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R.Kelly Calls Accusations “A Bunch Of Crap”

R.Kelly has finally spoken out, sorta.

Early Friday morning (July 28th), the R&B legend released a short video addressing the accusations that he is running a ‘sex cult’ with young women. The Grammy Award winner let his fans know that despite the controversy, he will be continuing his tour on the east coast.

In the clip, he says: “I just wanna let all my fans out there know that despite all the crap y’all hearing, I will be coming to the east coast to do my show. And believe me y’all it’s a bunch of crap, so I hope to see y’all there. I love y’all one.”

See the clip below.

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R. Kelly ‘Unequivocally Denies’ Cult Abuse Allegations

Following Monday’s report from BuzzFeed News, in which R. Kelly is accused of abusing women in a “cult,” the R&B legend has responded to the accusations.

“Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him,” said Kelly’s attorney, Linda Mensch (via Variety). “Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”

The BuzzFeed News report was written by Jim DeRogatis, who has long covered Kelly’s allegations of sexual misconduct. It features three former Kelly associates — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — speaking on the record about their experiences with the R&B star. “[Kelly] is a master of mind control,” said Mack, who used to be the singer’s personal assistant. “He is a puppet master.”

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WHAT!!! There is A New Report That Claims R. Kelly is Allegedly Holding Girls In A “Sexual Cult”

R. Kelly Cult

So, this is how we are starting our Monday?? REALLY??

Everyone is pretty much aware of R. Kelly’s controversial past. The allegations of his sexual exploits with underage females have been coming out for many years, and it well known that he married Aaliyah when she was only 15-years-old. However, he has never been convicted of a sexually related crime. But, there is a brand new report that surfaced online today (July 17) that has to take all the cake when it comes to allegations of Kellz being a sexual predator.

According to a story published by BuzzFeed, the R&B legend is being accused by former colleagues and several families of operating a “sex-cult” comprised of young women whose lives, they say, are totally controlled by the singer.

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New Music: Davido feat. R. Kelly – If (Remix)

Davido R. Kelly Remix

Nigerian star Davido is continuing the success of his hit single “If” with a surprise remix featuring R. Kelly that blends Afrobeat, R&B, and a little bit of crunk.

After Davido does his thing on the track, which features a brief Lil Jon vocal sample, the R&B King brings some raunchiness to the dance-ready single. “Would you come running for my needs on the double?” he sings. “Come and bail me out when a ni**a get in trouble / Give me that loving wherever we are / Po-po-po-poke in the back of my car.”

As his cameo continues, Kellz gets even more R-rated. “Baby, would you give me full control?” he asks. “Would you green light me, just let me go / I’ll give you sex never known before / Brace yourself, girl, ’cause I’m dangerous.”

Listen to R. Kelly put his twist on “If” below.

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New Music: Chris Brown & Tyga feat. R. Kelly – Trippin’ (Prod. by T-Town)

Chris Brown Tyga R. Kelly Trippin

Turn up the bounce! The good folks at T-Town Productions have gifted us a big surprise collabo, which previously wasn’t going to see the light of day.

The German production team worked on this record some years ago during the time when Chris Brown and Tyga were crafting their Fan of a Fan project. However, the rough cut of the track, which also features R&B King, R. Kelly, wasn’t chosen to be included on the album. And as it goes with many songs, they get put in the vault.

Fast forward to last month, and if you weren’t aware, a huge folder of unreleased Chris Brown songs and demos (46 tracks) was leaked online. Many of the records were very rough or unfinished, however some got attention among the internets and fan groups. When T-Town heard one of their songs was in the mix, they decided that since it found it’s way out, they would work on finishing it up and giving it a proper mix.

That they did, and with a thumping bounce with a heavy 808 that is primed for the club! Check out the surprise, unexpected collabo between Breezy, Kellz and Tyga below!

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PressPlay: 25 R&B Videos To Kick Off Summer

R&B Videos Summer

Summer is here and in case you were wondering, I’m just as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Though each season holds its own weight in my book, there’s just something about summer that can make anyone feel their best and want to shine every chance they can. While everyone has their different reasons for feeling so good when summer creeps around, we here at ThisIsRnB will always give some of the credit to our playlist of summer R&B songs for that overwhelming emotion that the season brings out of us.

Although today’s R&B artists can still deliver a solid feel good sound for summer (i.e. DJ Khaled’s Rihanna and Bryson Tiller-assisted “Wild Thoughts“), there’s no denying that the majority of the top summer vibes came from the ’90s and early 2000s. Likewise, those same artists were all about making videos to match that same vibe and as a result, turned each summer into the biggest party that we would experience all year-long. So as an ode to those tracks and inspiration to make the next few months the best of your year, we decided to set you up with a dope list of R&B videos that are sure to set your summer off proper.

Excited about letting the top back, pulling out the shawt shawts, and getting tipsy on the rooftop? Jump into these 25 nostalgic summer videos to hype you up for your first day out (no Gucci) this season.

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Listen: R. Kelly Remixes “Your Body’s Callin” (Previously Unreleased)

R. Kelly‘s talent is so amazing that he can remake his own hits into new hits. While the best example of this is probably “Ignition,” the R&B King actually had the inspiration to remix some of his favorite songs back in 2012. Working with his frequent collaborators T-Town Productions, Kellz began recording new versions of his classic songs, including the defining “Your Body’s Callin.”

Interestingly, that remix version–which has been labeled the 2015 remix–was leaked online over the weekend, and it’s dope! Along with the updated production, Kelly re-recorded the song with some new vocals as well, making for a whole new version of the bedroom classic, and we want to know why he didn’t release it!

“Body’s callin’ I’m there / Gonna satisfy ya I swear / Hit it from the back while I’m pullin on your hair / Come here, you ain’t goin nowhere,” sings Kellz.

We reached out to the producers of the remix, T-Town, and they told ThisisRnB, “It was around 2012 where he had this idea of doing some remakes of his classics like ‘Your Body’s Callin’ or ‘Fuckin You Tonight’ with BIG (which he wanted to use Rick Ross on) etc.. Touched by that retro vibe he also recorded the ‘Black Panties’ song, which in the end didn’t make it on the actual Black Panties album. All those are true gems and they got that real R. Kelly vibe that we all love. We did like over 30 unreleased songs with him as well as working on current new stuff, he is a working beast and King of R&B!”

Well, we can’t deny Kelly’s genius, and hopefully this version can get an official release in the future. In the meantime, take a listen to the new remixed version of “Your Body’s Callin” below!

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‘SOULQUARIUS’ Brings R&B Greats, Past & Present, to West Coast Fans!

When the flyer for the inaugural SOULQUARIUS Festival in Santa Ana, California dropped in late 2016, R&B lovers everywhere went crazy over the line-up of scheduled performers.  From throwback artists like Jon B. and DMX to current R&B tastemakers such as Ro James, Jhené Aiko, and BJ The Chicago Kid, there was no denying that this event was guaranteed to be a lituation.

Fear of getting rained out and continuous flooding from California’s big storm may have had most on edge but, that didn’t stop ticket holders from coming out in droves to get a taste of what their favorite performers have to offer. Of course, there were a few mishaps along the way (like any huge festival has during their opening year), but SOULQUARIUS — aside from its massive lineup — has plenty of reasons why it should be the R&B festival that you don’t want to miss from here on out.

Delivering a jammed packed mash-up of lovable R&B artists and a few of rap’s most influential, SOULQUARIUS made sure to leave festival enthusiasts with a need to get their coins up for next year.

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