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Watch: R. Kelly Sings His Life Story In 45 Minutes


Pull up a chair, get some popcorn and relish in all of Kellz!

In addition to his recent, telling, GQ story about his controversial past, R. Kelly gave the magazine a surprisingly long, detailed history of his life, in song.

While taking pictures for their feature, the R&B King was asked to sit in front of the camera and sing a few lines about his life. But instead, he delivered a 45-minute recap of his life through storytelling and singing. He recounts being shot while riding his bike as a kid, performing in front of McDonald’s, and his move to Venice Beach. In one memorable scene, Kellz is on the verge of tears describing his mother’s final moments.

“I said I promise you mama, no matter what, by any means necessary, I will be one of the best singers, songwriters this world has ever seen,” said an emotional Kellz. “I made my mom that promise, and I am still on a journey today to fulfill that promise.”

Watch R. Kelly share his joy and pain through song below.

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R. Kelly Opens Up About Childhood Abuse, Sexual Allegations, Aaliyah & More!


R. Kelly can’t escape his troubled past. Over seven years after he was acquitted in his child pornography case, the R&B icon still faces public accusations of sexual offenses with underage women. While he has evaded the tough questions in the past, he agreed to speak with GQ about his life without restrictions.

In his most candid interview yet, entitled “The Confessions of R. Kelly,” the 49-year-old discusses the abuse he suffered as a child, the sexual allegations, his secret relationship with Aaliyah, and sleeping in his own closet.

Kelly, who documented his life in his 2012 autobiography Soulacoaster, reveals that he was being sexually abused when he was around seven or eight (“It became a regular thing. Every other day, every other week”). But when asked if it was him in that infamous videotape, he refuses to answer (per his lawyers’ advice), and claims he doesn’t know who Dave Chappelle is (The Chicago comedian parodied Kelly in his “Piss on You” skit).

Plus, find out what he had to say about his not guilty verdict and Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations.

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R. Kelly Performs Medley on ‘Good Morning America’


R. Kelly caught all sorts of press for walking out of his HuffPost Live interview after becoming angry over questions about the past accusations of sexual conduct with minors.  Moving on from that promotional misstep in the campaign for his brand new album The Buffet, the R&B King appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ on Tuesday to give another noteworthy performance.

Hitting the indoor stage, Kellz performed a medley of the album’s feel-good single “Backyard Party,” trendy favorite “Ignition (Remix),” and classic “Bump & Grind.”  Always on point when the mic is in hand the veteran singer delivered for fans who only want to groove to the music.

Check out his performance below:

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R. Kelly Leaves HuffPost Live After Fielding Questions of Sexual Past


Anything for a Q4 headline I guess, but don’t get it wrong, us feeding into the story isn’t much better.  However, it’s news (sort of) and we are curious of your opinion.

In 2015 it’s odd to us that we they are still talking about this. Do other celebrities get held to the same level? Does Woody Allen?  The interviewer was certainly using a situation, which has been stomped to death well in the past, to create an awkward moment thus leading to an attention grabbing headline.  Doing her job you say? This job can be handled in multiple ways, but at what expense?

So, rewind-in case you have not yet heard-R. Kelly was a guest on HuffPost Live on Monday for a live interview in promotion of his brand new album The Buffet. Sitting down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, their chat started off nice and professional, but soon-and in a way that seemed well calculated-the questions reared to his past allegations of sexual activities with underage girls. Thus leading to Kelly walking off the show-and potentially making an even worse move by going to McDonald’s.

What started the situation was Modarressy-Tehrani asking him a question about a fan who was “conflicted” about supporting his music due to his nefarious past. “I say, ‘F— that,’” he said. “I say I have a lot of fans around the world that love R. Kelly and I’m glad they don’t feel the way she do.”

But when Kelly is pressed about his alleged sexual proclivities with minors, he becomes defensive, talking over the interviewer.

