New Music: Teamarr – In My Mind

Teamarr In My Mind

Emerging artist Teamarr is letting you inside her mind and taking listeners on a ride in her debut single, “In My Mind.”

The Boston based singer/songwriter’s mind probably isn’t much different than what’s going on in your own. She uses the track to express her personal sexual desires and boast her self-esteem. Inside her head, she can do anything she wants to do and be the kind of woman that she wants to be, without any judgement. “In My Mind” is a day-dreamy R&B / Pop track about losing herself in her thoughts about love interests. The song is perfect to vibe out to as you dream about the guy (or girl) that you have your eye on.

Teamarr soulfully sings over the chorus, “Probably making my bed, in my mind / Giving him head, in my mind / Going to bed, in my mind / Making the bread, throwing it back, doing the math, in my mind.”  As she begins to trail off into the verses of the song, we can’t help but share the high she’s on while she daydreams about everything going on in her head.

Check out the track below.

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Beyoncé’s Parkwood Signees, Chloe x Halle, Release Debut EP ‘Sugar Symphony’


Beyoncé‘s youngest Parkwood signees, Chloe x Halle, are here to slay!

The YouTube sensations, turned superstars-in-the-making have released their debut EP, Sugar Symphony, via Parkwood Entertainment, and it serves as a perfect introduction to what we can expect for them in the future. Led by their debut single, “Drop,” the girls used this EP to experiment with different sounds and musical ideas in order to establish their voice. With varying slow and mid-tempo tracks, the girls play with carefully constructed instrumental and electronic production to showcase their powerful voices.

Some standout tracks on Sugar Symphony include “Thunder,” “Fall” and “Lazy Love”. Though neither Chloe nor Halle have reached the age of 18 yet, their lyrics and vocals are on par with singers twice their age. Each song builds upon the next to create a symphony of sound similar to the way the duo creates unique medley covers on their YouTube channel. Although their debut project only boasts 5 songs, it’s just enough to keep us wanting more and wondering what’s next to come from these teen sensations.

Check out the EP below.

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Newcomer Bernard Flowers: “Music My Great Escape” Mini-Doc + “This Feeling” Video


Last month, we posted the debut single by Epic Records latest emerging R&B artist, Bernard Flowers.

The record, titled “This Feeling,” is a cool, kind of safe mid-tempo R&B ballad. However, Flowers upbringing in Memphis, Tenn. was far from safe, and now he lets us into his world, and his life with a mini-doc, called ‘The Escape.’

Flowers, 23, introduces himself to viewers in the two-part documentary short, which was shot at his Memphis home with his friends and family by his side.

“It’s only right that I bring y’all back to the city that I got all my game from,” he says of the doc. “I knew I wanted to be an entertainer from day one.” Though he followed basketball at first, and then a short-lived rap group, Flowers moved to Atlanta not long after graduating high school and became a full-fledged singer in whatever studio he could find.

“God gives things to you for a reason,” Flowers says. “It’d be disrespectful to disregard the fact that I can sing. It’s a gift.”

If you let Bernard tell it, music has been his great escape, and he’s poised to make a world that’s all his own.  Get to know him more below…

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Emerging Artist Ambré Perkins Releases New Mixtape ‘2090’s’


Don’t doubt the Tsunami Mob’s ability to bring the heat!

Kehlani‘s team continues to put their best foot forward with the release of emerging artist Ambré Perkins brand new project 2090’s.  Following her 2015 debut mixtape Wanderlust, this 19-year-old R&B star in the making gives listeners a well put together concept project from beginning to end.  The New Orleans native takes us on a trip to the 2090’s where we experience all the things going on in her life and mind, ranging from love, concern for humanity, and maintaining her own happiness.

Featuring production from a small group of buzzing producers including Swagg R’Celious, Erick Bardales, and Soufwest, Ambré establishes a fresh new sound that will definitely resonate with anyone who listens. We must warn you though, you might need a tissue or two to get through this project, because it will have you in your feelings. The young songstress is a pro at connecting with her emotions and turning them into songs that are relatable to listeners on a personal level.  The standout tracks on the project are “She Ain’t Me,”  “Someone,” “Fantasy” and “Free,” which all show the diversity in sound that this young Tsunami Mob member has to offer her fans.

