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PressPlay: 25 R&B Videos To Kick Off Summer

R&B Videos Summer

Summer is here and in case you were wondering, I’m just as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Though each season holds its own weight in my book, there’s just something about summer that can make anyone feel their best and want to shine every chance they can. While everyone has their different reasons for feeling so good when summer creeps around, we here at ThisIsRnB will always give some of the credit to our playlist of summer R&B songs for that overwhelming emotion that the season brings out of us.

Although today’s R&B artists can still deliver a solid feel good sound for summer (i.e. DJ Khaled’s Rihanna and Bryson Tiller-assisted “Wild Thoughts“), there’s no denying that the majority of the top summer vibes came from the ’90s and early 2000s. Likewise, those same artists were all about making videos to match that same vibe and as a result, turned each summer into the biggest party that we would experience all year-long. So as an ode to those tracks and inspiration to make the next few months the best of your year, we decided to set you up with a dope list of R&B videos that are sure to set your summer off proper.

Excited about letting the top back, pulling out the shawt shawts, and getting tipsy on the rooftop? Jump into these 25 nostalgic summer videos to hype you up for your first day out (no Gucci) this season.

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21 R&B Videos from the 2000s To Get You Ready for Spring Love!


Ah, spring! The season where the weather is nice, the flowers start to bloom, and R&B songs reign supreme!

As the weather finally went from drab to fab in the blink of an eye, I couldn’t help but play one of my favorite songs dedicated to the spring: Stevie B’s 1988 hit-single “Spring Love”.  Now, in the midst of me bobbin’ my head while the wind blew through and hit my bad hair day chia pet hair, I realized that this is the season that is the precursor to the official choose up season (word to Eric B.). It is in the spring that you engage in the drafting to the choose up season…if you will. It is with spring that you start laying down the good talk game to secure your spot for the playoff season if you’re in the market to be traded or do the trading.

Of course though, we all know that R&B is literally the genre of love (and heartache, but we’ll save that for another list), so it was only right that we delivered a list of R&B songs/videos from the 2000s to get you ready for spring love! What better way to let the one you’re checkin’ for know that they’ve caught your eye then to play them a track from one of the best eras (I’m not here to let you debate me, so don’t try) of music ever made?

Jump into our list of “21 R&B Videos from The 2000’s to Get You Ready for Spring Love” below!

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LL Cool J was honored at BET’s 6th annual Hip-Hop award show with the ‘I Am Hip-Hop Icon’ Award. While honored a rap superstar, LL’s lyrics and deamonor is a easy disguise for a smooth R&B veteran.

The lyricist began his career in 1984 as the clever lyricist on the Def Jam label and spent two decades topping charts and living up to his name: making sure us ladies love him through his whole journey. LL Cool J is considered one of heavyweights of hip hop because of his longevity and the respect he’s earned and maintained.

LL has transitioned from the music to acting but his art his still loved by his lady followers. He currently stars on CBS’ hit show NCIS: Los Angeles.

Let’s reminisce on some of the gifts that LL’s given us. Continue after the jump for ‘I Need Love’ and ‘Paradise’ throwbacks.

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Ameriie is prepping her new album, and it looks like she’s teaming up with her long-term producers, The Buchanans, to get it done! The Buchanans are responsible for her past songs, such as “Crush” and “Crazy Wonderful.” Though a release date has not been set for the upcoming album, Cymatika: Vol. 1, there is much to be excited about. Not only has it been awhile since Ameriie has brought her upbeat sounds, but she also has a lengthy list of other reputable producers helping her with this project. Stay tuned!

Amerie Reveals Name Change

If you see Amerie’s name spelled with two I’s from now on, that’s not a typo. The “1 Thing” singer has officially changed the spelling of her name. The Grammy-nominated artist, who now goes by Ameriie, added an I to her name to reflect positive energy. She announced the change to last month, but didn’t go public with it until her new Twitter page (@ItsAmeriie) was set up.

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Amerie & Electrik Red’s Binkie Interview Each Other On Rap-Up TV

Amerie and Electrik Red’s Binkie interview each other about their new albums at Rap-Up’s Pre-BET Awards Lounge 2010.

Music: Keri Hilson x Timbaland x Trey Songz x Rich Girl x Fabolous x Rick Ross

Here are 3 brand new records off Tapemasters Inc “The Future of R&B Vol. 33” Mixtape. This latest edition is hosted by the princess of So So Def, Dondria. The first joint is a hot duet by Keri Hilson & Timbaland titled, “Hold Your Breath”. This is actually the record they performed at a show in NYC a few months back. I’m not sure if it is a left over from Tim’s latest album, or if it is something in the works for Keri’s new one. I kind of hope so, because it’s dope. The second joint is by Trey Songz and maybe Amerie. It is titled, “Let’s Chill” and it is a remake of the classic Guy song. I say maybe Amerie because part of it sounds like her and part of it doesn’t. The 3rd record is the brand new remix to Rich Girl’s record “Swagga Right” now featuring Fabolous and Rick Ross. You can’t go wrong with those features. Check them out and stay tuned!!

Link: Keri Hilson & Timbaland – Hold Your Breath [w/TAGS]

Link: Trey Songz & Amerie(?) – Let’s Chill [w/TAGS]

Link: Rich Girl feat. Fabolous & Rick Ross – Swagga Right (Remix) [w/TAGS]

Music: Amerie – Who’s Gonna Love Me [New Single]

As promised earlier today Amerie drops her brand new record, “Who’s Gonna Love Me,” produced by The Inkredibles. I must say I’m feelin it at first listen. I felt her last album was decent and should have done much better at retail. This could be a good move going forward though. I think this could get some play. It is slated to be the first single off a new album titled, Cymatica Vol. 1 Cymatics. Shout to YK2 and Rap-Up. Check it out, what do you think?

Link: Amerie – Who’s Gonna Love Me

(Prod. by The Inkredibles)

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