Kehlani Covers ‘Galore Mag’ Talks Early Life, Social Media, Debut Album & More


Kehlani is just a young human who is continuously discovering herself through new experiences, some of which she fought hard to survive, but mostly right now she is just enjoying life.

While she had to postpone the remaining dates on the European leg of her “Sweet Sexy Savage World Tour” for hernia surgery, the 21-year-old R&B singer/songwriter caught up with Galore Magazine for an in-depth conversation, and sexy photoshoot in New York City.

During the interview, Lani spoke candidly about separating her public and private life, returning to social media while dealing with the negativity that comes with it, her early life as a budding artist, favorite morning music, inspiration for her debut album title ‘SweetSexySavage‘ and much more.

Check out some excerpts from her cover story, and sweet, sexy, savage photos below.

(Photos by Amber Asaly)

ON FAME: “I think biggest challenge for me has been learning how to separate my artist life from my personal life. I actually went and got my cards read by a psychic and she told me that was going to be my biggest issue in my career — not knowing how to separate that. So, I think that’s pretty much it. I’m working on it — it’s an everyday process.”

ON RETURNING TO SOCIAL MEDIA: “There were so many [more] people that wanted me to come back than people that wanted me to stay away. There were so many more people that were like, ‘aww man, I need your Instagram posts and I need your little makeup tips and I need your little good morning, positive messages on Snapchat,’ more than haters wanted me to be gone. It was really hard for me to want to [join social media again] and thank God that Instagram had that comment disabler. And that quality filter on Twitter — you know what I’m saying.”

ADVICE ON IGNORING THE HATERS: “Someone else’s opinion of you has nothing to do with you at all and that’s the biggest lesson I could have ever learned: to not take things personal because of that. You don’t even know why someone said anything that they said — negatively or positively. Someone can tell me they love me right now and that had nothing to do with me. It’s how they viewed me that made them love me. If they hated me, it’s how they viewed me that made them hate me. So, I don’t know, it’s all about keeping it tapped in, in [your head].”

FAVORITE MORNING MUSIC: “It’s funny, I have a very particular playlist. It’s very happy. It’s usually easy-going, not too hard to swallow. Like Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, India Arie, and Musiq Soulchild. A lot of neo soul or dope, early 2000s happy pop. Just stuff that I feel like, like Corinne Bailey Rae. Her album in the morning is bomb. Just anything that is light and kind of makes you feel warmth and breakfast and cooking in your underwear in a big t-shirt, and what you want to listen to when you’re sweeping and things like that.”

ON HER ALBUM TITLE, SWEETSEXYSAVAGE: “Albums aren’t supposed to be as long as mine was, but we couldn’t decide. There were so many [songs] we were so in love with that told the story of the album title. So, we came up with the title relatively closer to the end when we had more songs. And we were on the beach in Hawaii — we flew out there to do some writing — and we were just talking about how we had all these songs we didn’t know how they went together. We didn’t know how all these sweet songs could also be on the same album, all these sexy songs that can also be on the same album as all these really crazy, savage songs. And then everybody was like, ‘Wait a minute. That’s clearly a title in there somewhere: sweet, sexy, and savage.’ And then we just put it all together.”


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