If you’re just now discovering who Ambré Perkins is, it’s not too late to hop on her wave. The Tsunami Mob is about to take over, and you don’t want to miss the ride.

Check out the mixtape below.

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New Music: Rush Davis – ‘Pain’ + ‘Feel Trip’

Rush Davis Pain

Back in the spring of 2014 we featured a rising artist by the name of Rush Davis, with a couple of his single releases, but not much followed–until now.

The Los Angeles based artist has finally returned with a new project on the way, and he has already shared two new songs off of it, for our listening pleasure.  The most recent, titled “Pain,” is produced by Fisticuffs (Miguel, Jhené Aiko), and delivers a submerged vibe, with Rush stuck between the love he wants from his muse, and the love he receives.

On the previously released, “Feel Trip,” the singer/songwriter takes listeners on a trip down memory lane, not only with the retro-feeling, horn-heavy production, but with his personal recount of an early sexual experience.

“Your biology, my anatomy / Come and learn about our bodies geography / Lets take a feel trip, under the bleachers / I wanna feel you, pull me in deeper,” he sensually sings.

Rush’s upcoming album, titled Transmission, is due out this summer. Take a listen to his two new songs below.

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Video: Vedo – In My Feelings


Vedo just might take your girl if you’re not careful!

The first video from the rising singer’s new EP State of Mind has arrived and it tells the complicated story of wanting someone you can’t have. The single, “In My Feelings, is an ode to an ex-girlfriend whom Vedo knows that he can’t have anymore because she’s moved on with another guy.

The visuals open with him running into his ex while on a morning jog, and follows him in various locations as he reminisces on the special bond they had. After they’ve crossed paths during their morning workout, we’re shown bits and pieces of their intimate past, leaving us to wonder what’s next?

Filled with lots of dancing and luxurious background settings, maybe Vedo will get another chance with his ex. His performance definitely convinces us that that he’s still “In His Feelings”, and hopefully this lucky lady will take him back, at least for one last night.

Check out the video below.

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New Music: Gin Mason – My Fault

Tune in and vibe out with emerging artist Gin Mason.  The Boston native has made her official debut with the release of her first single, “My Fault,” from her forthcoming debut EP, Navy Blue.  The single is a smooth, slow burner that offers the listener a glimpse of Gin Mason’s skillful lyricism.

Born and raised to Dominican (the Caribbean island, not to be mistaken with Dominican Republic) parents, West Indian culture was a tremendous part of her upbringing and continues to play a large role in her life. Though she was born and raised in Boston, Gin Mason absolutely considers herself an “island gyal.”

Inspired by timeless dancehall rudeness and sultry 90s R&B harmonies, Gin Mason’s sound is paradoxically both refreshing and nostalgic. Her musical influences include Brandy, 702 and Craig David to name a few. “My Fault” is reminiscent of traditional R&B in its theme while still fresh and innovative in terms of vocal delivery.

You can certainly expect to hear more flows and definitely more slick bars from this rising singer/songwriter.

Take a listen below.

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Listen: Newcomer Todd Zack Jr. Releases Debut Album ‘betterwithtime.’

Todd Zack Jr Album

In need for some refreshing new vibes?! Tune in to emerging newcomer, Todd Zack Jr.!

The Elyria, Ohio native is setting his best foot forward with his debut project, betterwithtime. The 12-track free album takes us through a personal journey of Todd’s life that allows listeners in on his past, present and future. With a mix of both up-tempo songs and slow jams, the emerging artist showcases his versatility in both his vocal and writing abilities.

With just one listen through the album, you can hear the influence of some of his favorite artists like Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson, which helps give his delivery more of a throwback feeling. But at the same time, the combination of his lyrics and the way he crafts his songs are very modern and similar to the R&B sounds of today that we love thanks to the likes of a Trey Songz, Chris Brown, or Bryson Tiller.

Some of Toddy Flay’s stand-out tracks are “vibe,” “thekid,” and his Usher sampled “FYR (Freak You Right).” Each of these tracks show a different side of the singer/songwriter and are infectious in their own right. His gift of creating memorable choruses will have you singing his lyrics long after you finish listening. At only 25 years old, Todd Zack Jr. is just getting started and with such a great debut, we can’t wait to see whatever he’s got coming next!

Check out his debut album below.

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