Chris Brown Opens Up About Drug Use, Lawsuits, Rihanna, Karrueche, Drake, Tour with Trey Songz & More on Hot 97


For his first candid radio interview in quite some time, Chris Brown paid a visit to his old friend Ebro and the Hot 97 morning crew.  Wasting no time they delved right into his struggles over the years, following the Rihanna assault to dealing with bad influences, drugs, jail time and much much more.

Chris admitted to allowing the wrong people to be around him, and being on numerous prescription drugs that really affected his judgement and his craft. He spoke about how his actions have given certain media outlets the ability to make a lot of money off of him, and he admitted that his demons today are being afraid of failure.

“I think my only demon is the doubt in myself, but I think that also makes me great at the same time, because if I doubt myself I don’t always think everything I’m gonna do is going to be the best,” said Chris. “It always keeps me on my toes, so I think my demons is just me being afraid of failure.”

Chris also touched on how his team made him handle the past situation with Rihanna in regards to the media and how he didn’t want to go that route. He spoke about when they got back together around a year ago, why he wanted to make amends with her and try to make it work again. Those points quickly lead to her relationship with Drake, and his feelings toward the rap star back then to when they patched up any past beef and surprised fans with their skit together at this years ESPY Awards.

For all the people that have criticized the lyrics of his hit single “Loyal,” Chris explained the songs theme, and why it has nothing to do with his relationship with girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

This was definitely one of Chris’ best interviews ever, when you have some free time check out the full chat below:

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Boyz II Men Reveal the Real Story Behind Estranged Fourth Member


With their brand new album Collide in stores, Boyz II Men have been hitting the promo circuit and this week they sat for an interview with HuffPost Live. One of the main topics the trio discussed was the true story behind why the group, which was a foursome throughout the ‘90s, became a trio starting in 2003. While reports said the fourth member Michael McCary left the group due to severe scoliosis, the remaining members said there was much more happening behind the scenes.

“Mike was kind of always the odd guy in a sense,” explained Shawn. “Obviously he was a freak of nature vocally. There’s nobody that we’ve encountered outside of Melvin [Franklin] from The Temptations that actually spoke the way that he sang. Like, he was a true bass. You got guys that act like basses and sing like basses but aren’t basses.”

Nathan Morris said McCary didn’t like rehearsals or any of the nitty gritty stuff that comes along with being a top music act. “It seems like he kind of gave up when things didn’t go well.”

Officially, McCary has said a severe case of scoliosis was his reason for leaving the group, though the remaining members say that the back condition was only a fraction of his reason for departure. McCary said in 2012 that he wanted to return to the group, but he balked at signing a contract that would protect the other three should McCary bolt again.

“Because he left us hanging so many times, we had to cover what we had been doing the last nine years he wasn’t there,” Nate said. “You can’t just run out one day and don’t show up. We had to have some sort of contractual agreement to make sure he was going to be there for everything.”

Nate even told a story where McCary seemed like he was back on board, then later rescinded his support because he wouldn’t be a “full” fourth member. When he called the group to tell his frustrations, they basically hung up on him and continued making their album.

Nonetheless, the trio added that McCary’s spot will always be open for a return should he want to.

“There’s always a chance. Mike is … we experienced that with Mike, so his slot will always be open for him. But he has to go about things correctly for it to happen,” shared Shawn.

Additionally they discussed their early image, which was very preppy for the time, and how that affected certain fans views of them.

“To our peers in the music experience, we didn’t encompass the ‘black experience’ because of what we were wearing and things of that nature,” said Shawn “At the end of the day, we felt like we represented not only our race, but our city, Philadelphia. We knew it would open doors for artists and groups that would come after us. We always kept that in mind, regardless of whether black folks looked at us as cool or not.”

Check out the interview clips below:

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Exclusive: Adrian Marcel Talks Debut Album ‘Got Me F’d Up,’ Influence from Raphael Saadiq


During our recent chat with rising R&B singer Adrian Marcel we delved in to his forthcoming debut album, which is titled ‘Got Me F’d Up‘ or GMFU for short, due out early 2015 via Republic Records.  After releasing two very impressive free mixtapes, 7 Days of Weak and Weak After Next, the Oakland native has plans to end the year with an EP prior to his full-length album.

While many of his fans felt like his mixtapes were album quality or very close to it, the young singer/songwriter has the bar set much higher for his first LP. In his mind the label “mixtape” keeps listeners with low expectations, but an album is different, and he plans to deliver on that higher expectation with GMFU.

