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New Music: Bobby V – Curvin Ya Girl

Valentino is back.

Bobby V has been releasing some under the radar music most recently, including his 2016 album Hollywood Hearts, but today (Apr. 14) the R&B crooner returns with a brand new song titled, “Curvin Ya Girl.”

Over an infectious production by Mike Shaw, Bobby sings about the player lifestyle and attracting another man’s girl in the club.

“I just got your girl over here with me / She touchin’ and she squeezin’ and she feelin’ on me / Taking pictures on her phone / She want me to take her home,” he sings.

Bobby may enjoy having some fun in the club and at the party, but will he hit ‘accept’ or ‘curve’ when it’s time to go back to the crib?

Check out his new track below.

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Video: Bobby V – Big Booty Judy

Bobby V has returned with something NSFW on your Friday.

The R&B crooner heads to Miami Beach for a sexy summery visual for his song “Big Booty Judy,” where the cameras catch Bob and his curvy co-star showcaseing her ass-ets by the ocean.

Male passerbys stop in their tracks when they get a sight of Judy, as they go from the beach to the bedroom. Getting close in their hotel room, Bobby sings, “Tell me if you’re down, wanna hear the sound / She make me say her name – Big Booty Judy / Do somethin’ to me.”

In addition to “Big Booty Judy,” which is off Bobby’s 2016 album Hollywood Hearts, the singer/songwriter released a sultry new song titled “u down?” last week.

Check out both below.

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Bobby V Talks New Album and ‘Hollywood Hearts’ Film with ‘The Breakfast Club’


Bobby V is about to re-invent himself, again, and the “The Breakfast Club” got the first scoop on it all.

It’s been a while since the Atlanta singer released a new project, about 3 years to be exact, and now he’s back with ‘Hollywood Hearts.’ From his conversation with Charlemagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, he’s releasing both an album and the previously teased corresponding full length movie with the same title. Both the album and movie are inspired by each other and will be released Saturday, October 8.

Bobby V brought the director of the Hollywood Hearts film, Tangie B. Moore, with him to the interview to talk about the premiere of the movie on BET this weekend, and what inspired this two-part project. The collaboration between the two of them is loosely based off of his life experiences and shows “like a day in his life.” “Everyone wants to know about his personality behind the camera, so the film really captures the lifestyle of a quote on quote rockstar,” says Tangie.

All of the music in the film is featured on the ‘Hollywood Hearts‘ album and was created mostly during the filming of the movie. This is Bobby’s “rendition of Purple Rain,” which is a hard act to follow but we can’t wait to see what he’s put together!

Check out the interview below.

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Bobby V Makes Acting Debut in Upcoming BET Movie ‘Hollywood Hearts’


R&B singer Bobby V is making his acting debut in the forthcoming BET acquired movie Hollywood Hearts, which stars the “Slow Down” singer alongside Lyfe Jennings, Benzino, Carl Payne, DC Young Fly, Walnette Santiago, Asia Sparks and more.

Written and directed by Tangie B. Moore, the drama, which is said to ‘portray art imitating life,’ is set to premiere on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 8 PM on BET.

Bobby V, leads the cast in a complicated love story that is all too real to many who come-of-age in the world of entertainment. Hollywood Hearts is the story of a music artist who’s engrossed with his music industry lifestyle and finds it difficult to give up his ways for the woman that he loves, the life he wants to build and the ego he can’t let go of. However, after a tragic turn of events and real friend interventions, he finds himself realizing that the industry will come and go but true love doesn’t come around but once in a lifetime.

Check out the extended trailer below.

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Video: Bobby V feat. Lil Scrappy – Sucka 4 Luv


Bobby V took a moment to focus on his piano playing and grown folks R&B, but the singer is taking a break from that to turn-up with Lil Scrappy.

The duo have debuted the music video for their recently released single “Sucka 4 Luv,” which is the first release off their upcoming joint EP ‘Way 2 Famous.’

The ATL natives travel to Miami, partying with their ladies in a lavish crib, dabbing in a convertible Bentley while driving through the city, and Bobby even performs from a beam in an empty graffiti covered warehouse.

Find out why they are ‘suckas for love’ below.

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Listen: ThisisRnB Presents: Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1 (Piano Sessions)


Throughout the years that we’ve been running ThisisRnB, our original acoustic sessions series has been one of the most rewarding and enriching things that we’ve done. From the earliest developments of it and curating our process over the years, we couldn’t be more honored and proud of the content that has been created through these sessions.

While the videos live on our YouTube channel, we’ve always felt like it would be nice to do something with the audio recordings as well.

So, after revisiting the sessions, we’ve gathered and created playlists broken down into two simple styles–piano sessions and guitar sessions. We are currently releasing them online for free streaming as our gift to you!

Thank you all for watching and supporting us over the years. Thank you to all the artists who allowed us to help capture these amazing performances, along with all the publicists, managers, and record label associates who helped facilitate them. Thank you to all the engineers and studios as well, we couldn’t have done this without you.

#PressPlay and listen to Vol. 1 of the “ThisisRnB Acoustic Sessions” below!

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Bobby V, J. Holiday & Pleasure P Announce “Kings of Love” Tour!

Kings of Love Tour

Get ready for the Kings of Love

R&B singers Bobby V, J. Holiday, and Pleasure P are teaming up to give their fans a night to remember as they set summer 2016 ablaze with the “Kings of Love Tour.”

Between the three R&B veterans’ catalogs, fans can look forward to singing along to some of their favorite R&B classics all night long. With platinum plaques, Grammy nominations, and #1 singles under their belts, the trio promises to deliver a live show with real singing, classic throwbacks, and R&B at it’s best.

The North American tour will kick off June 3 in Boise, Idaho and is currently set to hit 9 major cities, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Toronto and more, with additional to follow.

See the tour dates below!

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21 R&B Videos from the 2000s To Get You Ready for Spring Love!


Ah, spring! The season where the weather is nice, the flowers start to bloom, and R&B songs reign supreme!

As the weather finally went from drab to fab in the blink of an eye, I couldn’t help but play one of my favorite songs dedicated to the spring: Stevie B’s 1988 hit-single “Spring Love”.  Now, in the midst of me bobbin’ my head while the wind blew through and hit my bad hair day chia pet hair, I realized that this is the season that is the precursor to the official choose up season (word to Eric B.). It is in the spring that you engage in the drafting to the choose up season…if you will. It is with spring that you start laying down the good talk game to secure your spot for the playoff season if you’re in the market to be traded or do the trading.

Of course though, we all know that R&B is literally the genre of love (and heartache, but we’ll save that for another list), so it was only right that we delivered a list of R&B songs/videos from the 2000s to get you ready for spring love! What better way to let the one you’re checkin’ for know that they’ve caught your eye then to play them a track from one of the best eras (I’m not here to let you debate me, so don’t try) of music ever made?

Jump into our list of “21 R&B Videos from The 2000’s to Get You Ready for Spring Love” below!

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