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PressPlay: 25 R&B Videos To Kick Off Summer

R&B Videos Summer

Summer is here and in case you were wondering, I’m just as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Though each season holds its own weight in my book, there’s just something about summer that can make anyone feel their best and want to shine every chance they can. While everyone has their different reasons for feeling so good when summer creeps around, we here at ThisIsRnB will always give some of the credit to our playlist of summer R&B songs for that overwhelming emotion that the season brings out of us.

Although today’s R&B artists can still deliver a solid feel good sound for summer (i.e. DJ Khaled’s Rihanna and Bryson Tiller-assisted “Wild Thoughts“), there’s no denying that the majority of the top summer vibes came from the ’90s and early 2000s. Likewise, those same artists were all about making videos to match that same vibe and as a result, turned each summer into the biggest party that we would experience all year-long. So as an ode to those tracks and inspiration to make the next few months the best of your year, we decided to set you up with a dope list of R&B videos that are sure to set your summer off proper.

Excited about letting the top back, pulling out the shawt shawts, and getting tipsy on the rooftop? Jump into these 25 nostalgic summer videos to hype you up for your first day out (no Gucci) this season.

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Listen: Vashtie Presents: ‘One 16 GOAT’ (Tribute Mix to Aaliyah, Sade, FKA Twigs & Kate Moss)

Downtown NYC sweetheart Vashtie has paid homage to the late great Aaliyah, Sade, FKA Twigs, and Kate Moss — who all share Jan. 16 as their birthday — with a special mixtape titled ONE16GOAT. The model, director, designer, and DJ says she felt compelled to pay homage to these women who have influenced and affected her life in a positive light.

“These women have inspired and influenced generations, cultures, sub-cultures, fashion, style, etc. Personally, I find them all to be personal muses,” Vashtie told Complex. “Not only are they gorgeous creatures, but beyond that—they are wildly creative, unique, and one-of-a-kind. When I learned that they all share the same birthday, I was amazed and knew I had to encapsulate this holiday! It’s a short, but sweet mix made by your favorite Taurus… me!”

Stream Vashtie’s #ONE16GOAT mix below:

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Aaliyah ‘Ultimate’ Hits Compilation Finally Available to Stream

For years, fans have been wanting to stream Aaliyah’s greatest hits, but many of those beloved tracks haven’t been available. Now, they’ve arrived thanks to Ultimate, a new posthumous compilation released unexpectedly on iTunes and Apple Music.

The 25-track effort arrived this week with no warning. It features classics like “One in a Million,” “4 Page Letter,” “Try Again,” “Are You That Somebody,” and “Rock the Boat.”

In the past, only 1994’s Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number was available for streaming. Thus, some of the late singer’s greatest hits were unavailable on services and retailers. For now, it seems Ultimate is only available on iTunes and Apple Music.

According to Billboard, the album is credited to Craze Productions, a company that posted Aaliyah tracks on iTunes back in 2013. They were later sued and the music was taken down. It’s unclear if this is a similar case or if Craze has attained rights to release Aaliyah’s music from the right holders. Most of the late star’s discography is reportedly owned by her uncle, Barry Hankerson.

Stream Aaliyah’s Ultimate collection below.

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New Music: Chris Brown feat. Aaliyah & Static Major – Charge It To The Game (No Love) [Full, Unreleased]


Over the weekend, an unreleased goodie surfaced online.  Previously previewed as a very short snippet in 2014, a record that Chris Brown was working on, that included unreleased vocals by Aaliyah and Playa member Static Major, has now leaked in full!

The origin of the record, from our understanding, is that Brown had access to some unreleased Aaliyah vocal tracks while he was working on his album X. Most of you will easily remember the actual single he released featuring Baby Girl, “Don’t Think They Know.”

This record, as it can be heard now, features a lot more of Aaliyah. Granted it’s still rough, but anytime we can hear the angelic vocals of the late Aaliyah, it is well welcomed.

“If you ain’t no good, you ain’t no good / You gets no love in my hood,” sings Breezy and Aaliyah on the chorus.

Check it out below! What do you think?

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21 R&B Videos from the 2000s To Get You Ready for Spring Love!


Ah, spring! The season where the weather is nice, the flowers start to bloom, and R&B songs reign supreme!

As the weather finally went from drab to fab in the blink of an eye, I couldn’t help but play one of my favorite songs dedicated to the spring: Stevie B’s 1988 hit-single “Spring Love”.  Now, in the midst of me bobbin’ my head while the wind blew through and hit my bad hair day chia pet hair, I realized that this is the season that is the precursor to the official choose up season (word to Eric B.). It is in the spring that you engage in the drafting to the choose up season…if you will. It is with spring that you start laying down the good talk game to secure your spot for the playoff season if you’re in the market to be traded or do the trading.

Of course though, we all know that R&B is literally the genre of love (and heartache, but we’ll save that for another list), so it was only right that we delivered a list of R&B songs/videos from the 2000s to get you ready for spring love! What better way to let the one you’re checkin’ for know that they’ve caught your eye then to play them a track from one of the best eras (I’m not here to let you debate me, so don’t try) of music ever made?

Jump into our list of “21 R&B Videos from The 2000’s to Get You Ready for Spring Love” below!

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Timbaland Delivers New ‘King Stays King’ Mixtape Featuring Aaliyah Collaboration


Well, well, well! It seems like Christmas 2015 is here to leave a lasting impression for music lovers everywhere!

If you thought new Aaliyah music was just a figment of your imagination, you can think again. Super-producer and now legendary musical inspiration Timbaland has finally hand delivered his latest mixtape, King Stays King.

Calling on some of his famous friends to assist, the 17-track project features help from Tink, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Yo Gotti, 2 Chaniz, and an unreleased track featuring Aaliyah titled “Shakin.” Sending an official tweet out dedicating the project to the late singer, Tim tweeted: “Aaliyah..This is for you baby.”

Timbaland’s well-anticipated album Textbook Timbo is set to hit shelves in 2016 and he will launch a 20-date club tour around it.

Take a listen to King Stays King below!

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Timbaland Announces New Mixtape, ‘King Stays King,’ Will Include Unreleased Aaliyah Song!

Timbaland King Stays King Promo

Timbaland, once again, has seen major headlines ever since taking on the task and title of executive music producer for FOX’s record breaking series, “Empire”.

This Christmas, the Grammy Award winning producer will release his first major solo mixtape, King Stays King. Making the project even more anticipated, it is slated to include an unreleased record from his angel above, Aaliyah!

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Aaliyah’s Family Readies Tribute Fragrance 


Fourteen years after her passing, Aaliyah is getting a fragrance!

Perfume company Xyrena has announced the official scent, which was developed in close collaboration with Diane and Rashad Haughton, the late singer’s mother and brother.

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