Watch: Apple Presents “Meet the Musician” with Tinashe


With her debut album in stores Tinashe took part in Apple’s free “Meet the Musician” event while she was in NYC.  The sit-down Q&A was moderated by Hot 97’s Miss Info and gave fans the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the rising R&B star, and have some of their own questions answered live.

During her chat with Miss Info, the Cali native spoke about the amazing feeling of finally releasing her debut LP Aquarius, why it is different than any of her other releases, her multiple talents as a singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer; and how that all plays into her creative process.

Additionally, Tinashe talked about still living at home with her family, and recording many of the album’s songs from her bedroom studio, which she revealed never got awkward – even when she was singing some rather risque lyrics. She spoke about the small group of people she truly accepts constructive criticism from, some of her bigger dreams for her career, and dream collabo.

Check out the full interview below:

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T-Pain Talks Depression Period, Autotune, Future & Comeback


T-Pain has announced that he will be releasing a greatest hits album called Happy Hour on November 4. Along with the new release, which features his latest radio smash “Up Down (Do This All Day)” featuring B.o.B, the multi-talented artist has been on a very lengthy tour.

Recently catching up with his old friend Tim Westwood while visiting London, Pain opened up about many topics, which have followed him around over the years and recently, including his fight with depression, Jay-Z’s ‘Death of Autotune’ track, Future’s current success with autotune, cutting his dreads, and his comeback.

The Florida native revealed that the whole time people thought he was on a hiatus or had lost his touch he was really going through a bad business situation, which made him unable to create the music he wanted, and be fairly compensated. During this period his depression caused him to make a lot of very sad or negative songs, which he had to totally scrap when he realized no one would want to hear the topics he was writing about.

In regards to Future taking his lane, Pain explained why he thinks they are very different, due to his one-man show style of creating and their influences.

Check out the interview clips below:

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Exclusive: Adrian Marcel Talks ‘Weak After Next,’ “2 AM” Success, Being a Father While Pursuing R&B Music Career


This past summer, rising R&B singer/songwriter Adrian Marcel released his second mixtape ‘Weak After Next‘ and continued to greatly impress a growing fan base with the quality of material he delivers. With a new EP on the way before the end of the year, and his anticipated debut album Got Me F’d Up coming early 2015, ThisisRnB TV caught up with Adrian while he was recently in NYC for a performance.

Always a candid conversation, the Oakland native holds nothing back when we chat, and during our sit-down he opened up about the extended recording process for ‘Weak After Next,’ making sure it was a true follow-up to his breakout 2013 mixtape 7 Days of Weak, and choosing the right songs to give away at this time, while holding some very special ones back for his debut LP.

Adrian claims to be a pretty private person, even though he tends to give quite detailed descriptions of his decisions and thought processes with his work, however on his latest mixtape he revealed, in a special way, that he has a young daughter. We spoke about his choice for sharing that information through an interlude on the mixtape, where she leaves him a touching voicemail, he talked about how she influences his choices, and the life of being a father while pursuing a music career.

In addition to his free music, Adrian has found some commercial success with the popular club/radio single “2 AM,” which was a sound he had not previously released, and surprised some fans. He talked about making that decision and why he needs to make sure he has radio friendly music so his other music has a better chance of being heard by the masses, and how it all comes down to if the feeling is authentic.

Check out the full interview clip below:

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Ne-Yo Plays ‘Eff, Marry, Curve,’ Shares Threesome Rules on Power 106


Ne-Yo landed in the hot seat during a visit to Power 106 this week, while in L.A. for his “One Night with Ne-Yo” Tour.

While chatting with J Cruz and Justin Credible on ‘The Liftoff’ show, the R&B hitmaker was a good sport and played a honest game of ‘Eff, Marry, Curve’ (I guess Kill is too harsh now?), with three popular ladies – Mariah Carey, Amber Rose and Jordan Sparks. As always Ne-Yo was very candid with his answers, which may or may not surprise you.

