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New Music: Kevin Cossom – Grey Area (EP)


Well look at God.

While I would love to tell you that I truly care if you were waiting on a new project from singer-songwriter Kevin Cossom, me waiting on a follow-up to 2012’s Hook Vs. Bridge 2 is enough to serve as a good means to this post.

Releasing his new project titled Grey Area, the talented artist delivers 7-tracks to serve as a quick fix of musical enjoyment. Featuring the previously released track “Always But Never,” the EP has the typical material that one can expect from KC.

Although the tracks on this project showcase where he is currently as a musician, which may indeed be in a grey area, I can’t help but hope that another dose of Hook Vs. Bridge makes its way to us soon and supplies us with more than just a tease of what he’s creating.

Take a step into the Grey Area below!

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New Music: Kevin Cossom – Always But Never


Kevin Cossom is back with another one.

Giving us a gift to enjoy (not a new installment of Hook Vs. Bridge , unfortunately) for Christmas, the talented singer-songwriter delivered a new track by the name of “Always But Never.”

Singing out, “Always but never / Always but never / Always want a good time, but I never wanna settle,” KC opens up about feeling locked up in his head. Although we haven’t heard a full project from Kevin in quite some time, be on the lookout for the release of his Far From Home project very soon.

Take a listen to “Always But Never” next!

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New Music: Kevin Cossom – Prove Nothin’


Singer-songwriter Kevin Cossom is slowly delivering tracks for us to dive into.

While there has really been no word on his next project, we’re hoping that it’s coming soon. Holding out on fans since the release of 2012’s Hook Vs. Bridge 2, the talented crooner has delivered a few tracks here and there, but nothing has seemed to give us a filling like the aforementioned and its initial installment, Hook Vs. Bridge. Perhaps because we’re waiting on another full project to hit us at once?

Well anyway! KC has decided to drop a new track titled “Prove Nothin,” to let everyone know that there’s nothing he really has to prove to anyone. Singing out, “F*ck these n*ggas, I ain’t gotta prove nothin’ / N*ggas talk like b*tches, neva do nothin,” we’re hoping Kev is setting us up for the big release next.

Take a listen below:

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New Music: Kevin Cossom – Must Be Love + Doing Everything

Kevin Cossom Must Be Love

Kevin Cossom is finally sharing new music for fans and new listeners. The singer/songwriter has been back working behind the scenes for some time, but it appears KC is now prepping for the release of a new project.

After releasing two new songs last week, the Florida native returns with two more! The first, “Must Be Love,” is a tender, slow burner where he opens up to love, admitting he has fallen hard, and is willing to fight to keep it together.

“Baby come closer, closer / Only you can feel this empty heart / We’ve come to far to say that it’s over,” he sings.

On the second, “Doing Everything,” Kevin picks up the tempo and autotune a little, as he continues to sing about keeping a relationship in tack. “If I could have anything in this world, it would be you,” he sings over the Ben Billions production.

Take a listen to both below:

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New Music: Kevin Cossom – No Mo’ + Stressed Out


Could it be a new full release from Kevin Cossom is right around the corner? We can only hope!

Taking to his official Soundcloud to release two new joints, KC is making sure his re-arrival on the scene is well worth the wait. Titled “Stressed Out” and “No Mo,” the singer-songwriter keeps with his traditional record of making us anticipate what he’s planning to deliver as a full project.

While “Stressed Out” has him speaking of how love and these girls will have you stressed out, “No Mo” has him telling his old flame that he’s moving on from a love that once was.

Both solid releases from Kevin, we’re hoping that he doesn’t have us wait too long for a follow-up to 2012’s Hook vs. Bridge 2, which if his hints are anything to go by, will be titled HNY.

Get into the new singles below:

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New Music: Kevin Cossom – Tell Me Something


Another new track from R&B crooner Kevin Cossom could mean nothing other than an extension of his Hook Vs. Bridge series. Well, at least we hope.

Sharing a new song by the name of “Tell Me Something,” the talented singer-songwriter drops a little game that we all could take from. Singing out, “Did you know you set the bar right now? Are you happy where you are right now?”

KC always has a way of telling a lyric story that makes you feel like he’s talking right to you or your situation. And of course, this one is no different.

Take a listen below!

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New Music: Kevin Cossom feat. Ace Hood – FTOB

Kevin Cossom FTOB

Well look at God creating blessings on this good Saturday afternoon!

While we’ve been anticipating a new full project from Florida native Kevin Cossom, we’ve kinda been left hanging. With the exception of his single “Mind Eraser” and his spin to Rocko’s 2013 hit “U.O.E.N.O,” the singer hasn’t put out his own material since the release of his 2012 mixtape Hook vs. Bridge II.

Two years later, fans of the singer-songwriter can breathe easy. Dropping a brand new single titled “#FTOB” featuring fellow Floridian Ace Hood, KC is back with a vengeance. Serving as the inaugural single to his bi-weekly release of new singles and videos, “FTOB” is a great start to what we hope to be part three to his Hook Vs. Bridge journey.

Over a mellow synth production by T-Minus, KC bluntly acknowledges how much he loves his girl, so much so that no other females will be getting any of his attention.

“I just want you, f*ck them other b*tches, f*ck them other b*tches for real,” he softly sings. While Ace Hood also admits to being completely satisfied in his current relationship. Not something we hear much these days from our young R&B cats. If the track sounds familiar to you, it was also used by Eric Bellinger on his breakout mixtape ‘Born II Sing Vol. III.’

Take a listen to Kevin’s new single below:

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New Music: Kevin Cossom – Mind Eraser

Kevin Cossom Mind Eraser 500x500

Kevin Cossom is back. Love can be like a drug, and the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter knows its power of addiction on his brand new single “Mind Eraser.”

KC is ready to give anything and everything to the object of his desire on the catchy, melodic record.

“Could be drugs, could be drink, could be me, could be me/ I could be the one to make you forget about everything,” sings the Florida native.

Get lost in Kevin’s brand new song below!

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