Premiere: Daron Jones (of 112) Releases New Mixtape ‘The Unofficial Diary of Daron Jones’

Daron Jones - The Unofficial Diary (Front Cover)

112’s own Daron Jones has returned to share some deep, intimate feelings with the release of his new mixtape ‘The Unofficial Diary Of Daron Jones.’  The veteran singer-songwiter wanted this project to be a special gift to all of the fans that have supported him over his career. The accomplished and established artist is ready to take his solo mission to unforeseen heights. The Atlanta native first made a name for himself as a member of the group 112. Now plenty of love songs and awards later, he’s ready for a new stage. Daron’s goal is to establish a body of classic and timeless music that reflects the artist he is today. When asked about the inspiration behind the project, Daron stated:

“I wanted to create a body of work that would remind you of when R&B music sounded like a page out of your private diary…. It was important to me to create a body of work that would introduce who I really am vocally to my #TeamDaronJones family in a very personal way through music. I’m very grateful for every comment, like, & repost that my #TeamDaronJones family gives me in support of my new project. I understand how blessed I am to still be here doing what I love, and I owe each of you my very best!”

Daron also went on to say. “I wanted to remind you of when you first fell in love with R&B music, and how it made you feel every time your favorite song came on with this project. I wanted to create something that you could play no matter the mood or situation that you could play over and over. It was important to me to listen to what my #TeamDaronJones family wanted, so I asked them a series of questions and based this project off of their responses! I wanted them to feel 100% apart of it. I love music. I love the way it makes you feel and think. I just wanted to transfer that love into this project.”

The 8-track project features Daron’s take on classic songs by the likes of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight and more.  The mixtape is available for stream and full download below, enjoy!

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Listen: Louis York Premiere New Single “Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes”


Louis York – the duo made up of singer/songwriter Claude Kelly and producer/musician Chuck Harmony – are prepping for the release of their debut EP ‘Masterpiece Theater – Act 1,’ and today they give us another taste of the project with the premiere of their new single “Good Drinks, Dumb Jokes.”

If you were lucky enough to catch them perform the record at their NYC showcase, you will already know the anthemic power it has, but the recorded version is progressively more artful than the title may presume. Following a similar design to their breakout single “Clair Huxtable,” the record showcases juxtaposition at its best. Opening with a subtle bluesy track, Claude professes his inspired reasons for making music, but at 2 minutes the production segues into a dark and sinister feeling, trap-like synth, and the howl of a wolf kicks off his description of their perfect evening.

“‘Good Drinks Dumb Jokes’ is exactly what a Louis York house party sounds and feels like,” says vocalist Claude Kelly. “That means wild jokes, crazy debates, feel-good tunes and one or two ‘party enhancers’ : ). I’d give you a funny story about a particularly inspiring evening, but there were too many good drinks (and dumb jokes) that night to remember the exact process. Life imitating art, I guess.”

Take a listen below, and if you haven’t checked it out yet watch their performance of new song “Sorbet” here.

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Listen: Emerging Artist Bassette Premieres Debut EP ‘Midnight Sounds’

Bassette Midnight Sounds

The UK, and London specifically, has been one of the most consistent breeding grounds for buzz-worthy new R&B and Soul artists for the majority of the 2010s. With it’s influx of diverse cultures converging into such a dense historical environment the land ruled by Kings and Queens offers a unique quality of nurturing royal talent.

Arriving in London at 5 years-old from her homeland of Bermuda, emerging singer-songwriter Bassette spent her time between the capital and Sheffield, a former industrial powerhouse situated in the north of England. Ironically, her sound is perhaps the antithesis of industrial – humid, languid beats sit comfortably alongside more lucid, fluid efforts – melancholic wistfulness and regret the constant between them.

Her enchanting voice snakes in between the rhythm and beat, getting under your skin, the distinction between the beautiful, flowing harmonies and their dark lyrical content coming to the forefront. Bassette’s sophistication and effortless technique suggest a talent far beyond her 20 years, and she puts it on display for the world with the premiere of her debut EP ‘Midnight Sounds.’

Speaking about her hopes for the project Bassette simply explained, “It’s for people who listen to music at midnight, I want people to fall asleep to Cool Water.”

The project will be officially released on Friday, August 7, but you can stream an early preview of the full EP now… Check it out below, what do you think?

