Listen: Kehlani Releases Debut Album ‘SweetSexySavage’


It’s finally here!

Kehlani‘s been counting down to this day for the last few weeks on her social media accounts, and we’ve been right there counting down those days down with her. SweetSexySavage is the long-awaited Atlantic Records debut from the Oakland raised singer/songwriter and it’s kicking off 2017 with a bang.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Bay Area’s princess said, “[Cloud 19] was like, ‘Let me show I can sing!’ and [You Should Be Here] was, ‘Let me show I can write!’ This one’s like, ‘Let me show I can chill! And have fun!’ Really, I was just taking it easy.”

Keeping us wanting more with the release of singles, “CRZY,” “Distraction,” “Advice,” “Undercover,” and most recently, “Do U Dirty,” the Tsunami Mob leader delivers tons of variety on the 18-track album. SSS is Kehlani’s ode to positivity where she mixes feel-good Pop with R&B, Electronic, and Neo-Soul music.

Staying true to herself like always, Lani continued to work with her friends, but credits most of the production on the album to Pop & Oak, and of course her longtime collaborator Jahaan Sweet. She also features a gang of dope female poets, rappers and personal inspirations to her as the intros on her album that you can only get if you download or buy the physical copy.

Next up for Kehlani is her “SweetSexySavage World Tour” which kicks off in February 21 in Canada.

Stream the album below.

Words by Jamila Wright

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