New Music: Maurice Moore – C’est La Vie


Maurice Moore just dropped some feel good new new!

The Canadian singer/songwriter has released the upbeat song “C’est La Vie” as the first single from his forthcoming mixtape The Amber Room, which is slated to release early 2017. The single is produced by California duo Rice n’ Peas, and features bright horns, and whimsical keys. A bit reminiscent of Bruno Mars, à la “The Lazy Song” days, this is one of those tracks that you can’t help but smile when you press play. Maurice uses honesty on the track to brighten up your day even when you feel like it might be going horribly wrong.

The TSNMI member sings at the end of each verse, “I wear my heart on my sleeve for the world to see / I’m only human, so please just pray for me / C’est la vie.”  His song promises that he’s just like everyone else and goes through ups and down in life just like anyone else would.

In case you didn’t think Maurice could be anymore relatable, he told The FADER that “Writing this song was so easy for me because I was writing from a place of 100% honesty and channeling things that have happened in my own life. For anybody going through anything, understand that you are not alone. The bad things that happen to us don’t happen because we are bad people, they just happen to us because those are the ups and downs of life.”

Get lifted with Maurice’s new track below.

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New Music: Teenear feat. Trina – Streetlights (Remix)


Teenear is reppin’ for Miami with her new remix.

The rising singer has teamed up with Da Baddest of Miami, Trina, to revamp her single “Streetlights.” The track was previously released earlier this year and now it joins together the future of Slip N’ Slide Records and a Slip N’ Slide legend.

With added help from Trina, the sweet love song gets a little edgier but it still maintains the innocence of falling in love.

Teenear sings about wanting to spend more time with her boo under the streetlights. “So just take my hand before you tell me goodnight / We should dance under the streetlights / Tell me that you love me, tell, tell me that you love me.”

Da Baddest spits a verse asking her love if he believes what people say about her. “You know what it is and what it ain’t and what it could be / I’m just tryna figure out if this is where I should be / Yeah I know you heard that I’m all about the fast life / Tell them if they told you I’m the realest, I’m the wife type.”

Listen to the new remix below.

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Teyana Taylor Covers ‘PAPER’ Magazine Oct. Issue


Teyana Taylor continues her domination, as she stuns on the cover of PAPER magazine’s October issue.

After wowing audiences in Kanye West’s “Fade” video, G.O.O.D. Music’s First Lady raises eyebrows once again with her artsy cover shoot.

Rocking Yeezy Season 4, a hat by Tomihiro Kono, and a bathing suit by Norma Kamali, Teyana shows different sides of herself. On the cover, she’s stoic; wearing letters on her body, she’s roaring; and in other dance-themed shots, she’s ever-so graceful.

But she looks most gleeful when paired with her daughter Junie, who wore her own stylish Baby Buddha Bug Wrap for the shoot. In the interview, she also reveals that her child has shown her that it’s possible to “have it all.”

“You can be superwoman,” she says. “You can have it all, that balance in your relationship, your family and your career. It’s the opposite of the cliché that says kids will slow you or your career down.”

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Video: Sammie – I’m Him


Sammie is out here trying to be better than your ex-man.

Over the summer, the singer/songwriter released his new single, “I’m Him” in an effort to prove that chivalry is definitely not dead in 2016. The Doh-boy produced track is full of confidence and promises that he is without a doubt better than his future lover’s ex. The video reflects the same energy of the track as he physically shows his new girl all the ways that he’s better than her exes.

Sammie acts like the ghost of boyfriends’ past and escorts his potential new bae through a timeline of all her exes. We see her with the overly flirtatious ex, the ex who hides all his girls on his phone, and the ex that has the side chick opening his front door. Seeing each ex-lover over again, pushes her to want to try something new as the Atlanta singer insists that he’s nothing like those other guys.

Watch the video and find out if she takes a chance on Sammie below.

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New Music: Tiara Thomas – OTW


If you’ve been wondering, Tiara Thomas is OTW.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from our favorite “Bad” girl, but she just dropped some heat for her fans.

“OTW” is a slow jam, produced by Swagg R’Celious, laced with the laid back feeling you love about Tiara’s music. It finds her tired of playing games and just wanting to deal with one guy. She convinces her potential bae to come over and what happens after he hits her with the “I’m on the way” text is fair game. TT gets a little raunchy with the lyrics, but she sings it so delicately, you barely even notice on your first listen.

“Let me know, when you on the road / You know how it goes, can’t f**k me though / But my p**sy stay, to just below my waist /Now kiss me so I can taste / Now kiss me so you don’t waste / So good I can fall in love, but you might fall quicker,” she sings.

Vibe out to Tiara’s provocative new track below.

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New Music: Liana Bank$ – Plead the Fifth


Liana Bank$ is just here for a good time!

The New York bred singer/songwriter delivers the perfect girls’ night out song with her new catchy single, “Plead the Fifth.” After releasing a string of unique tracks on her SoundCloud page and writing for a variety of artists including Lily Allen and PnB Rock, the green-haired beauty is finally ready to shine. Her debut mixtape INSUBORDINATE is set to release October 28, and “Plead the Fifth” welcomes us to the party.

The track’s mid-tempo groove and catchy chorus showcases Bank$’ unique style and writing ability. She paints a picture with her lyrics about a wild night she won’t forget, but can’t get found guilty of. After the chorus she sings, “You can’t prove it, so I’m not guilty / It got wild, yeah it got filthy / Had my bestie right here with me / But we ain’t take no pics, so I plead the fifth.”

What happens on a night out with Liana stays on the night out with her, and the night only gets wilder the more you listen.

Check out the fun-filled track below.

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Ciara Named Revlon Global Brand Ambassador


Ciara continues to see her dreams come true this year, as the singer/model has become the new face of Revlon.

This marks a culmination of a wish that the new Global Brand Ambassador has had since her childhood days.

“My name actually came from the fragrance Ciara by Revlon,” the 30-year-old told PEOPLE. “My mom got it from the actual fragrance. It was a gift given to her by my father. She not only loved the smell, but she also fell in love with the name. I remember seeing it back then, thinking, ‘One day, I can be the face of Revlon.’ It’s pretty amazing because the dream came true.”

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Frank Ocean Ineligible for 2017 GRAMMYs

Frank Ocean green hair

Don’t expect Frank Ocean to win any Grammys next year. According to new reports, Blonde and Endless were not submitted for consideration.

Both projects were released in August, long before the Sept. 30 cutoff date for eligibility. However, a representative for the Grammys told Billboard that they were not turned in for next year’s show.

Ocean’s reps have not addressed whether this was intentional or an oversight.

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