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List: The Best of January – Top 12 Records


2016 has already shown to be impactful musically, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Setting the tone for what we predict will be a successful year for R&B, January has delivered some strong contenders for our end of year lists.

Inclusive of a highly anticipated return of Fantasia, the delivery of Tank’s sequel to Sex, Love & Pain, and new releases from some of our favorite new artists, if the state of R&B was ever in an emergency before, we’re convinced that it’s on it’s way out of the red.

While there were so many choices that made it hard for us to choose from, we’re confident in the choices that we made for this awesome month of music.

So, without any more teasing, jump into our “Best of January – Top 12 Records” below!

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New Music: BJ The Chicago Kid feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Anderson Paak – Church (Westcoast Remix)


After releasing the Chicago Remix at the end of last year, BJ The Chicago Kid heads out to LA for the official Westcoast Remix to his single “Church.”

Teaming up with two of Cali’s most buzzing artists at the moment, Ty Dolla $ign and Anderson Paak, the city of angels has plenty of sinners hoping to atone for succumbing to temptation.

Ty$ kicks off the remix with this sing rap style, as he describes the details of a recent affair. Anderson looks to the bible and prayer to help him through as he sings, “Good Lord have mercy, the Lord is my shepherd he knows what I want / The devil on my shoulder told me I should take you for shots of Patron, and take you to bible study in the mornin.”

BJ’s long-awaited Motown Records debut album, In My Mind, is due out February 19.

Take a listen to the new remix below.

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Video: BJ The Chicago Kid – Love Inside


BJ The Chicago Kid is giving us everything we need to jump start 2016, and we’re so thankful for it. Releasing the visual for the sexy and sensual new track “Love Inside,” you wholeheartedly can’t help but appreciate the time and effort Motown is putting into the young singer-songwriter.

Singing out, “I know you’re used to rain, but tonight you’re gonna pour / They might hear you scream while I’m giving you more / I want you to feel it,” the talented crooner has all plans of making you tap into the deepest parts of your mind and exposing your fantasies.

If you weren’t ready for his debut album In My Mind – which was featured on our Hot 16 of 2016 list – then we hope you see why we’re so amped for what he’s delivering.

Take a look at the video below:

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ThisisRnB Presents: 16 Albums To Sweat In 2016


2015 was truly an excellent year in music, and it may seem hard to top, but looking into 2016 we are remaining optimistic.  While last year saw the surprise comeback of music icon Janet Jackson, return of powerhouse female vocalists Jazmine Sullivan, Tamia and Jill Scott, along with a monster crossover by The Weeknd, there is plenty more to look forward to this year.

With R&B continuing to reach vast audiences of varying age groups, tastes and styles, there will be something for everyone once again in 2016.

An exciting class of newcomers, lead by the likes of Kehlani and Tory Lanez, bring some of the most anticipated debuts. Strong 2nd and 3rd albums are expected by some of the already established current stars like Tinashe and K. Michelle, while anticipated comebacks by veterans like Usher, Tweet, and the Queen Bey will surely top most fans sweat list.

Get a sneak peek into the albums that we are most excited to see and hear this year, with our “16 Albums To Sweat in 2016” below!

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BJ The Chicago Kid Salutes D’Angelo With Visual Tribute Mashup


With the anticipation of his debut album being extremely high, it’s no time like the present for BJ The Chicago Kid to get you amped up even more by displaying his talent for the world to bask in.

Dropping a tribute to D’Angelo earlier this month, the talented singer-songwriter has now delivered a visual accompaniment of all three covers he pushed out. Shot by Shawny Ocho, the video mashes up “Always In My Hair,” “Send It On,” and of course, “Untitled (How Does It Feel).” A sexy visual depiction of each track, the black-and-white shot project has BJ showing off his new lover for the world to see.

Take a look below:

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BJ The Chicago Kid Pays Homage To D’Angelo with “A Salute To D’Angelo”


In celebration of the 16th anniversary of D’Angelo’s timeless single “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” soulful crooner BJ The Chicago Kid gave fans of both himself and D’Angelo something special to vibe with.

Choosing tracks from 2000’s Voodoo, BJ revamped and impressed on his rendition of “Send It On” and of course, “Untitled.”

Often compared to the veteran singer and up-lifter of the Neo-Soul movement, BJ did nothing short of fill us with joy when he delivered his vocals on these tracks. Adding in his version of “She’s Always In My Hair” – which D’Angelo covered for the 1997’s Scream 2 soundtrack – the comparisons between the two are well deserved.

Take a listen below:

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New Music: BJ The Chicago Kid feat. Jeremih & Lil Durk – Church (Remix)


BJ The Chicago Kid may have pushed his Motown Records debut album back to 2016, but he puts on for his city to close out 2015 with the remix to his commanding single “Church.”

Swapping out Chance The Rapper and Buddy, the soulful crooner recruits Jeremih and Lil Durk to continue the good fight. Looking for the strength to adhere to their good Christian roots, the Chicago natives attempt to hold back the urge for a Saturday night hookup when they have church early the next morning.

“I don’t want to mess up no blessin’ tonight girl, been sinnin’ for way long / If you gon’ get on your knees that’s a problem that I got to pay for,” sings Jeremih.

Take a listen below.

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Watch: BJ The Chicago Kid Covers Blackstreet’s “Before I Let You Go”


In honor of Throwback Thurday, BJ The Chicago Kid uploaded a brand new cover performance video and you need it in your life.

The Motown Records signee is best known for his soulful croon and he continues to put it on display with an acoustic cover of Blackstreet‘s 1994 classic single “Before I Let You Go,” with Jeff V on guitar.

With a singular black-and-white shot, BJ lets his vocals lead the way as he delivers each timeless lyric.

Check it out below:

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