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Louis York Use Art To Promote Social Issues with “Nerds” Video


Louis York (a.k.a. Chuck Harmony & Claude Kelly) continue to use their art to promote social issues featured in today’s headlines, as they release the official video for their song, “Nerds.” The track, which was featured on their debut EP, Masterpiece Theater-Act I, kicks off as a self-esteem-boosting ’80s rock/power ballad, and delves into a politically thought-provoking anthem that questions the ways of the world.

“Nerds isn’t just a song, it’s a call to action. We had to make sure the visual was equally as powerful,” says lead singer Claude Kelly. “We all feel a little nerdy at times and it helps to have a song that reminds you that you are okay being who you are. Standing up for what you believe in can be scary and this video let’s all the weirdos know that we are right there with them, wondering if we’re making our heroes proud and trying to figure out how to be better for ourselves and the world.”

Chuck Harmony adds, “We are actively trying to establish ourselves as intelligent musicians who can approach art creation in a way that’s not only commercially viable but that can also serve as a voice that speaks to the cares and concerns facing humanity.”

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Exclusive: Louis York Perform Acoustic Set for ThisisRnB Sessions

Often times, reaching a certain level of mainstream success in the music industry means you will encounter many individuals who have motives that are primarily business driven. These situations can lead those with power to persuade an artist to attempt to recreate a past success or follow certain trends, in effect constraining their creativity and artistry.

Grammy Award winning collaborators Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony experienced such issues often in their storied careers, which included working with everyone from Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson to Rihanna and Bruno Mars, and collectively selling over 25 million records.

In 2014, after becoming fed up with constant requests to create “hit singles,” Claude and Chuck decided to experiment together creating the most authentic, truthful songs that just came naturally. The result inspired them to take the risk of stepping out of the studio and into the spotlight as a new duo — Louis York.

Named after their respective hometowns (New York & St. Louis), the duo released their first EP, Masterpiece Theater: Act 1, led by the single “Clair Huxtable,” in 2015.

After a successful introduction, Kelly and Harmony took their project even further by forming an independent company called Weirdo Workshop, where they would work with other artists who were looking for creative freedom. In the fall of 2016, Louis York returned with their sophomore EP, Masterpiece Theater: Act II, led by the single “Don’t Play.”

As strong supporters of Claude and Chuck’s work separately and together, we were excited to catch up with them earlier this month for a special ThisisRnB Sessions performance in Brooklyn.

During the raw, acoustic set, Louis York showcased their authentic artistry and outstanding song writing talents, performing their songs “Hipsters,” “Things I Should’ve Said,” and “Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes.”

Check out the full performance below!

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Listen: Louis York Premiere New Single “Don’t Play”


Hitmaking duo Louis York — made up of singer/songwriter Claude Kelly and producer Chuck Harmony — are getting serious on their brand new single “Don’t Play.”

After captivating listeners in 2015 with their debut project Masterpiece Theater – Act 1, led by the female ode “Claire Huxtable,” the duo are making their surprise comeback.

Always looking to push the envelope with their own music, Louis York step into the dance world with the rhythmic new single, which gives us Chicago House vibes. Over a pulsating beat, Kelly sings to an ex-lover who has come back into his life at the perfect time for an intimate reunion.

“I wasn’t looking for trouble, but here you are anyway / It’s a welcomed distraction / Cuz my mind could use a holiday,” he sings.

“Don’t Play” is the first single off their forthcoming EP Masterpiece Theater – Act II, which is due out November 18.

Take a listen below.

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Exclusive: Louis York Announce New Music, Praise Toni Braxton


Live from the red carpet of the 2016 BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards on Sept. 1, ThisisRnB’s Ni’Kesia Pannell caught up with duo Louis York–made up of singer/songwriter Claude Kelly and producer Chuck Harmony.

During their chat the duo revealed that they have new music on the way (due out Sept. 23), and it’s “bigger and badder” than their previous releases, such as the critically acclaimed single “Clair Huxtable.”

