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Video: Lloyd – Tru


R&B crooner Lloyd surprised fans everywhere this past May with the release of his introspective comeback song, “Tru.”  Today, the singer/songwriter premieres the anticipated music video.

After a lengthy hiatus to pursue his high school diploma and focus on his family, Lloyd is excited to share new music, and a new perspective with his fans.

“‘Tru’ is about being a fighter. It’s about speaking truthfully and honestly on your life and not shying away from your imperfections,” he told BET. “It’s really about embracing the idea that there’s never failure. There is only lessons to be learned and character to be built. I wanted to shed light on that and I wanted to go towards that light and not run away from it. I got with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, who produced the track and I wrote it with my good friend Shakespeare. It’s basically me bleeding my heart out to the music.”

And bleed his heart out he did on the soulful, confessional. “I lost it all,” Lloyd says on the intro of the song. “But in life there’s always a chance to grow from the struggle, from the pain, from the realness. Here’s my story.”

The Payne Lindsay-directed visual was shot on 8MM film in Atlanta, capturing Lloyd walking through neighborhoods, and posted up in an old country house while singing about life’s many complexities.

Watch the new visual below, and you can pick up the single on iTunes now.

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Watch: Lloyd Returns to Stage, Joined by Ashanti at Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash in Atlanta

Lloyd & Ashanti Birthday Bash

R&B crooner Lloyd is finally making his comeback this year. Following the release of his compelling, introspective new song “TRU,” the singer/songwriter returned to the stage at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta this past weekend.

While his appearance was a welcomed surprise for the crowd, Lloyd had his own special guest in store for them. It was a reunion when he brought out Ashanti to join him on their 2004 duet single “Southside.”

Following their performance, Lloyd posted a personal message about his history with Ashanti and the love he has for her.

“Before I dropped my first single, I was selling weed to my schoolmates, had a warrant out for my arrest, and even ended up in jail,” wrote Lloyd. “Then I took a trip to New York City, and was blessed by an Angel. I didn’t know then that my whole life would change, but it has and in the most unbelievable way. She would come by the studio when I wrote my first songs and make me feel as if I was the greatest. I see now how much of a head start I was given by having one of the worlds most talented female singers/songwriters alongside me as an introduction. How I love her so.. @ashanti #family.”

He also thanked the station for always showing him love and support. “When I first released the song ‘TRU,’ the first person to give me AirPlay without any major label backing was Hurricane Dave and @hot1079atl in my hometown. I could not have put it together better if I had planned for it, and that’s why this night was so special. It showed me the value in being a good person, cherishing your friends, and in letting The higher powers do the rest. Thank you to my fans who were there to show me love and give me the strength to continue my quest for what’s TRU in this life.”

Check out their surprise performance below!

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New Music: Lloyd – Tru


Oh Wow, look who’s back!!

After a much extended hiatus, R&B crooner Lloyd has finally returned for something special for our listening pleasure this Friday.  The singer-songwriter has been away from the scene for quite some time, although there have been a few leaks and random collaborations pop up, like “On Call” and “All I Need” in 2014, Lloyd hasn’t officially released his own new material since 2013’s “Twerk Off” and 2012’s ‘The Playboy Diaries‘ mixtape.

We can now gladly welcome young Lloyd back with the sexy new introspective single “Tru,” produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League.

“I lost it all,” Lloyd says on the intro of the song as he delves into why he’s been away for so long. “But in life there’s always a chance to grow from the struggle, from the pain, from the realness. Here’s my story.”

“This is me, so please accept me for who I am / Please accept me for what I do / I’m just doing everything that I can, ’cause all I want to be is true,” he sings.

Take a listen to his confessional below, and pick it up on iTunes now!

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New Music: Guy Furious feat. Lloyd – Closer


R&B crooner Lloyd is back…almost!

Joining forces with the “freak on the beats,” Guy Furious, the duo deliver a hot new track perfect for nights of partying, entitled “Closer”.

Not the typical R&B lane that we’re used to hearing from Lloyd, “Closer” will still have fans amped up for a hopeful return from the singer, that picks up where 2011’s King of Hearts left many wanting more.

Lloyd – who has a reputation for delivering solid R&B albums – has kept fans waiting long enough, and “Closer” will have them blowing up his mentions more than before in anticipation for his long awaited return.

Check out the new single below:

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21 R&B Videos from the 2000s To Get You Ready for Spring Love!


Ah, spring! The season where the weather is nice, the flowers start to bloom, and R&B songs reign supreme!

As the weather finally went from drab to fab in the blink of an eye, I couldn’t help but play one of my favorite songs dedicated to the spring: Stevie B’s 1988 hit-single “Spring Love”.  Now, in the midst of me bobbin’ my head while the wind blew through and hit my bad hair day chia pet hair, I realized that this is the season that is the precursor to the official choose up season (word to Eric B.). It is in the spring that you engage in the drafting to the choose up season…if you will. It is with spring that you start laying down the good talk game to secure your spot for the playoff season if you’re in the market to be traded or do the trading.

Of course though, we all know that R&B is literally the genre of love (and heartache, but we’ll save that for another list), so it was only right that we delivered a list of R&B songs/videos from the 2000s to get you ready for spring love! What better way to let the one you’re checkin’ for know that they’ve caught your eye then to play them a track from one of the best eras (I’m not here to let you debate me, so don’t try) of music ever made?

Jump into our list of “21 R&B Videos from The 2000’s to Get You Ready for Spring Love” below!

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New Music: Lloyd – Girl From The South

Lloyd Girl From The South

If you’ve been wondering when Lloyd was going to come back with some brand new music, we got something new for you to hear today.  Although this might be a previously unreleased record, it has been freed from the vault, and it certainly serves as a nice warmup for whatever he plans to drop next.

Titled “Girl From The South,” the R&B singer let’s us know what kind of chick he needs in his life over silky smooth production from GreyStone Park.

“I need a girl wit an auntie in ‘bama, who can understand my grammar / When I say what it do what it’s gon’ be, she know to bring it here and put it on me,” sings Lloyd.

Take a listen to the breezy joint below:

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Watch: Jhené Aiko Vacations with Childish Gambino in “Telegraph Ave” Video, Features Lloyd Song “Oakland”


Childish Gambino and Jhené Aiko continue their on-screen love affair in the cinematic music video for “Telegraph Ave.,” a R&B infused cut off his album Because the Internet.

The rapper and singer drive around a beautiful Hawaiian island while listening to a song by Lloyd called “Oakland.” They’re enjoying their tropical vacation until things take a dark turn.

While getting intimate with Jhené in the woods, Gambino is hit by a car and morphs into a sci-fi esque creature, who uses his mutated, octopus like tentacles to take care of his attackers, leaving an edge of your seat ending for Jhené.

Check out the stunning video below:

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Video: Lloyd – Do It Again (Unreleased)


Well, this is random.

Do you remember the song “Do It Again” by Lloyd? It was released as a UK/Euro single in early 2012, which coincided with a European tour that he was doing at that time.

The Streetlove-produced uptempo sampled the classic Top Gun song “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin, and now fans can see the previously unreleased music video, which fits the same theme.

After over two and a half years the video has found it’s way online. Lloyd fights for his country and his love in the cinematic visual, shot at an airbase in the desert.

Check it out below!

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