PressPlay: Tuned In: R&B 2016 (Playlist)


We are already into 2017 as you know, but I finally got a chance to put this Spotify playlist together of songs from 2016 that were either favorites, tracks that we played often, and some gems from up and comers. It’s not a best of list per se, but just a playlist of good vibes that we enjoyed, many of which you’ve probably heard, but some others that you might have missed.

So, if you use Spotify and you’re in need of some new tunes to check out this weekend, or just something to put on and vibe to, maybe you will enjoy this playlist. If you’re wondering why Willie Harlow is on the image, I just didn’t want to focus on 1 artist or make a collage of artists this time, and she is incredibly beautiful to me, so why not.

Press play and #TuneIn below.

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