Listen: Mila J Releases New Project ‘Dopamine’


Mila J is back, giving a dose of dope to fans.

The singer/songwriter has surprised with the release of a brand new project titled ‘Dopamine,’ which quickly follows her Valentine’s Day mixtape MILAULONGTIME.

The 13-track project contains the standout opening song “No Fux,” the previously released “Fuckboy” and “Move,” and the I Rich-featured “I Do Love You.”

Fans who purchase the iTunes version, will also receive three music videos for the vulnerable “No Fux,” the melodic “New Crib,” and the dance-ready “Move.”

This latest effort was inspired by Mila’s recent reading of Daniel Levitin’s This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession. “It really broke down how our brain reacts to music, what’s released when we hear a song, and why we like certain music,” she told Essence. “Dopamine is that chemical that’s released when things just feel good. It is that favorite song and that favorite band. And, I just feel very happy and very free.”

Take a hit of Dopamine below.

  1. Deal 12 months ago

    She needs to stop releasing random ass music and focus on some good tracks and give it time and then release. She will lose me as a fan and I’m here since Dame Four group and 1st solo: Complete record

  2. […] April, Mila dropped her Dopamine project, which she said is the precursor to her long-awaited debut album, that is due out later […]

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