“This album is huge for me because I don’t know if I could get anymore honest. It’s a lot of songs on there keeping up with life and where I am at now and where I see myself,” explained Adrian. “There are insecurities on there, there are proud moments, everything that I’ve been through, it’s all on it.”

Adrian talked about making certain records such as his summer hit “2 AM” to reach a larger audience, and why it’s so important to make a coherent album including records that can work at radio, in the bedroom and for all emotions. “There’s so much that I can do, and I don’t like to put myself in a box. So I enjoy the challenge of finding the commercial, finding the honest, finding the ballads, finding the heartbreak, finding the love, because it’s about putting together a full project.”

Additionally, he spoke about working with his mentor Raphael Saadiq, and his influence over his music, career and life.

Check out the full interview below!

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Usher on Touring: “I Don’t Have To Prove Anything”


With his anticipated “The UR Experience” tour kicking off this week, Usher recently sat down with CBS Radio to talk about his current mind state when it comes to hitting the road and giving large audiences a special show.

He revealed that these days, he takes a somewhat more laid back approach to performing than in the past. “Being the best at this point in my life is being committed to it,” he explained. “No doubt about it, I don’t have to prove anything. I mean I’ve been doin it for 20 years, this will be my 8th album, and I’m just naturally a hard worker, anything that I do I go after it to be the best.”

He continued: “After a few things have happened in my life, to me, even during my performance, I realized that perfection is how you feel. It’s being able to check in out and out of your dance and performance and it be effortless that makes a performance incredible.”

Additionally, Usher spoke about how in his time as a teen star he had very few embarrassing paparazzi moments. But, he discussed his onstage breakdown from 2011, and also discussed giving advice to younger artists.

Peep the interview clips below:

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Mary J. Blige Visits ‘The Tea’ With Mutha Knows On Power 99


The Queen, Mary J. Blige is heavy on her promo run for her upcoming new album The London Sessions, which set to be released on December 2!

MJB recently sat down with Mutha Knows of Philly’s Power 99 for one of her most personable interviews to date. Mary spoke about her departure from Geffen/Interscope, being labeled legendary, comparisons and much more!

Check out the interview after the jump!

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Tinashe Talks ‘Aquarius’ and Influences in ‘Billboard’ Q&A


Tinashe has become one of the most talked about faces and voices in R&B as of late and her debut album Aquarius is proof of why. Spawning the two lead singles “2 On” and “Pretend,” the young signer created a lil masterpiece with the track selection for her first album.

Recently covering Billboard, the 21-year-old party rocker revealed that she was bullied by “legions of kids” during her youth. Now, a phenom in the making, the beautiful songstress is on her way to being at the top of the charts. In their behind-the-scenes Q&A video below, Tinashe discusses her plans after Aquarius and influences.

Check it out after the jump!

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Watch: Apple Presents “Meet the Musician” with Tinashe


With her debut album in stores Tinashe took part in Apple’s free “Meet the Musician” event while she was in NYC.  The sit-down Q&A was moderated by Hot 97’s Miss Info and gave fans the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the rising R&B star, and have some of their own questions answered live.

During her chat with Miss Info, the Cali native spoke about the amazing feeling of finally releasing her debut LP Aquarius, why it is different than any of her other releases, her multiple talents as a singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer; and how that all plays into her creative process.

Additionally, Tinashe talked about still living at home with her family, and recording many of the album’s songs from her bedroom studio, which she revealed never got awkward – even when she was singing some rather risque lyrics. She spoke about the small group of people she truly accepts constructive criticism from, some of her bigger dreams for her career, and dream collabo.

Check out the full interview below:

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T-Pain Talks Depression Period, Autotune, Future & Comeback


T-Pain has announced that he will be releasing a greatest hits album called Happy Hour on November 4. Along with the new release, which features his latest radio smash “Up Down (Do This All Day)” featuring B.o.B, the multi-talented artist has been on a very lengthy tour.

Recently catching up with his old friend Tim Westwood while visiting London, Pain opened up about many topics, which have followed him around over the years and recently, including his fight with depression, Jay-Z’s ‘Death of Autotune’ track, Future’s current success with autotune, cutting his dreads, and his comeback.

The Florida native revealed that the whole time people thought he was on a hiatus or had lost his touch he was really going through a bad business situation, which made him unable to create the music he wanted, and be fairly compensated. During this period his depression caused him to make a lot of very sad or negative songs, which he had to totally scrap when he realized no one would want to hear the topics he was writing about.

In regards to Future taking his lane, Pain explained why he thinks they are very different, due to his one-man show style of creating and their influences.

Check out the interview clips below:

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