Watch: Sevyn Streeter Interview with Big Boy TV


Sevyn recently swung by Real 92.3 in Los Angeles for an interview with Big Boy.

Hot on the heels of her brand new EP ‘Should’ve Been There,’ the R&B singer/songwriter spoke about her past in RichGirl, relationship with rapper B.o.B, writing about her ex on the new EP, the story of her losing a sex toy at a hotel and more!

Watch the full interview below:

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Listen: The Red Light Special R&B Podcast #8 with Special Guests R. Kelly & Melanie Fiona

Red Light Special Podcast

On this week’s episode of “Red Light Special” Rob and Kristin are joined by non-other than the R&B King himself – R. Kelly, for a quick interview where he says R&B is in a “state of emergency” and urges all of the artists in the genre to really keep the music alive, but he salutes artists like Trey Songz and the Weeknd. He also talks about what we can expect from his forthcoming new album Buffet, and gives advice on building the perfect playlist.

As if Kellz wasn’t enough though, they were also joined by Melanie Fiona who spoke about going independent, her new single “Bite the Bullet,” and her upcoming album Awake. Mel also spoke about all the talent in her native Toronto and saluted Drake for really giving the city a platform. She also talked about being in a group with Drake before they both blew up (we all knew this right?). And at the end Melanie sings live and sounds AMAZING.

Stream the full podcast below!

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R. Kelly Tells Great Michael Jackson Story, Talks New Album ‘Buffet,’ New Movie “Blue Suede,” and More During ‘Live Listening Lounge’


During a special ‘Live Listening Lounge’ event, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenburg and WBLS’ Deja Vu sat down with R. Kelly for an insightful interview. Kellz shared some stories, including his dream-come-true of working with Michael Jackson, and revealed some of the projects he has in the works, as well as his new album Buffet.

When Kellz was asked how he got the collaboration with MJ he said, “Micheal’s like the president. He can contact anyone.” Rosenberg asked him about the infamou album, Loveland and why it was never officially released. “Loveland wasn’t put out because of bootlegging and it was already introduced to the world before an official release,” he said.

Making a statement that will certainly shock most R&B fans, when asked which artist he would still like to work with today, Kellz paused and explained that he’s at his best when he’s wanted and knows exactly where an artist is trying to go, and that artist would be Trey Songz! He said he would actually love to do a full album with Trigga! (This needs to happen now!!)

R. Kelly also revealed that he is in the process of writing a movie called “Blue Suede,” that is inspired by his grandfather (a Blues musician) as well as B.B. King. The film tells the story of main character Illinois Blue that may be portrayed by Kelly himself, but he said that the part wasn’t written for him specifically. His famed hip-hopera, “Trapped in the Closet,” has a few chapters completed with more on the way, and may premiere in time for September.

Check out the interview below!

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Melanie Fiona Talks Working Without a Label, Being Ready for Marriage, and Her Love for Michael Bolton


Melanie Fiona swung by Hot 97 for a new interview this week speaking with Ebro and Laura Stylz. With her anticipated third album, Awake, on the way the singer/songwriter spoke about her recent relocation to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, where she had been living for a few years, her surprising collaboration with Michael Bolton, being ready for marriage and so much more.

Fiona said that she was glad about the move to Brooklyn because it gave her the opportunity to experience what it’s like having a house, and a place where she can carry the groceries to the door. Her collaboration with famed singer Michael Bolton was a surprise not only to her fans, but to her as well because she is a fan of Bolton’s music! Her latest single “Bite the Bullet” got many fans hype for her upcoming album, but she revealed she is already prepping for the release of the next single, called “I Tried.”

Melanie also talked about going independent and how she was fine with being able to do her own thing.

Check out the interview below:

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Listen: The Red Light Special R&B Podcast #7 with Special Guest Ryan Leslie

Red Light Special Podcast

On this week’s episode of “Red Light Special” Rob and Kristin are joined in the studio by singer/songwriter, producer and rapper Ryan Leslie to talk about his new album MZRT, the unique way he’s selling his music and why he’s willing to give every single one of his fans his phone number so they can text him. Ryan also opens up about how his hustle affects his love life and clarifies his current relationship with his ex-girlfriend Cassie.

In regards to his 2012 lyric: “My new chick is so hot that’s why I like her/ My ex chick is so hot, but Diddy wife’d her.” Ryan explained; “I believe there’s a time and a season for every special moment. And that time and that season and the place that we were as a team in New York City… is wildly and vastly different to the lives and our present situations.”

“When I wrote those lyrics, that was 2012 – it’s three years out. Much has changed. I actually haven’t spoken to her in a long time. So If I’m actually shouting people out… I would actually just say if I could offer an apology for the just the number of questions or the number of off-color references or prodding or people wanting to stir things up. I think at the very core of it, when you listen to those records it just sounded like there was magic there. And seasons change and times change and like I said our present existence is so wildly and vastly different to that which it was at the time we were making those records.”

Stream the full podcast below:

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Exclusive: Sevyn Streeter Live at Essence Festival 2015


Sevyn Streeter returned to New Orleans this past July 4th weekend to perform at ESSENCE Music Festival for the second year in a row. Following a commanding performance at the “Hot Right Now” Superlounge, we caught up with the singer/songwriter for a quick backstage interview.

Always fun to chat with, Sevyn shared why she loves the Essence experience so much, and what fans can expect from her upcoming EP ‘Should Been There,’ due out July 17. Additionally she told us what song – past or present – does she wish she wrote and why, plus she shared her dream team all-star collaboration.

Check out the interview below!

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R. Kelly Reveals His Weirdest Fan Story, Speaks On Today’s State of R&B

r. Kelly Hot 97

R. Kelly swung by Hot 97 on Tuesday for an interview with new host Megan Ryte just days before his show at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

The R&B King first learned about Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young’s request to have him sing “Marry The P****,” at his wedding to Iggy Azalea. And his reaction was pretty classic.

“I can understand that,” he said. “That’s why I wrote it.”

He also stated his thoughts on R&B music today and commented on Tyrese’s challenge with Ebro in the Morning that artists should do a whole album without features.

“I believe if they put their mind to it, and really dig deep in the studio and tap in, it can be done,” he said.

But Kellz isn’t worried about featuring rappers on his own music or not, he’s done it all, he revealed a brand new collaboration to look out for off his upcoming album Buffet with Wale and Juicy J called “Marching Band.”

He also shares his craziest fan moment and whether he would step on a NYC subway to sing like Brandy did. Watch the interview below:

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Exclusive: Adrian Marcel Live at Essence Festival 2015


Adrian Marcel traveled down to New Orleans this past July 4th weekend to perform for the first time at the 21st annual ESSENCE Music Festival. Following a noteworthy performance at the “Hot Right Now” Superlounge, we caught up with the R&B singer for a quick backstage interview.

Always open and honest, Adrian spoke with us about how he stays so humble and true to himself, he talked about the creation of his latest project ‘Weak After Next: Reloaded,’ and shared which song he wishes was made an official single off his debut mixtape ‘7 Days of Weak.’ Additionally, while he wouldn’t reveal too much, Adrian gave us a little info on what fans can expect from his upcoming single produced by Ayo The Producer.

Check out the interview below:

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