Beyoncé Shares Stunning Pregnancy Photos


On Wednesday (Feb. 1), Beyoncé shared the now-viral image of herself wearing a veil and lingerie to announce that she was expecting twins. The photo has since received the most likes (8.1 million) and comments (392,000) ever on Instagram. Bey’s pic easily surpassed IG’s previous record-holder, Selena Gomez and her Coca-Cola-sponsored photo from June 2016. That image has 6.3 million likes and 263,000 comments.

Yoncé also nearly broke Twitter with the news. The social media platform reported more than 500,000 tweets about the twins within 45 minutes of the announcement. This was particularly impressive since Bey has only tweeted twice since August 2013 and not once since April 2016.

While the Instagram photo has been shared frequently, it isn’t the only pregnancy image Beyoncé has revealed. Her website now features a post titled “I Have Three Hearts,” which shows a gallery of photos from the maternity shoot, including stunning underwater portraits and video, nude photos, and flicks featuring her first-born, Blue Ivy.

“Venus has flooded me, second planet from the sun, I wake up on her foamy shore. She wants to take me to meet my children. I’ve done this before I’m still nervous,” wrote a post along with the photos.

Check out Bey and all her pregnancy glory below.

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