Trey Songz Drops New Single & Video “Nobody Else But You”


Tremaine the Playboy has been unleashed, and with it comes the brand new song “Nobody Else But You,” the first official single off Trey Songz‘ upcoming album Tremaine.

Following the debut of his VH1 produced dating show, the R&B heartthrob released the single and show-themed music video, which finds the singer partying and getting close with the whole cast of girls from the show. The only problem, he has a girlfriend already, and they are seen together in good times and bad, while she cries in the shower over Songz.

“I can’t even lie you got me fallin’ / Even when I try the game keep callin’ / Why we in the club, why am I always ballin’ / Tryin’ to be in love we don’t fall too often, it’s hard to fall,” he sings.

Along with releasing the new single, Trey Songz revealed the cover art and release date for the Tremaine album, which is due out on March 24.

Check out the video below.

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