New Music: Kevin Cossom – Must Be Love + Doing Everything

Kevin Cossom Must Be Love

Kevin Cossom is finally sharing new music for fans and new listeners. The singer/songwriter has been back working behind the scenes for some time, but it appears KC is now prepping for the release of a new project.

After releasing two new songs last week, the Florida native returns with two more! The first, “Must Be Love,” is a tender, slow burner where he opens up to love, admitting he has fallen hard, and is willing to fight to keep it together.

“Baby come closer, closer / Only you can feel this empty heart / We’ve come to far to say that it’s over,” he sings.

On the second, “Doing Everything,” Kevin picks up the tempo and autotune a little, as he continues to sing about keeping a relationship in tack. “If I could have anything in this world, it would be you,” he sings over the Ben Billions production.

Take a listen to both below:

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Listen: DJ Carisma’s “Cookie Jar” (2/25 with Jordin Sparks)

DJ Carisma Jordin Sparks

It’s been a little minute since we’ve featured a new episode DJ Carisma’s “Cookie Jar,” but the Power 106 DJ is back in action spinning today’s hottest new R&B. Last night, she returned to TheMixShow studios and was joined by special guest Jordin Sparks.

The former American Idol winner is back on the scene with new music and her upcoming album Right Here, Right Now. She spoke about her new singles “It Ain’t You” and “Double Tap,” the new album and much more.

As always Carisma spun the hottest and sexiest in current R&B along with some throwbacks. Watch and stream the full show below:

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Premiere: MPrynt – If Later Never Comes


Former Motown signees MPrynt are back with a brand new song to get listeners ready for what they have to offer. Premiering their new record, “If Later Never Comes,” the now indie group is pouring it on thick with this one.

Found on their upcoming EP by the same title, the Pop & Oak produced song features the quartet showcasing their vocals while belting out about living in the moment.

Singing out, “What if later never comes? / And we lose this moment forever?,” the talented Philly natives – made up of Tyce, Fah, Budda, Real – are ready to give the world that good ol’ love making music all over again.

Take a listen to their new song below, and stay tuned for the EP coming soon!

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New Music: Tien – Retreat

Tien Retreat

Hungry for some quality soul music? Then feast your ears on indie singer Tien and his new single “Retreat.”

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter divides his time between the beaches of Southern Brazil and the highways of Los Angeles, and describes himself as a “philosophical romantic.”  Born to Vietnamese immigrants and raised in the rural town of Royal Oak, Maryland, Tien has a soaring, pure tenor voice that will guide you on a soulful voyage through Motown-inspired melodies and Rio-flavored rhythms. “I write a lot of my songs on foot, walking through whatever city I’m in,” he explains.

Earlier this year, Tien debuted his new single live on CBS Los Angeles, and now he is ready to share the official studio version. Over a subtle funky bass and soft strings, Tien coos about rekindling the comfort of love.

“What’s the price that I’ll have to pay, to buy the right to stay in my imagination,” he sings.

Take a listen below… What do you think?

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New Music: TOTEM – Pride (EP)


Emerging artist TOTEM has been impressing us and building a buzz with his songs “Sabotage” and “Sunrise,” but now the Atlanta native gives us a deeper taste of his artistry with his debut EP ‘PRIDE.’

The Alt-R&B/Pop singer-songwriter combines tender vocals with modern, buzzing beds of pop and electronic, his music pays attention to small details, but still aims for a big impact.

“Pride. The intersection of heart, mind, and soul. It can mask us. Expose us. Isolate us, or endear us,” explains TOTEM. “To have fought with one’s pride is to have tussled in trench of humanity. And yet, we often deny it’s importance in our every day lives. We give it names: confidence, fear, lust, and more. But at our core we are pride monsters. We exude it. We feel it.”

The 7-track project shares a narrative as he always has—with clarity and honesty. Hear & feel your words in his voice. For the story is as much yours, as it his.

Take a listen below:

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New Music: Candice – Everybody Loves


Singer-songwriter Candice is back with something new for listeners. While 2013 brought her introduction with the ‘Live From The Smokers Room‘ mixtape, and last year saw her release the unexpected single “Lesbian,” it seems as if 2015 is set to push her into the limelight a little more.

Set to deliver a series of songs via her new #TuneInTuesdays series, the Compound U artist and protégé of Ne-Yo, drops off the first installment today. Titled “Everybody Loves,” Candice lays it down as she remakes Ne-Yo’s song of the same name, from his latest album Non-Fiction.

Take a listen below:

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New Music: Lyrica Anderson – If You’re Remixing This It’s Too Late (Mixtape)


Well this is interesting!

R&B singer-songwriter Lyrica Anderson has decided to drop another mixtape, but this time, she borrowed a few pages from the book of Drake.

The Rap superstar, who released his surprise mixtape album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and debuted at No. 1 with 535,00 copies, hadn’t even had the opportunity to fully bask in its glory before it was deemed as perfection, and Lyrica is giving her stamp of approval as well. Remixing 8 of the tracks from the album, the famed songwriter – who titled her mixtape ‘If You’re Remixing This It’s Too Late‘ as a play on Drizzy’s title – lets it be known that the hate will be real on this one.

Taking her turn at tackling the beats to “Energy,” “Legend,” “Madonna,” “10 Bands,” and more, the sultry singer turns the tracks into anthems for women. While she’s revving up for the release of the third installment to her King Me trilogy, Lyrica has been spending time with the OVO 6 God himself in L.A. – and we’re hoping that a collaboration from the two will be the result.

Take a listen to her flip of Drake’s project below:

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New Music: Rihanna – Towards The Sun


Rihanna‘s eighth studio album may be dropping soon, but in the meantime the fans of the singer can bask in a little something to hold them over.

Following the release of her rising hit single “FourFiveSeconds,” the promo for her upcoming animated film Home kicks off with the new single, “Towards The Sun.” Giving listeners a little something different, the tribal inspired tune makes for an interesting introduction to the music she is putting together for the soundtrack.

Who knows, Rihanna may drop both albums at the same time for double the impact. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Take a listen to her new song below!

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