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Playlist: AllMusic Presents ‘R&B 40: 1995′


As time passes on it’s safe to say that the 1990′s continue to be one of the most beloved decades of music. One that many cherish as their favorite era for all the legendary recordings and styles that were created throughout those years.

Some can argue that nothing was bigger than R&B though. As we so often do, it’s great to go back and listen to our favorite records from those years, and we are once again excited by the recent list released by The music reference website has a series of playlists where they compile and rank the 40 biggest songs of a single year from the ’90s. They have now released their tribute to the best R&B records from 1995, another very special year with some massive hits from legendary acts like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and TLC , along with debuts from D’Angelo and Monica.

If you are old enough to remember these records, enjoy and reminisce, but if you are younger and are looking to hear something you missed, this is a great way to catch up on much of the classic ’90s cuts. Check it out below, and enjoy!

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Red Bull Music Presents: Hashtag$ – “Don’t Call It #AltRnB” (Web-Doc)

Red Bull Music has released the first episode in a new series of mini web-documentaries entitled ‘H∆SHTAG$.’ Fittingly the first piece focuses on the explosion of the developing internet bred, underground, and experimental styles of R&B and Soul are becoming more and more popular. Over the last 2-3 years the genre has seen a renaissance in a sense with an evolution of the sounds and stylings fans, and the music industry, most associated with R&B or Soul. With many of the contributing artists remaining on an underground or indie level, some of today’s most acclaimed new artists such as Miguel, Frank Ocean or The Weeknd, have all been labeled under the newly popular terms of Alt-R&B or Alternative Soul. Miguel has a few scenes in the piece, as does rising newcomer Rochelle Jordan.

In this first episode of H∆SHTAG$, we take a look at the current renaissance of contemporary R&B in the “always-on” age, featuring former half of The Weeknd, Jeremy ‘Zodiac’ Rose, How To Dress Well, Miguel, Rochelle Jordan, KLSH, BadBadNotGood, and more. How has the Internet inspired and galvanized this new breed of artists? Have online communities and media been too quick to label genres and movements? What does the future hold for the many strains of the R&B genre?

H∆SHTAG$ is a new series of mini-documentaries from the Red Bull Music Academy, chronicling some of the most fascinating themes emerging from the web in recent times, from #cloudrap to #seapunk, #postdubstep to #advancedpop.

It’s an interesting watch…take a look, and let us know what you think?

ThisisRnB’s List: Top 12 R&B Albums of 2012

What a year it’s been for R&B. As we began reflecting on all of 2012’s releases, we were reminded that, not only was this a huge year for the amount of R&B releases, but the genre is making a major comeback. In between the various styles and branches R&B has extended, there are multiple realms and sub-genres beginning to thrive. Within it’s own progression into Pop, or the music critics new favorite – Alt-R&B or Alt-Soul, there is an exciting, rising new class, who are bringing classic soul stylings and organically incorporating their own honest youth, and contemporary perspective.

This year was filled with comebacks from some R&B legends, and a few of it’s popular stars who were looking to make up for less than stellar previous releases. There were newcomers making very impressive debuts, and some outstanding sophomore releases. It’s always a labor of love making these lists, but after much debate and discussion, we are confident in the result. As the New Year is right around the corner, reflect on 2012’s best with our ‘Top 12 R&B Albums of 2012′ below…

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Bryan Michael Cox Addresses ’10 Gripes’ about R&B Music Today, Stands Up for Trey Songz & Ne-Yo

Anyone reading this site should know the name Bryan Michael Cox, for his work and achievements in R&B and music in general. It is clear that the majority of R&B fans are not happy with the status of the genre, between either the lack of love it receives in the mainstream space, or of the music itself. AOL’s The Boombox has taken a step in having a connected insider and professional offer his take on ’10 Gripes’ from fans and listeners.

R&B fans have one very valid argument: the genre has abandoned rhythm and blues for hip-hop and house. R&B does seem to have lost its endearing quality — trading stories of love and passion for some of the more tawdry elements of other music categories. Some supporters say that the issue is with specific artists while others dispute that R&B wholly needs a complete overhaul.

Whatever the issue, The BoomBox has compiled 10 gripes from folks and enlisted one of the genre’s most respected songwriters and producers, Bryan-Michael Cox, to address the increasingly pressing matters of R&B.

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After his exclusive UK listening session this past Thursday, Usher met up with British singer/songwriter/producer Labrinth, who has created hits for Tinie Tempah and Wretch 32, as well as his debut album “Electronic Earth,” which features the hit “Earthquake.” The duo linked up in the studio to work on a US/UK collab intended for Usher’s much-anticipated seventh studio album.

Earlier in the week, Ursh paid a visit to CaptialFM where he announced his up coming collaboration with the British singer/songwriter. “We actually haven’t finished this one, but I’m working with Labrinth and that is my big surprise for London,” Usher said. “I wanted to take a stab at his world … I can only imagine what me and Labrinth will do with this U.S. and U.K. connection.”

See another shot below.

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For all the mainstream / commercial R&B listeners and fans, this list is for you. As we stated below, when beginning our end of the year top albums list, we felt it best to break it down between two categories, R&B and Soul, and R&B would cover the more mainstream releases. As with all our lists, this is our personal opinion and not meant to be taken as end all be all. So, take a look at our list of the “Top 10 R&B Albums of 2011″ below, and let us know your opinion and your choices.

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It felt like 2011’s theme was ‘what is and what isn’t R&B,’ and what can we consider to label under these two letters. This discussion seemed to be happening every month, but it really fit under a much larger discussion of genre blending, mashing, mixing, and why we are forced to choose industry bred classifications in this era.  When attempting to begin the reviewing and discussions of what were the years top or best albums, we decided to stick to the basics and separate it into two lists –  “R&B” for the mainstream/commercial releases and “Soul” for well Soul/Neo-Soul and Urban AC releases. After the break is our “Top 10 Soul Albums of 2011.” As with all our lists, these are our personal opinions, not meant to be taken as end all be all.  So, take a look at the list below, and let us know your opinions and your choices.

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