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ThisisRnB’s List: Top 12 R&B Albums of 2012

What a year it’s been for R&B. As we began reflecting on all of 2012’s releases, we were reminded that, not only was this a huge year for the amount of R&B releases, but the genre is making a major comeback. In between the various styles and branches R&B has extended, there are multiple realms and sub-genres beginning to thrive. Within it’s own progression into Pop, or the music critics new favorite – Alt-R&B or Alt-Soul, there is an exciting, rising new class, who are bringing classic soul stylings and organically incorporating their own honest youth, and contemporary perspective.

This year was filled with comebacks from some R&B legends, and a few of it’s popular stars who were looking to make up for less than stellar previous releases. There were newcomers making very impressive debuts, and some outstanding sophomore releases. It’s always a labor of love making these lists, but after much debate and discussion, we are confident in the result. As the New Year is right around the corner, reflect on 2012’s best with our ‘Top 12 R&B Albums of 2012’ below…

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Last year (wow it feels weird saying that now) was an exciting … and interesting time for R&B. We had some of the most progressive releases and new artists in so long, but we also had some Great soul albums. The discussion of what is and what isn’t R&B, and what is allowed to be labeled such lasted the entire year; and might continue on thru 2012. However, the next 12 months are looking to be swamped with brand new albums from many of your favorite R&B stars, and a slew of anticipated burgeoning artists debuts.

We have compiled a list in poll form of many of these artists and their upcoming albums. Take a look after the break and let us know what YOU are excited to hear!! You may vote for as many as you like.

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For all the mainstream / commercial R&B listeners and fans, this list is for you. As we stated below, when beginning our end of the year top albums list, we felt it best to break it down between two categories, R&B and Soul, and R&B would cover the more mainstream releases. As with all our lists, this is our personal opinion and not meant to be taken as end all be all. So, take a look at our list of the “Top 10 R&B Albums of 2011” below, and let us know your opinion and your choices.

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