerging Artist TeaMarrr Releases Teaser from Debut EP ‘Thanks for the Chapstick’

It’s Tea time y’all! ☕️

Boston area singer/songwriter, TeaMarrr, is back and prepping for the release of her debut EP, Thanks For The Chapstick, which is due next month. Lucky for the ThisIsRnB fam, she chose us to help get you excited about the project!

In Tea’s teaser, we hear a snippet of all 6 songs that will be on the EP, including two of our favorites “I Do…But” and “In My Mind.”  Keeping with the theme of all things tea, the visual finds the songstress enjoying some much needed relaxation time as she brews, pours, and sips on her favorite beverage— tea.

The visual gives us a real glimpse at TeaMarrr for the first time since we discovered her last year. Every little detail in the video shown from her Harry Potter book, to her teacup tattoo, and her pink ChapStick tell the story of what’s to come as we await the release of #TFTCS in May.

Check out the teaser below.

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New Music: TeaMarrr – Sin Valley

TeaMarrr is back with some new heat and moody vibes.

We last heard from the up-and-coming songstress in September with the infectious song “I Do…But.”  Now, with her newest release, we take a trip to “Sin Valley.” On the mid-tempo track the songstress explores all that changes when her lover takes a trip with her to the dark side. For TeaMarrr, ‘Sin Valley’ is a place where they both can indulge in all the things that they can’t share with anyone else. Her soulful and effortlessly airy voice takes us on a journey with her to accept our own darkness as she finally accepts all the things that make her, her.

TeaMarrr uses the song to tempt her lover to come with her to ‘Sin Valley’ by singing of why they belong there together. “I just grin like I’m the Grinch wife / I know gin lies by your bed side / You sip tea on the nightly / I don’t even feel that you like me / But you seem to always want to bite me, taste me, I see, Sin Valley / Took me 22 years in the mall just to find myself in Sin Valley,” she sings.

Check out TeaMarrr’s sinfully dark track below.

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New Music: TeaMarrr – I Do… But


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from emerging artist, TeaMarrr, but the wait was well worth it!

Back with a summery infectious track titled, “I Do… But,” the Boston based singer/songwriter explores how it feels to want to commit to a relationship (or friendship), but being too hesitant too fully commit. Serving relatable lyrics once again, TeaMarrr gives us a reflective track that follows her stream of consciousness as she decides what is the best decision in the relationship. She positions her thoughts towards the end of the song as a warning to her guy that his actions play into her hesitation just as much as her past.

Perfectly blending both R&B and some EDM/Trap, we get to hear the softness of TeaMarrr’s voice contrasting with a fun and flirty beat, which gives her lyrics all the more meaning. Right before the EDM breakdown she sings, “I do…/ Baby boy I do…, I/ But I can’t with you (I can’t with you)/ Can’t dance with you/  Take chance with you/ Or breaths with you… I.”

Take a listen to her new track below.

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New Music: TeaMarrr – In My Mind

Teamarr In My Mind

Emerging artist TeaMarrr is letting you inside her mind and taking listeners on a ride in her debut single, “In My Mind.”

The Boston based singer/songwriter’s mind probably isn’t much different than what’s going on in your own. She uses the track to express her personal sexual desires and boast her self-esteem. Inside her head, she can do anything she wants to do and be the kind of woman that she wants to be, without any judgement. “In My Mind” is a day-dreamy R&B / Pop track about losing herself in her thoughts about love interests. The song is perfect to vibe out to as you dream about the guy (or girl) that you have your eye on.

TeaMarrr soulfully sings over the chorus, “Probably making my bed, in my mind / Giving him head, in my mind / Going to bed, in my mind / Making the bread, throwing it back, doing the math, in my mind.”  As she begins to trail off into the verses of the song, we can’t help but share the high she’s on while she daydreams about everything going on in her head.

Check out the track below.

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