Exclusive: August Alsina Shares Words for His Father, Brother and Helping to Raise His Nieces

August Alsina has become known for his honest and always forthright lyrics and realness.  At times blunt, August just speaks his mind, but he will be the first to tell you that he is learning about himself and how to be a man everyday.

During our recent interview with the rising star, we asked him to share with us what he thinks he would say to his father if he was alive today.  Not surprising, August reveals the things he had to learn on his own, and what he feels he’s missed out on by not having a positive male figure.  We also asked him to also share some words for his older brother, who was killed in 2010 and was Alsina’s biggest motivation. More than anything he just thanks him.

When his brother passed he left behind three young daughters, who August now helps take care of and helps raise. He talks about the joy and struggle of that responsibility being a young man who is still just finding his own way.  Additionally, with his debut album Testimony finally in stores, we ask him about his plans to celebrate the release and his hopes for it’s impact.

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Exclusive: August Alsina Reflects on Early Releases, Brothers Passing, Single Success, Meeting Jay Z & Beyoncé and “Kissin On My Tattoos”

August Alsina made his debut right here back in August of 2011 with his acoustic remake of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love,” and following acoustic covers mixtape.  Followed by his first official project ‘The Product‘ exactly 2 years ago, and his successful follow-up The Product 2.   Reaching the top of the charts with his break-out debut single “I Luv This Sh*t,” the New Orleans native has been on an incredible climb, and it all culminated with the release of his first album Testimony, which hit stores on April 15.

ThisisRnB TV caught up with August while in NYC days before the LP’s release for a new interview.  In the clip above we take him back to his first releases, getting him to reflect on his goals and the early grind.  August talks about how his brothers passing pushed him to go all the way with his music and never look back.  He reveals that while working so hard he misses out on certain moments and loses memories.  But, the success of his debut single “I Luv This Sh*t” stuck with him because of how many people doubted it being a hit, and it was the song he knew had to be his official introduction.

After the jump, August tells the story of how Jeezy introduced him to Jay Z and what that moment was like, and at the same time how he accidentally ran into Beyoncé, plus the advice they gave to him.  Additionally he speaks about his next single “Kissin On My Tattoos,” which was a different style for him, but has already become a fan favorite.

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ThisisRnB TV: Catching Up with Dondria, Talks Womanhood, New Single “Coat Tail,” Upcoming EP & More

Six years ago we were all introduced to the burgeoning young Princess of So So Def, Dondria.  While she found mild success from her debut album Dondria Vs. Phatfffat, the Texas native struggled to build notoriety in the ever-changing music industry. The singer kept her close fans covered with the release of three mixtapes, but mostly remained out of the public eye as she continued to hone her craft.

Making her return earlier this year with the female empowering single “Coat Tail,” the young queen, as she likes to call herself now, is poised to make that deserving impact. Currently prepping for the release of her new EP, which is due out this summer, ThisisRnB TV caught up with Dondria Nicole while on a recent trip to NYC to perform at SOB’s.

Speaking candidly with us, Dondria opened up about her career to date, becoming a woman while following her dreams and learning to be confident. What her new single means to her and the story behind recording it. The lessons she constantly learns from producer Jermaine Dupri, and what fans should expect from her forthcoming EP and sophomore album.

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Exclusive: Noel Gourdin Making Music from the Heart, Talks New Album ‘City Heart, Southern Soul,’ R&B Today & More


Soulful singer Noel Gourdin has a voice of gold.  First receiving national acclaim with his 2008 single “The River,” the Boston native garnered much success and became known as a breakout star amongst many of the industry’s elite.

Now, 6 years later the crooner is still on the path of bringing back real feeling to R&B. Releasing his latest album, City Heart, Southern Soul, Noel has been grabbing the attention of the masses all over again. Taking some time to speak with ThisisRnB about his new album and career, the “Can’t Wait” singer told us just what he’s been up to when it comes to his current stance in the industry. Focusing on the process of the new album, his classic sound, the current state of R&B and much more, this interview should give you further insight or possibly help introduce you to Noel’s underrated talent.

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Exclusive: Tank – Albums That Changed My Life

Tank is back with new solo music and currently readying the release of his forthcoming album ‘Stronger,” due out this summer.  The R&B singer/songwriter’s sixth studio effort has been lead by the soulful and celebratory single “You’re My Star” (see Tank talking about the song and album here), and will be a step in a new direction for him sonically.