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Newcomer Paige Young Premieres Acoustic Performance Video of New Single “All The Way”

Paige Young Acoustic New

Emerging London based singer Paige Young made her official U.S. debut a few weeks ago with the release of “All The Way” featuring UK rapper Chip (aka Chipmunk). Paige’s sultry vocals perfectly coalesces the Kalenna Harper-written and 8-Traxx produced record, and today she gives listeners a stripped down taste of her talents with an acoustic performance video.

The 21-year-old artist has made waves across the pond since she was featured alongside rapper Wacka Flocka on Dubstep producer Borgore’s track “Wild Out” (Dim Mak Records) in 2013. The song garnered her the opportunity to perform live on Steve Aoki’s ‘Aokify America Tour’ at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Following the success of “Wild Out,” she released her first single “Wait” to rave reviews in the UK.

Paige is now in the studio with Kalenna Harper (Diddy Dirty Money, Lady Gaga, Ciara) and Rock City (Rihanna, Drake, Usher) working on her debut EP, ‘Polaroid’s,‘ which is due out later this year.

Check out the premiere of her acoustic performance of “All The Way” below.  What do you think?

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Watch: Emerging UK R&B Group Rough Copy Premiere Video for New Single “Same Formula”

Rough Copy Same Formula

Self-proclaimed R&B Avengers Rough Copy are poised to return the true sound of R&B to the UK.

Originally an underground phenomenon, the group were catapulted into public view via The X Factor (gaining a huge fan base that remains to this day). The boys are now taking their talents worldwide with a clear manifesto; to bring the true sound of R&B back.

Today, Rough Copy premiere the music video for their buzzing new single “Same Formula.” A club-ready anthem set to make listeners bounce along as the fellas lay down their plans for a night of fun-filled ecstasy.

“Tonight I’ma take you on a ride baby, we can slip and slide, yeah I’ma give it to ya / If you want it then I got it, baby it’s a promise,” they sing over the clapping production.

Head to the club with Rough Copy and check out their video premiere below:

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Watch: Luke James Covers Carl Thomas’ “I Wish” Live


Luke James just wrapped his mini headlining tour with BJ The Chicago Kid in promotion of his self-titled debut album.

Known for his amazing live performances, the R&B crooner had some surprises in his set for audiences, with a few unexpected covers.  One of which being Carl Thomas’ classic hit single, “I Wish,” which has always been one of his favorite records.

At his opening show in NYC last month, Luke already had the crowd hanging on to his every word when he delved into the cover, causing a roar from fans who sang along, but he cut it short by shaking his head and saying, “that bitch ain’t got no love.”

Check out our footage of the performance below!

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Premiere: MPrynt – If Later Never Comes


Former Motown signees MPrynt are back with a brand new song to get listeners ready for what they have to offer. Premiering their new record, “If Later Never Comes,” the now indie group is pouring it on thick with this one.

Found on their upcoming EP by the same title, the Pop & Oak produced song features the quartet showcasing their vocals while belting out about living in the moment.

Singing out, “What if later never comes? / And we lose this moment forever?,” the talented Philly natives – made up of Tyce, Fah, Budda, Real – are ready to give the world that good ol’ love making music all over again.

Take a listen to their new song below, and stay tuned for the EP coming soon!

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ThisisRnB & RED Music Team Up for Special R&B Merch Store!

ThisisRnB RedMusic CapThat

In celebration of Black History Month, we were approached by our friends at RED Distribution to create something special for fans in addition to the latest albums from their roster of R&B artists. Today, we are very excited to announce our partnership with a completely custom direct-to-customer store using CapThat.

Featuring the latest titles from JOE, Faith Evans, Mack Wilds, Leela James, Jagged Edge, Lil Mo’, and Sisqo you can purchase each release, as well as create your own custom merch items! And when they say custom, they really mean custom!

The ‘Cap That’ studio lets you design gorgeous products with moments from photos, videos, Instagram, and Facebook. That’s right, you can grab an image right from the artists video and get it printed on a T-shirt, cell phone case, laptop skin, wall canvas, and more! The ‘Cap That’ studio also lets you enhance your moments using effects, graphics, text, and more to achieve that one-of-a-kind feel that only you can create.

Each purchase from our special store comes with a limited edition ThisisRnB x RED Music CD sampler as well!

Check out the experience here:

View the CD sampler below:

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