Fan Poll: Who Had The Best R&B Album of 2017?


As we wrap up 2017, it’s time to reflect on and celebrate our favorite releases of the year! In our world, the R&B genre continued to make strong progressive strides throughout the past 12 months.

In general, when we look back over the year it’s clear that woman reigned supreme. That female empowerment was a catalyst for many of the year’s greatest releases as well. Across the spectrum we had impressive comebacks and breakout debuts from woman of all ages, races, and sonic stylings.

However, male artists shined brightly as well with some soulfully experimental and funky, political expressions that continue to have us pressing play. This year we are opening up our recap of the year’s best albums to you! Everyone’s taste and opinions are rooted in various experiences and inspirations, so we want to hear from you directly!!

Using the poll down below, share your picks, opinions, and top choices for the best R&B albums of 2017. You can choose just 1 or pick 20, it’s open season, but let your voice be heard now!

We will announce the final results next week. LETS VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  1. BK 1 month ago

    Sooo…no mention of Brian McKnight’s Genesis, and how this was his best album in years??

  2. ThisisRnB 1 month ago

    Honest mistake, it has been added in!

  3. Brit 1 month ago

    SZA no doubt is good, great voice and style, but did she have the best album? Idk…

  4. Vincent johnson 1 month ago

    Lyrica Anderson Adia

  5. Phil 1 month ago

    I would put Charlie Wilson up against anyone on the list…

  6. Carla 1 month ago

    I just couldn’t get into SZA’s album. There are a lot of great albums on the list though.

  7. MrM3Ls 1 month ago

    Easy pick for me Daniel Caesar – Freudian

  8. Monica Brown 1 month ago

    Mary J. Blige’s – Strength Of A Woman – It represents so many situations that we face in today’s environment, like the #MeToo movement to the #BlackLivesMatter movements.

    So, go out and get or stream Mary J.’s album because girlfriend has some slamming cuts. And, then hashtag a sista, okay.


  9. FDude 1 month ago

    Syd – Fin for sure, she’s fresh, her voice is dope and album is amazing!

  10. JGT 1 month ago

    What about the newest Boyz II Men album? those dudes are the 90s R&B group powerhouse

  11. astoldbyroman 1 month ago

    I actually agree Lyrica’s album should be on here, I still have several of the songs on repeat. Nothing beats Sabrina Claudio’s album though.

  12. Vlado 1 month ago

    Majid Jordan – Space Between

  13. SacatraStorm 1 month ago

    People sleep on Kelela. Take Me Apart was fantastic.

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