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New Music: Elijah Blake – Black & Blue

Elijah Blake has returned with an infectious dose of modern sexual healing.

The R&B singer/songwriter quietly dropped a brand new single on Friday (May 5), entitled “Black and Blue,” and he’s borrowing inspiration from Marvin Gaye’s late night anthem to help bring some good lovin’ back.

Over a lush synth bed and thick bassline, Elijah coos out with admiration to the woman of his dreams, assuring her that she is perfect in every way.

“Baby, I want your simple and your crazy / No I’m not the type to try to tame it / Just when you think you’re at your worst / I’m giving you my best,” he sings. “I think your flaws bring out your greatness / I don’t know who I was before / But love don’t mean a thing without you.”

This one is for the lovers who still believe in that popcorn movie retro romance.  Elijah Blake is currently working on his sophomore album, the follow-up to 2015’s Shadows & Diamonds.

#PressPlay below:

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New Music: Elijah Blake – Some Kinda Way

Singer/songwriter Elijah Blake got in on the V-Day fun yesterday with the release of his first new song of the year – “Some Kinda Way.”

Blake continues to show why he remains one of today’s most underrated talents on the commanding love song.

Over the piano led instrumental, Elijah gets all caught up in his feels over a relationship turning from friendship to a more intimate love. “When you put your hands on mine / Ooh you make me feel some kinda way / Is it love? / Said I don’t know, if it’s love,” he sings.

Most recently Blake has been working heavy with Keyshia Cole on her forthcoming album. Take a listen to his new song below.

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Video: Elijah Blake – Forget You


Elijah Blake began the year with his Blueberry Vapors EP, and it looks like he intends to end the year in the same way. The singer-songwriter released the project in early January; and while he’s mostly dropped sporadic visuals here and there over the course of 2016, Blake had debuted a video for Vapors‘ stand out cut, “Forget You,” today.

With Sean Alexander directing, the visuals for “Forget You” depicts Elijah Blake as a stranger in a foreign land. It takes place in an Asian country, Blake the sole Black face present in an almost ninja-like all Black outfit. He mostly observes, his intense stare either peering up from the shadows or peeking out of the windows of a telephone booth. But, the six-minute clip isn’t just about Blake’s haunting vocals: it’s about taking the viewer on a journey, immersing them in the bustling city, the beautiful countryside, the incredibly flexible yogi, and more. Fitting, then, that there are so many unforgettable images in Blake’s “Forget You” video.

Watch the video for “Forget You” below. Blake’s Blueberry Vapors EP can still be downloaded for free here.

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Video: Elijah Blake – Abide


Singer/songwriter Elijah Blake has been kind of quiet this year. After releasing his latest mixtape ‘Blueberry Vapors‘ at the top of 2016, he returned in the spring with the single/video “Whatever Happened.”

Since then, Blake hasn’t given fans anything new until today, with the premiere of a video for the mixtape’s opening song “Abide.”

Elijah travels to the desert in the dance-inspired visuals, featuring some romantic choreographed routines between the singer and his female co-star. Attempting to patch up a fading relationship, Blake lets an ex lover know he’s willing to give it one more try.

“Goodnight, if you let go then I’ll abide / It don’t feel right, but I’m strong enough to lose the fight / ‘Cause your heart don’t make no kind of sense when you’ve made up your mind,” he sings.

Check out the video below.

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Video: Elijah Blake – Whatever Happened


Elijah Blake is back with another banger!

Returning today with the visuals for his current single, “Whatever Happened,” the singer/songwriter reminisces about a past relationship full of lost potential while he sings on a canoe in the middle of a river!

During the verses of the song, we’re shown images of the girl he’s singing about while she smokes, drinks, and parties with him and her friends during a crazy weekend at SXSW. The images of the infamous festival in Austin, TX are characteristically blurry to mimic his memory of the relationship, and provide a sense of nostalgia that seems to be associated with the drug and alcohol filled weekend.

As Blake questions “Whatever happened” of the relationship that blossomed out of the paradise that is Austin, the video gives us an inside look into the street culture of SXSW. He promises that if he had the chance, “I was ’bout to pull you out that dorm and put you up in a suite/ It could have happened.” In the end, when we see him in a series of shots alone, he sings, “Tried to show you love but I guess that’s some sh*t that you just can’t teach back.” All he can do is wonder what would have happened if she would have let him love her.

Check out Elijah’s new video below, and if you haven’t heard it yet, check out his recent mixtape Blueberry Vapors here.

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Listen: Elijah Blake Releases New EP ‘Blueberry Vapors’


Following last summers release of his debut album Shadows & Diamonds, accomplished singer-songwriter Elijah Blake kicks off 2016 with the surprise EP, Blueberry Vapors.  The 10-track project was conceived, produced, recorded, and mixed in 10 days during November 2015. Collaboratively produced by Djemba Djemba, Mr. Carmack, DJ Camper, Ryan Tedder, Tec Beatz, Illangelo and more, the surprise project was visualized and crafted with the sole intention of making honest music.

“This project was done over the span of two weeks at No I.D.’s studio on sunset,” Blake told HNHH. “Me and Djemba Djemba were just brainstorming on what music would be like if it went back to pure honesty and feeling. Not overthinking about the ‘radio record,’ the current tempo of other singles, etc. So we did… The coolest thing was watching these creatives who were all respected in their own right leave the ego at the door and collaborate freely in the name of music. They say some of us see music in color so when all was said and done, ‘Blueberry Vapors’ was the most appropriate title for the mood, tone, color, and texture I feel this project conveys.”

Accompanied by a website and documentary that details the development of Blueberry Vapors, the project puts Blake back in the zone that he’s known to bring listeners. “You’re not that. You’re much bigger – you know what I’m saying? You’re much bigger than that sh*t, bro. We can f*ck around all day and get in there and do this lil’ – you know – kinda trap urban sh*t, but that ain’t you. This sh*t right here that you just played is you,” the documentary starts off as Elijah is in the studio.

Take a listen to the project and watch the documentary below:

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Video: Elijah Blake – Fading


Singer/songwriter Elijah Blake has returned with another visual off his debut album Shadows & Diamonds. Following the release of the “Everyday” video at the top of the month, Blake unveils a visual for another standout off the album, “Fading.”

Performing in what looks like a deserted concrete road ramp Elijah sings about a lost young girl who looks to fill an emptiness in her heart with hard drugs. Scenes of said girl are interspersed throughout.

“She sleeps with that purple by her side, now she’s seeing strobe lights / Last man did her wrong and he left her by herself,” he sings.

Check out the video below:

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Video: Elijah Blake – Everyday


It’s been a few months since Elijah Blake unveiled his debut album Shadows & Diamonds, but now the R&B singer/songwriter returns with a single shot style music video for the rousing track “Everyday.”

Filmed on a neighborhood block in Harlem, Blake walks through the street greeting various passersby as he sings about loyalty in friendship.

“I miss choreography in videos, I miss the nostalgia I used to feel when watching early Ginuwine, Usher, and Aaliyah videos,” he told The Fader. “This is why it was so key to infuse some of those elements into this song’s visual.”

Check out the dance-heavy video below:

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