Listen: Introducing MacKenzie with ‘Introverted Rebellion’ EP


Art is an unfiltered expression and the Virginia bred and Los Angeles based newcomer MacKenzie makes his first appearance on ThisisRnB proving just that with some solid material.

A singer by nature and a writer by practice, MacKenzie possesses that special something that sets him apart from the rest. Studying the likes of James Brown, Prince, Freddy Mercury, and Michael Jackson nurtured a spark in him that would consume his being. On “Can We Die” from his ‘Introverted Rebellion‘ EP makes it clear that his artistry is undeniable and we’re excited for what’s next!

Take a listen to “Can We Die” below:

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New Music: Kendall – Ridin

Kendall Reward 500x500

Atlantic Records new up and coming singer/songwriter Kendall has finally returned with a new song.

We originally introduced you to the young Houston native at the beginning of the year with the catchy R&B/Pop tune “Reward.”

Today, Kendall delivers a chill vibe with “Ridin,” as she explains why she won’t listen to anyone that tells her to stay away from her young love interest.

“It don’t matter what they have to say / I’m ridin with you either night or day,” she confesses.

Take a listen to her ride or die anthem below:

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New Music: Justin Ruff – I’m With It


Emerging artist Justin Ruff makes his debut on ThisIsRnB and rightfully so. Dropping his new single, “I’m With It,” the impressive vocalist had us turning the knob up on this one.

Singing out, “I don’t want to waste your time / I’m not like these other guys,” the dapper gentleman has surely caught our attention. Delivering a great combination of past and current day R&B sounds, the up and coming star will be one to keep an eye peeled for as the year progresses.

Take a listen as J.Ruff takes it down a notch for the ladies below:

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Must Listen! Angie Fisher – I.R.S.

Angie Fisher IRS-t500x500

Holy shiiit, what a voice!!

Yep, we had to curse there. It’s very rare that we get totally blown away by a vocal these days, but then this happened. Introducing Angie Fisher!

“2000 bucks would save my life,” belts the incredible vocalist over a sparse bluesy track titled “I.R.S.,” written by Grammy-nominated writer/producer B. Slade and produced by Ro and Sauce from the hit-making R&B group Somethin’ for the People. Then: “200 bucks would ease the pain / The I.R.S. is on my case / But I refuse to let them make me go insane.” Well ain’t that the truth!

Until recently, Fisher was an acclaimed and in-demand session and background singer. So much so that she has worked with the best of the best including Michael Jackson, Christina Aquilera, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige and the list goes on and on.

“I don’t know anyone who sounds like me,” says the straightforward singer. “I want to touch people’s souls when I sing. I want them to know that what they hear in the studio is what they will definitely hear live. It’s always about the delivery.”

Now, it’s Fisher’s turn to step from the background and take center stage. Currently in the studio recording her debut album, she’s ready for her close-up. “I have a unique sound that makes people pay attention,” she declares. “And I have a story to tell.”

You don’t want to miss this one! Get caught up in Angie’s spellbinding vocal below!

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New Music: TIAAN – Clean

TIAAN Clean-t500x500

Emerging artist TIAAN is back to bless our ears with a brand new record.  Following her impressive self-titled debut mini EP, the Australian bred songstress delivers a chill, melodic vibe with the aptly titled “Clean.”

Over a sparse, flowing production TIAAN assures the listener that no sadness will last forever, as she offers a comforting embrace.

“Please don’t fear it, let them tears fall / You are safe right here, in my arms,” she sensually sings.

Recently, TIAAN premiered an in-studio performance of her fan favorite song “Dive Deep” with us, you can check it out here.

Take a listen to her latest song below:

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Emerging Artist Telana Releases Debut EP ‘AETHER’

Telana Aether EP

California has consistently bred many of today’s most exciting young acts, so it’s no surprise to us when promising young talent comes our way from L.A. and it’s surrounding cities.

17-year-old singer/songwriter and Los Angeles native, Telana, is the latest to do so with her official debut EP, and it’s quickly caught our ears. Titled ‘AETHER,’ the short 3-song project features a chill, ethereal vibe overall to the production, while Telana impresses vocally with a raw soulfulness that feels mature beyond her years.

The lead single “Gemini,” which comes with an accompanying visual, finds the singer confiding in her listeners about a confusing love affair.

“Used to be at your condo, laid up, just me and you / Having a convo blazed up, doin what we do / Now you seem like a stranger, you changed up, don’t know you,” she sings.

Following suit to some of today’s similar acts like Jhené Aiko, SZA or Tinashe, Telana is certainly blazing her own path in young female R&B, and she is definitely one to keep your third eye on.

Check out her debut EP and video below!

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New Music: IDEH feat. Flowzart – The One


Rising UK artist IDEH drops off her new single to us and we’re definitely feeling it! Titled, “The One,” the sensual beauty makes her first appearance on the site, but we’re almost sure it won’t be her last.

Singing out, “We ain’t gotta go home now / Drink is feeling too strong now,” the London bred singer gives us a throwback R&B vibe with her sensual vocals. Featuring rapper Flowzart, the single was written by IDEH and produced by Villi Mambu. Currently in the process of working on her debut EP, if this single is any indication of the upcoming project than we’re all here for what IDEH has to offer.

Check out her debut single below:

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New Music: Alex Jacke – Fashion

Alex Jacke - Fashion

Burgeoning artist Alex Jacke has remained someone we’ve kept our eye on even though he hasn’t released much since his impressive mixtape ‘DFM.’

While he dropped a freebie earlier this year with the sexy single “Apart,” Jacke now takes a break from the bedroom booms for something much more dance floor ready.

With a title that fittingly compliments the track, the L.A. native is providing a soundtrack for the runways and VIP lounges with “Fashion.” Over funky bass and a disco groove, Alex flexes his falsetto as he calls out a sexy model’s motives in the club. The track ends with a sample of Blonde’s classic “Rapture,” how perfect!

Take a listen below!

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