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Brandy Dazzles In ‘UPTOWN’ Magazine Shoot


If you were one of the people who didn’t notice Brandy on the subways of New York recently, we hope these new shots will grab your attention.

Shutting down the cover of UPTOWN Magazine, the famed singer and actress looked absolutely stunning as she posed in her Midtown Manhattan suite. Tilted, “Brandy Norwood: An Icon Rises,” the article highlights Brandy’s 20 year tenure within the industry and how she continues to remain relevant.

Stating, “I don’t view myself as a celebrity. It’s all about the intention. It’s not about me. I thought that it was before. But, now I know that it is about other people. Who else could it be about?” the singer exposed to the famed publication that having the status of a celebrity is not all that important to her.

Also discussing her role as Roxie in the Broadway hit musical Chicago, who she considers to really be a star, and her connection to the late Whitney Houston, Brandy’s transparency was noted in this interview.

To read the interview in full, click here and check out photos from the shoot below.

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Brandy Sings ‘The Wiz’ Song on NYC Subway, But No One Notices


Brandy has been getting her taste of the New York lifestyle, while living in the city for her role on Broadway’s ‘CHICAGO.’  Taking the subway to 50th and Broadway, the R&B star — in disguise — sang “Home” from The Wiz, but no one noticed who she was, and like most, no one paid her much attention.

“What y’all thought of that?” she asked jokingly to those close to her. “Y’all thought that was cool? Hello? Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares?”

Subway riders, still unaware it’s Brandy, didn’t respond. “People in New York are very rude. I just sang from the heart… and nobody on the train responded,” she continued to joke.

She then asked a guy what he thought specifically. His response was pretty on the mark and genuine: “You’re supposed to go out there and say ‘hey’ to the people. You’re too into yourself.” Brandy agreed, seeing that she was in a corner of the subway car, and singing to herself and the cameraman.

“This is an important city ready to embrace you. Go for it. We’ve seen this a million times. You have to do something different,” he continued.

Watch her secret moment below!

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Brandy Hits ‘Wendy,’ Talks ‘Chicago,’ Love Life, And ‘Zoë Moon’


Veteran songstress Brandy Norwood is making her promo runs and she’s more than excited to do it.

Stopping by the Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday morning, the Grammy-winning singer and actress was all smiles as she sat down with the queen of drama. Taking the time to discuss her current stint on Broadway, her former engagement and if she’s currently looking for love again, and her new scripted comedy on BET, the mother of one was super anxious to tell the crowd about everything she’s been working on.

Catch her candid interview and a performance of “Roxie” below:

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Brandy Talks BET Show ‘Zoë Moon,’ ‘Chicago,’ New Album, And Book


If you thought R&B songstress Brandy was busy before, she’ll really have you turning heads with all the things she has lined up that are coming soon!

While the news broke of her upcoming BET sitcom Zoë Moon, nothing more than a logline for the new show was offered. That was until now. Revealing to True Exclusives that the show should be arriving in 2016, the singer-actress also revealed that she has so much more in store for fans to enjoy.

Briefly discussing her two month run on the Broadway musical Chicago, the singer turned on the same charm that was sure to land her the role as Roxie for the famed spectacle. Brandy also mentioned that the album will come soon thereafter her June return from the musical and gave word about a book that is in the works.

Catch the info below:

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Brandy Takes ‘Chicago’ To ‘Today Show’ With Live Performance of “Roxie”


Brandy is ready for ‘Chicago‘ and she’s here to give you a little preview!

Taking to the ‘TODAY’ show on Wednesday morning, the singer/actress gave onlookers a quick look at what they can expect if they’re heading to see her on stage later this month.

Nabbing the part as Roxie Hart in the stage adaptation of the famed musical ‘Chicago,’ Brandy is ready to rock and roll! Performing the song “Roxie” with her cast members, the singer pulled out the vocal stops and kept fans rocking right along with her impression of the foxy Ms. Roxie.

Can’t catch the musical during its run? Don’t worry, you can catch B-Rocka on BET in the new scripted television show ‘Zoë Moon,’ set to hit your screens soon.

Until then, watch Brandy perform “Roxie” below!

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Brandy, Kelly Rowland Nab New Shows on BET


Roll out the red carpets ladies and gents! Brandy and Kelly Rowland are coming to a TV screen near you!

As much as we would like this to be a joint venture between the two R&B songbirds, BET has announced today that the two BFF’s and singers will be receiving their own separate shows when the network reveals it’s new line-up.

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Watch Brandy Rehearse for Role as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway


R&B starlet Brandy is getting ready to storm Broadway for the first time, starring as Roxie Hart in CHICAGO.

Kicking off on April 28 the award winning singer/actress will play an 8-week limited engagement at the Ambassador Theatre in NYC through Sunday, June 21.

Hot 97 was recently invited to an private rehearsal for certain members of the press and was allowed to share a few minutes of various routines. Looking every bit ready for the part, Brandy ran through song and dance numbers from the show, and talked about preparing for the rigorous performance.

“One of the most challenging things was [just] deciding to do it,” she says. “8 shows a week, so to make that decision and make that kind of commitment was really scary, but I said, ‘God put it in front of me, it must be meant for me to do’.”

In addition to her upcoming role, Brandy revealed that she would like Keke Palmer to play her if a biopic was every going to come out, and if she had to choose an actor to be her love interest in CHICAGO it would be Michael B. Jordan.

Check out her rehearsal and interview about the role below:

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First Look : Brandy as Roxie Hart for ‘Chicago’ on Broadway


As previously reported, R&B starlet Brandy is getting ready to storm Broadway for the first time, starring as Roxie Hart in CHICAGO.

Kicking off on April 28 the award winning singer/actress will play an 8-week limited engagement at the Ambassador Theatre in NYC through Sunday, June 21.

Brandy has now given fans an early look at her transformation into Roxie with a new interview on the role for Vanity Fair.

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