“What I’m gonna tell you is that I am going to sit here and talk to you like the beautiful woman you are and I’m going to talk to you with respect,” he said. “And I’m going to let you know that any other negative things that come out of your mouth, I’m gonna get up and I’m gonna walk out and I’m gonna go to McDonald’s, hopefully the McRib is out. Then I’m gonna go to Chicago, play some basketball, go to the studio and work on my next album.”

Really? The McRib?! Yep, that happened. But, Modarressy-Tehrani asked Kelly one more question and Kellz responded that he did not come on the show “to get interrogated” and called it a “deposition.” He then got up and left.

So, he agreed to sit-down and do this interview, but did his team talk to HuffPost prior? Was Kelly prepared for the questions to go left? It really doesn’t matter because artists know how the media can be with their agendas. Does the situation going either way help either party more than on the level of click-bait? Whatever… The Buffet is in stores now. Peep the interview/walk-off below… What do you think?

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Listen: R. Kelly Releases New Album ‘The Buffet’


After rumors and brief comments about the possibility of 5 different types of albums, R. Kelly has returned with The Buffet, his thirteenth studio album.

Lead by his summer jam “Backyard Party” and “Switch Up” featuring Lil Wayne and Jeremih, the 13-track album boast appearances from Jhené Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J, and Tinashe. The deluxe edition adds five tracks including the WizKid-assisted “I Just Want to Thank You.”

According to Kellz he recorded 462 songs for the project, which caters to his diverse fanbase. “You got hip-hop, you got old school music with the ‘Step in the Name of Love’ type music, ‘Happy People’ type of music, then you have traditional R. Kelly sensuous, sexual music,” he said of the follow-up to 2013’s Black Panties.

You can pick up The Buffet on iTunes now and stream it below via Spotify.

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New Music: R. Kelly feat. Tinashe – Let’s Be Real Now


The King of R&B is definitely back with a vengeance delivering another banger from his thirteenth studio album, The Buffet. With the LP due out this Friday, R. Kelly shares his anticipated new collabo with Tinashe, titled “Let’s Be Real Now.”

Every relationship goes through its up and downs but Kellz is here to let the lady in his life know that she is going to have to step it up in order for her to even come close to getting a ring. On the other hand, Tinashe is serving the heat right back by letting him know she is tired of the head games and that they both need to just keep it 100 about the way they feel.

“Tell me how can I trust you, when you still in contact with all of these guys / Do you really think I’m gon’ come home and lay in your bed full of lies / You just an actress, and this love just a scene / But you expect me to show up with a ring,” he sings.

The Buffet will hit stores and streaming services on Friday, December 11. Take a listen to Kellz and Tinashe go back and forth below:

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New Music: R. Kelly – Christmas Party


R. Kelly keeps the feel-good vibes going from the summer through the fall and into the holidays with a joyful remix to “Backyard Party,” appropriately titled “Christmas Party.”

Gathering around the tree the R&B King celebrates with friends and family, and of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without some mistletoe and good home-cooked food.

“I hear the ringing of the sleigh bells / Me and my baby under the mistletoe / Children listening, we’re reminiscing on old times, while drinking and playing dominoes,” he cheerfully sings.

Get in the holiday spirit with Kellz below, and stay tuned for his new album The Buffet, in stores on Friday, Dec. 11.

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List: The Best of November – Top 10 Records


Yes, yes we know…we’re a little late on getting you our best of list for the month of November, but with all the dope music to choose from we had a little trouble deciding who would make the cut. Or we’re just now waking up from our turkey coma… whichever scenario you want to believe.

As the year is almost to an end, it seems like everyone who’s anyone is trying to get that last round of good music to their fans. Whether it was through a new single, a mixtape, or an album, the month of November offered up some pretty great audio treats from some of your (and our) favorites. Whether it was the sounds of The Pied-Piper of R&B or the re-uniting of T-Pain & Plies, last month gave us turkey with a cool vibe on the side.

Looking for a way to stay warm? Grab some cocoa, press play, and turn up with the sounds of our “Best of November – Top 10 Records” list below!

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