While talking about the upcoming release in our recent sit-down with him in NYC, we asked Tank to take us back and reflect on some of the albums or songs that really changed his life.

Being raised in the church and on mostly Gospel music during his youth it was of course the more clean cut R&B of the late ’80s that affected him, primarily the New Edition Heartbreak album, and Babyface’s Tender Lover.  That was until R. Kelly released “Down Low,” off his 1995 self-titled album, and made Tank a diehard fan!

Check out the interview clip above to hear Tank’s hilarious reflections on his early influences!

Exclusive: Tank Shares Inspiration and Advice from Justin Timberlake

Tank recently told us that he will be celebrating women and life with some tempo on his new album ‘Stronger,” which is due out this June.  In between touring with TGT and working on his own solo material, the R&B heartthrob spent a good amount of time traveling with his good friend who was on Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience Tour.”

During our recent sit-down with the singer/songwriter he talked to us about his admiration for the whole show and Justin’s own showmanship, and how it truly inspired him to create a full band style experience for his own new music.  Tank didn’t only receive inspiration from Justin, but also some pretty deep words of advice.  While playing him his new tracks, Justin dropped some words of encouragement to him which surprised all of us.

Check out the clip above, and if you haven’t watched it out, click here to see our new piece where Tank talks about the creation of his new single “You’re My Star” and the sound of his forthcoming album.

Exclusive: Tank – ‘Celebrating Women with Tempo on New Album,’ Talks “You’re My Star,” Jerry Wonda & More

Tank knows a thing or two about relationships and dealing with women.  After a career of mostly begging, pleading and apologizing, the R&B General is entering a new era with his forthcoming album titled Stronger, due out this June.

Releasing the horn-filled, celebratory new single “You’re My Star” last month, Tank is on a mission to make a bold comeback, delivering classic feel-good R&B with a 2014 twist.  ThisisRnB TV caught up with the singer/songwriter in NYC for a new interview to discuss the new single, his upcoming album and outlook on life.

In this clip, Tank takes us through the creative process of making and recording “You’re My Star,” which started off from a sample of the Jackson 5 classic “This Place Hotel,” and with the help of master producer Harvey Mason Jr. turned into the lively, soulful tribute to woman everywhere that we hear now.

We had to know though, will Tank be taking a break from the classic baby-makin’ tunes that we’ve come to expect from him?  “There are a few moments where you would want to make a baby,” explains Tank about the new album. “But, I think that it’s not a transition out of that, it’s an album that speaks to a different place that I am in my life and my career.”

Part of the inspiration behind the new sound came from a meeting Tank had with Grammy-winning producer Jerry Wonda, who ended up creating at least 4 of the records on the LP, one of which will be the second single, and a sound which not only celebrates women with tempo, but celebrates real music and having fun in life.

We are excited for the new era of Tank! Check out the interview clip above and stay tuned!

Exclusive: Toni Braxton & Babyface Talk ‘Love, Marriage & Divorce,’ Broadway’s ‘After Midnight’, Possible Standards Album?

Toni Braxton and Babyface have struck a cord with their passionate collaborative project Love, Marriage & Divorce.  The new album from the long-time friends has spawned the No. 1 single “Hurt You,” and received critical acclaim from critics and fans alike.  While an official tour is in the works, fans can currently catch Toni and Kenny on stage in the thriving Broadway show ‘After Midnight.’

The hit musical, combines the big-band songs of Duke Ellington and high energy dancing of the roaring ’20s, to revive the era of Harlem’s legendary Cotton Club. On March 18 Toni and Babyface made their debut as the show’s special guest performers, and you can catch them in the show until March 30.

Last week, ThisisRnB TV caught up with the R&B legends for an interview to discuss their roles in ‘After Midnight,’ and of course we had to ask them about their new album as well. While talking about the project we got to hear their feelings about Toni’s now infamous line in “I Wish” where she sweetly sings, “I hope she gives you a disease, so you will see, but not enough to make you die, but only make you cry, like you did to me.” (Yikes!)

Babyface revealed to us that he thinks Toni should record a standards album next, and he would be glad to work on it with another producer like David Foster. Toni was happy to hear that and said now it’s on record, she’s going to hold him to it!

Check out the interview above… You can pick up Love, Marriage & Divorce on iTunes now, and order tickets for ‘After Midnighthere.