Additionally, he shared some important advice on the rules for partaking in threesomes. The man has had his share of sexual exploits, so those of you hoping to one day find yourself in that situation, you might want to check out Ne-Yo’s advice below:

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Tinashe Plays ‘Eff, Marry, Kill,’ Performs “All Hands On Deck” Live on Power 106


With her debut album Aquarius in stores, Tinashe returned to her hometown radio station, Power 106, for an extended interview on the ‘Liftoff’ show.

One of the stations favorite games to play is the notorious ‘Eff, Marry, Kill,’ and they got the buzzing singer/songwriter to join in, asking her to choose between Matt Kemp, Nick Young or Chris Brown. A fan of the game, T admitted she never gets good choices, and apparently she wasn’t too happy with these, admitting to not knowing who Nick Young aka Swaggy P is.

In addition, Tinashe treated listeners to a playful, live performance as she sand along to potential single “All Hands on Deck,” off her debut LP.

Check out both clips below:

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Watch: Trey Songz Talks Upcoming Tour with Chris Brown


While Trey Songz and Chris Brown are getting fans ready for their future North American tour, with some collaborative remixes of current hits, the “Smartphones” singer recently visited The Recording Academy for a Grammy interview about his new album Trigga, and shared some expectations for their much-anticipated joint tour.

“Fans can expect to see us performing a catalog of records, can expect to see the brotherhood that he and I have, the chemistry that he and I have as friends,” explained Trey. “We’ve actually been working on new music as well, just having fun in the studio.”

He continued: “It’s something that we’re having fun with the idea of, so fans can expect to be very captivated.”

The upcoming tour is rumored to kick off as early as late fall. Check out the interview below:

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Pharrell and Alicia Keys Talk ‘The Voice,’ and Her New Album


With Pharrell Williams taking the role as a coach on the new season of ‘The Voice,’ you know he had to choose a very special team mentor, and he surely did with Alicia Keys. The multi-platinum hitmaker is about to head into the first series of battle rounds next week, so as they always do, NBC got the two artists together to talk about his team and working together.

In addition to confirming that he has a very strong team and complimenting one another, the two close friends and collaborators talked about Alicia’s upcoming album and how Pharrell was involved.

“I just love the place I found myself to be, free to express every part of myself, without censorship or inhibition,” explained Alicia. “The song that we did…it gets iller every time I hear it! I’m in love with this album man.”

You can catch Pharrell and Alicia on ‘The Voice‘ next Monday and Tuesday night at 8pm on NBC.

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Musiq Soulchild Explains Rap Alter-Ego ‘The Husel’ on The Breakfast Club


Musiq Soulchild, aka The Husel, is finally speaking out on a large platform about his surprising new music, which is far from what his fans loved him for, and more of what he considers a modern hip-hop vibe.

Automatically receiving harsh feedback from Charlamagne, the singer/rapper got right into the issues he has with anyone who hasn’t heard the music, but has a negative opinion about it. Standing his ground that this is not a gimmick Musiq explained and expressed his various reasons for trying something new with his artistry.

“This is just the beginning, like people put out albums, I’m putting out personalities,” he revealed. “Why is it okay for people to have a diverse playlist, but it’s not okay for an artist to make diverse music…This is totally in my heart and in my soul.”

He also revealed that living in Atlanta heavily influenced his creativity and his desire to try rapping, while again strongly stating that this is all from a creative space.

“I’m not doing this as a publicity stunt, I’m not doing this as a gimmick, I’m not even doing this to get your attention, I’m doing this because this is what I wanted to do at a point in time. I’m not going through no artistic midlife crisis, I’m not selling out, I’m not part of the Illuminati, I’m not selling my soul, I’m just being creative and having fun with music.”

He also confirmed that he is not stopping Musiq Souldchild, and he is actually currently working on a new album for that side of himself as well. But, he didn’t say when that album might be coming out, because he has more “personalities” that he wants to explore.

Watch the full interview below, and let us know your thoughts!

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