Claude and Chuck also talked about the other artists they are writing and producing for, including K. Michelle, Ella Henderson, and James Blunt. They also gave major praise to the honoree of the night, Toni Braxton, who received the BMI President’s Award.

“She’s the truth,” said Claude. “One of my favorites, personally, and just in the business, she’s one of the best.”

Check out the interview clip below.

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Listen: Louis York Release Debut EP ‘Masterpiece Theater (Act 1)’

Louis York Act 1

If you’re a regular here, you should be somewhat familiar with who Louis York is, however if you are not, the burgeoning duo consists of hitmakers Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony. Together they have worked with a veritable who’s who of pop and R&B music over the past decade or so. Now stepping out from behind the boards with a sound and style all of their own, they have finally released their first EP, Masterpiece Theater (Act I), via their independent imprint Weirdo Workshop.

The music that became the project and formation of the group was built primarily out of varying frustrations they shared with industry standards and categorizing. When asked how their own music differs from the material they produce for other artists, Claude says it’s “even more potent.”

“Masterpiece Theater Act 1 is different from anything you’ve heard from us before because it’s the first time people will truly be hearing our music from our point of view,” Kelly tells Billboard. “People have gotten pieces of us through the lenses of amazing artists like Rihanna, Bruno and Miley. This time around we’re serving you the sound of the weirdos behind your favorites.”

In regards to the unique name for the EP, Harmony shared that the name didn’t even exist until the last day of recording the project.

“We had no idea what this should be called until the last day of recording,” says Chuck. “After listening back and experiencing the music’s dramatic twists and turns, the only thing that came to mind was ‘theater.’ Excellence is always our goal, so Masterpiece Theater reflects that feeling.”

You can stream Masterpiece Theater (Act 1) in full below, and if you are feeling it pick it up on iTunes now.

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Premiere: Louis York Perform “Sorbet” on ‘At: Guitar Center’ Live Series

louis york guitar center

Louis York – the duo made up of singer/songwriter Claude Kelly and producer/musician Chuck Harmony – are prepping for the release of their debut EP ‘Masterpiece Theater – Act 1,’ and they have been giving performances on both coasts including New York and Los Angeles.

Recently teaming up with Guitar Center for their live performance series ‘At: Guitar Center‘ the fellas stopped by the Guitar Center Hollywood vintage room and performed a special version of their new song “Sorbet.”

“We call it ‘Sorbet’ because it’s kinda like cleansing the pallet before you get to the second half of the music we did,” explained Claude about the song. “It’s that little elegant, classy, jazzy, but very very current break in the middle of the music.”

Seated at the keys, Claude brought the jazzy element to life with his subtle touch, while Claude added a bit of rawness crooning to the delight of a muse.

Check out their performance video below:

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Watch: Louis York (Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony) Perform “Clair Huxtable” Live in NYC

Louis York Clair Huxtable Performance

Louis York, the new duo featuring multi-Grammy-nominated songwriter Claude Kelly and acclaimed producer Chuck Harmony, held a special private industry showcase on June 3 in New York City.

Claude and Chuck, who are known for their work with people like Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Mary J. Blige (to name but a few), have not only come forward as artists in their own right, but they’ve also formed their own label, WEIRDO WORKSHOP, and have signed and developed three acts, all of whom they officially introduced with individual performances.

The large crowd was anxious to see and hear all the artists (as were we), including more of Louis York’s own music. The evening was a definite success, and we can’t wait to hear the studio releases from all the acts, especially female R&B trio The Shindellas, who is led by singer/songwriter RaVaughn.

As expected Claude Kelly closed his set with the groups buzz-worthy lead single “Clair Huxtable,” opening the song with an explanation behind their inspiration, and delivering a stellar live performance. Check out our footage below, and stay tuned for much more music coming soon.

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Contest: Win A Pair of Tickets to See Louis York in NYC on June 3!


Louis York, the new duo featuring multi-Grammy-nominated songwriter Claude Kelly and acclaimed producer Chuck Harmony, are having a special event on June 3 in New York City and we’re giving away tickets to five lucky winners and their guests!

See info and details below:

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