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Tank Sings National Anthem, Chris Brown Sits


The drama continues…

On Sunday (Sept. 11), Power 106 held their annual celebrity basketball game in Los Angeles. Inviting R&B powerhouse Tank to kick off the game with the National Anthem, there were a few moments that went down.

With everything happening in sports based on San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting the racial injustices in the country, by choosing to sit instead of stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Tank asked the crowd–since it was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks–of all days, to stand and sing with him.

“I understand everybody’s exercising their right to stand or sit and exercising their right to freedom and justice,” he said. “But in the wake of 9/11, please understand the fact that real men, women, and children lost their lives for this very thing that we’re able to stand for today.”

It was a nice thought and most of the audience joined in. Except Chris Brown (not surprised), who sat on the court with some fellow teammates and basically just made faces at Tank the entire time. He did show his fellow R&B pal some love when Tank hit applause-worthy notes, but that was about it.

So, it was good to see Tank getting some love with the anthem performance, and on TMZ, but that was all due to their favorite, Chris Breezy, not doing what most folks think he should, is that what he is supposed to do? Not sure… it was 9/11 and all, but to each their own, that’s what makes America great, right?

Anyways, check out Tank’s performance, and Chris’ too below.

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New Music: Tank – I Gotta Be Honest

Tank Honest

Honesty is the best policy, and Tank knows it!

For the latest release in his #TankTuesday series, the R&B General gets open and introspective in his own truths on “I Gotta Be Honest.” Taking a route most male egos won’t allow, the crooner begs for his ex to come back, while admitting that he can’t change and cautioning others about getting into a relationship with him.

“Cause I could lie to you, but I’d rather clear my soul / I know I ain’t ever gon’ change / Don’t ever f*ck with me,” he sings.

Listen to Tank bare his soul and pride in the new ballad below.

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New Music: Tank – Real One

Tank Real One

Better late than never.

Continuing with his weekly #TankTuesdays series (a few days late), the R&B General, Tank, hits fans with his fourth new song, titled “Real One.”

Over heavy-hitting production, with some powerful 808 vibes, the crooner looks to trap the bedroom as he drops a separate interlude track to set the song up as well.

Boastful and full of braggadocios lines, Tank lets fans know that he is clearly a real man, with a real player pedigree.

“I really got cash, I really got whips, really got swag / I’m really the man, they f**k with me hard, wherever I land,” he sings.

Take a listen below.

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New Music: Tank – All About You

Tank All About You

#TankTuesdays is back!

For his third release in three weeks, Tank is back serenading his lady on the sultry ballad, “All About You.”

A slow burning, heartfelt love song, the R&B crooner gives up his past player lifestyle to settle down with the lady of his forever future.

“These are the times that I realize I’m nothing without you / Promise that it’s all about you,” he sings.

Take a listen below.

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New Music: Tank – For Life

Tank For Life


Following his infectious, provocative song “No Drugs,” which he debuted last week, Tank keeps his promise of new music for the next coming weeks.

Releasing the second track in his new music series, the R&B general keeps it under the sheets with the dedicated love song “For Life.”

Singing out to his one-and-only lady, Tank courts her with masculine confidence in his abilities, and admiration of her magic.

“I’m the type of n**ga that’ll love you for life / I’m the type of nigga that’ll make you feel right,” he croons.

Take a listen below.

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New Music: Tank – No Drugs

Tank No Drugs

Welp, new Tank music is always appreciated!

Following the release of his latest album Sex, Love & Pain II earlier this year, the R&B General has swung back with the steamy new track “No Drugs.” It appears the singer/songwriter might be starting a weekly release series (we hope so), but after he pleased a lot of fans with his last LP, Tank comes right back strong on this BAM-produced slow burner.

A fitness junkie and certified lover, Tank reassures listeners that he needs no enhancement for his craft, or game time in the bedroom.

“I’m professional they testing for the game that I play / I’m professional they texting ’bout the d*ck that I lay,” he coos, later adding, “I’d rather a sugar rush from eating all your pie … I just need some Gatorade and we f*ckin all night.”

Delve into Tank’s sexy new slow jam below.

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New Music: Chris Echols – F*ckin Wit Me (Tank Cover)


Singer/songwriter Chris Echols is coming for the ladies with his steamy cover of Tank’s song “F*ckin Wit Me,” off his latest album Sex, Love & Pain II.

As if the bedroom banger couldn’t get any sexier, the Arkansas native takes it there, laying down his explicit provocative plans. “I’m the only one can kiss it like that, only one can lick it like that,” he sings, continuing: “I’ma lick it ’til it’s runnin like a river / Bust it like a stick, yea I ain’t even touch the trigger / Comin all dirty, and I still ain’t came wit cha / 3, 4, 5 goin ’til you get the picture.”

This one gon’ put you in the mood quick, so be prepared to take it there.

Take a listen below.

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New Music: Chris Brown feat. Tyrese, R. Kelly, Usher & Tank – Back To Sleep (Secret Garden Remix)

Chris Brown Tyrese Back To Sleep Remix

And it don’t stop!

This past spring, Chris Brown surprised fans everywhere by releasing 3 all-star remixes to his hit single “Back To Sleep.” However, there was one person who seemed to be curiously missing, after it was announced that he would appear on one of them.  That person was the Vision Implementor himself, Tyrese.

Well, the multi-talented singer/actor has now surprised us early Friday morning (July 15), with a mega remix featuring himself, along with the previously released verses by R. Kelly, Usher, and Tank.

Titled, “Secret Garden Remix,” Tyrese comes in strong with a provocative verse, singing, “Sh*t’s so hard I had to do a remix / Girl you got my sh*t so hard, p**sy got me in my feelings.”  Continuing, “You gon’ get this chocolate / Capricorn in this bed / Girl I don’t really do a lot of talkin’, but watch me back up every word that I said.”

Welp, ok. I know many of you are just getting your day started, but Tyrese, Chris, Kellz, Usher, and Tank have plans for you to stay in bed this Friday morning.

Take a listen to the latest “Back To Sleep” remix below!

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