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List: The Best of June – Top 12 Records


The first month of summer gave us some real heat and its the kind we won’t complain about! From new artists to a few coming out of hiding, we’ve been overwhelmed with the sounds that have been pouring through our speakers.

Most notably from the releases was the return of Janet Jackson with her new single “No Sleeep,” but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some tough competition for the legendary songstress. Veteran singer Ginuwine made a solo appearance in the month of June and many newcomers spread their wings to soar right on the list too. From Ginette Claudette’s heavenly tunes to the debut of The Artizonals, June turned out to be a pretty dope month musically.

If you know us well enough, you know we’d never steer you wrong.  So, take a seat and get ready to find your new favorite song with our “Best of June – Top 12 Records” below:
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New Music: Ginette Claudette – Saving Sunday

Ginette Claudette Saving Sunday

Rising singer/songwriter Ginette Claudette teams up with buzzing producer Swagg R’Celious for the summery new tune “Saving Sunday.” The NYC native paints the scene for a weekend love affair as she dedicates herself to the man of her dreams over the head bobbin’ production.

“I’m saving Sunday for you / Music all through the house / I got your breakfast right there, and nothing under my blouse,” she sings.

Ginette continues to impress with her latest releases, prior to the new single, she released the free EP ‘All The Way Back.’

Take a listen to her sweet new joint below:

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Video: Ginette Claudette – All The Way Back


Hot on the heels of the release of her stellar new EP ‘All The Way Back,’ rising singer/songwriter Ginette Claudette brings fans another visual from the project, for the title track.

Opening the video getting some new ink, Ginette delivers an emotional performance as she tries her best to control herself from an irresistible lover.

“I fall back in love, everyday / I can’t get enough, I always want you to stay / I fall back in love with you everyday,” she sings.

Check out her latest video below, and hear the EP here.

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New Music: Ginette Claudette – All The Way Back (EP)

Ginette Claudette All The Way Back

NYC native Ginette Claudette is wasting no time giving listeners something new to vibe out to.  The indie singer/songwriter released her debut album, Tainted Emotions, last year, and after a successful international campaign she is back with a brand new EP!

Titled, ‘All The Way Back,’ the project has been lead by the catchy single “Jump,” and features 6 original songs with production by her frequent collaborator August Rigo and his new duo The EGOs, along with DJ Marley Waters and ItsKeyzBaby.

Her debut album brought forth plenty of emotions but she still had more to get off her chest. “Coming off of Tainted Emotions was hard because I felt like I gave that project everything I had at the moment and I felt a little spent,” she told our friends at RnBass. “I still had so much more to say but I didn’t know how and then (just like with Tainted Emotions) a light switch went off and I started to write, write about everything, every little emotion I was feeling and the project began to be conceived.”

Ginette will be performing the EP at spot dates this spring. Take a listen to her new project below!

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Video: Ginette Claudette – ‘Jump’


Ginette Claudette dived into the New Year with her pop friendly new single “Jump,” and now she shares the official music video.

Set in late fall / early winter scenery the NYC native delivers the love-filled ballad while embracing the warmth of a fur wrap.

“If I jump, will you jump? / Cause I’m ready to give it all if you are / If I jump and you jump, we’ll be swimming together out here, no matter the weather I’m here,” Ginette softly sings.

Check out her brand new video below:

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New Music: Ginette Claudette – Jump

Ginette Claudette Jump

Singer/songwriter Ginette Claudette dives into the New Year with a brand new single for her growing fan base to enjoy.  After a successful 2014, which saw the release of her debut album Tainted Emotions, the NYC native comes back strong with the Pop friendly ballad “Jump.”

Ginette is falling hard in love but before she takes the full plunge she needs to know that her guy feels the same way on the smooth love song, produced by Polo Crew, August Rigo & Deetenn.

“If I jump, will you jump? / Cause I’m ready to give it all if you are / If I jump and you jump, we’ll be swimming together out here, no matter the weather I’m here,” Ginette softly sings.

A strong start to 2015 for the burgeoning singer. Take a listen below:

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New Music: Ginette Claudette – LMK

Ginette Claudette LMK-t500x500

NYC songstress Ginette Claudette has returned with something new for listeners. Following her acclaimed debut album Tainted Emotions, the singer/songwriter releases the melodically smooth, simply titled “LMK.”

Choosing to abbreviate the phrase ‘let me know,’ Ginette sets a mellow but stern tone as she rides the track with her gracefully soft vocals, asking her lover to be open and forthright with her.

“I’m not being impatient, I just want you to know that I’m ready / But if you think that I’ll be waiting, I’ll walk right out the door if you let me,” she sings.

Take a listen below:

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Ginette Claudette Covers Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions”


NYC songstress Ginette Claudette released her debut album Tainted Emotions independently earlier this year. Now, the singer/songwriter gives her fans and followers a little treat with a visual for her remix of Nicki Minaj’s buzzing single “Pills N Potions.”

Standing against a wood background Ginette delivers her cover of the soft Pop song, as visual effects add additional emotion to the green and orange themed visual.

Check it out below:

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